Friday, August 19, 2011

The Weight Of Obama's Water That Is Carried

A Black Man's View

One thing that I learned from Ben Stein when he was talking about the frivolity of trying to debate "moral absolutes" with an evolutionist who believes that we are in our present form by a series of "accidents" that happened over a billion years is............................"Don't waste your time debating a bigot".

A person who does not have firm grounding on what they believe is also able to "make sh#& up" as they go along.  If you dare confine yourself to a point of discipline and then engage them - it is you who will be seen jumping off of a bridge as they steal your sanity.

As part of my longitudinal study on "What makes the Black Community's Political Mind Work" I peek in from time to time into all of the links that run down the right side of this blog.

When I see people accept arbitrary "Mission Accomplished" finished lines - I try not to debate them. Instead the best technique is to draw their belief system out of them and prompt it up so that it is staring them in the face.

The most important defense tactic against someone who has proven that they have an arbitrary set of values and standards AND that they don't mind coming after what you possess to get it - is to make sure that they are never allowed to gain control over that which you value.

It is clear that "being all alone, by themselves - given the opportunity to prove their theories - is enough for some people to change.

Dirty Red Gives Obama An A+
His sycophants agree.

[quote]Healthcare... done. [/quote]


With favorable people over our schools, over our local economic policy, over our culture: HOW MANY MORE BLACK PHYSICIANS are there today - having matriculated through these institutions, thus proving that the governance of our local communities are in line with our community needs?

You got more regulations which direct the NATIONAL system to direct more resources to you from a bankrupt nation.

[quote]Ending the war... done.[/quote]

Dirty Red - One benefit with Obama bombing Libya with unmanned Drones is that you won't have to be the "boots on the ground" for this war in Africa by the American Imperialist and 3 African Colonists. Thank you for your service bro.

[quote] Pulling the country back from the brink of a depression... done.[/quote]

Serenity - can you point to the increased productivity in the communities that you are most focused upon?
It seems that Federal Reserve "new money" printed is sufficient to satisfy you.

Getting Bin Laden... done.[/quote]
I can't imagine that you would support one of the Navy Seals who later became a police man in America - shooting an unarmed Black man in the head during a raid?

[quote] Ne said he'd need 2 terms to fix the economy. Just for keeping his word I'd say A+.[/quote]

In summary "Hope & Change" that got you to invest your "equal Black ballot" is going to require more time and another investment of your ballot and your Black Consciousness.

[quote]And he is just 1 branch of the government.[/quote]

Why not go vertical and consider the Progressives that have been placed into power at every rung of government where our people have the final say. Despite them being in multiple branches - our people are massively suffering.

Can you be more arbitrary on what satisfies you?


Dirty Red:
As a Black man who is "Viewing" the antics of the Black community during Obama's time in office - I have concluded:
The gap between the "Marketing Of Obama By Black Supporters" and the painful truth on the streets of the Black community is the WEIGHT of the WATER that some Black people choose to carry on behalf of :* Obama* Progressivism* The Democratic Party
The sad truth is that if Obama was not Black and Progressive AND the exact same conditions were felt within Black America - the responses would be very, very, very different.
Here is the think bro - I can't control your thinking nor your system of values (and valuation). 
The only thing that I can do as a person that is documenting how this behavior is associated with stagnant development within our community - is to make sure that people with this type of subjective consciousness are never allowed to control any institution that I am dependent upon.
They have shown themselves to have appetites that can be satisfied by elements that are out of sync with what they were known to be seeking prior to a "favorable person" got into power. Thus they don't deserve to have their "permanent interests" satisfied since they are willing to barter them. 

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