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Tired & Retired Jack White: "The Tea Party Stole The Civil Rights Movement Play Book" - He Doesn't Know That The Modern Day Civil Rights Movement Stole The Black Community's Development Consciousness

The Root-Grio:  Jack White - Right-Wing Watch: Can The Left Regain Its Passion?

From Jack White's article on The Root-Grio:
That is a lesson that the left used to know back in the days of the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements but seems to have forgotten since the presidential election of Barack Obama. The old distinction once drawn between mass social movements and political campaigns was lost in the emotional fervor aroused by the triumph of the first African-American president.

A lot of us acted as though Obama's election was an end in itself, rather than a means to accomplishing the change that his candidacy promised. But the election was never really about just getting Obama elected. It was about our ability to compel the new president and the Democratic majority in both houses of Congress to respond to our needs and our demands.

To do that, we still needed a movement, separate and apart from the president's political apparatus, that could support him when he did the right thing and pressure him when he didn't.

It apparently doesn't dawn on Mr White that he is a part of the force that ENFORCED UNITY in the agreement to not criticize Obama.  He figured that a weekly column on the Tea Party was sufficient.   I am so happy to see the Obama Administration pick the progressives back pockets as they looked for a Tea Party Extremist in their rifle scope.

Jack White and Rev Jim Wallis fail to see that they are NOT A PART OF AN "INDEPENDENT" Progressive movement.   They are merely agents for the Democratic Party.   The fusion and integration has destroyed these references to the past.  The left did not couch their response to President Johnson for fear that speaking out against the Vietnam War would cause him to lose the next election.  In todays' world Obama's reelection is primary on the mind of White and Wallis.

Segment #2

But the sad truth is that ever since Obama's election, the passion has been on the other side. We seem to have concluded that by electing Obama, we accomplished the goals of our movement, and that's all we needed to do.

And while we were resting on our laurels, the opposition became fired up. In a parody of mass movements of the past, they took to the streets, voted in blocks and even held a rally at the Lincoln Memorial on Martin Luther King's birthday under the leadership of Glenn Beck, who pronounced himself heir to the philosophy of nonviolence.

Only in the mind of Jack White could it be that Glenn Beck committed a violation when he happened to file for a permit with the US Park Service before the Sharpton-lead group than the hijacking of King's legacy as heard by the group of progressives who gathered at the school that the great Anna Julia Cooper once lead as they called for "Quality Education" for Black kids.

Unbeknownst to Shartpon, Ed Schultz and Jack White is the fact that on those grounds that they spoke was the "Preparatory High School For Colored Youth" which later became "Dunbar High".  With competent governance of the school - "quality education for Black kids" was achieved.

Jack White is too much of an ideological bigot to realize that what he desires is not going to be achieved on the football field in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" that he plays lead sports journalist and enters the locker room of only one side.


Via my research on "What Makes The Black Community's Prevailing Ideological and Political Consciousness Tick?"  I have found that the Black Media Operative is the key driver of our present dysfunction.

So frequently we see one's own ideological bigotry that comes forth in his personal identity fused to his notions of "Blackness" - that when he acts within his clique who are of the same mindset this congregation tells each other 'We Speak for Blackness'.

Sadly for the Black community's interests the only thing that this purchases for the Black community is a set list of issues and enemy targets that they are seen writing about.

In my model called "The Dark-Matter" I choose to key in upon the abundant forces that remain after they say their peace as to what they believe ails the Black community.   As with cosmic dark-matter - even though it is not visible to the naked eye - the scientific measurements of how this unseen force bears down upon visible objects in space indicates to the skilled scientific eye that indeed these forces are present.  

The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press needs to be checked.   Absent a force which compels them to provide more transparent investigative reporting as to why the foundational problems within the Black community exist - despite them having marketed the insertion of the present order - they will simply cobble together a new set of talking points and begin a new round of marketing.

It is clear that there is indeed a collection of "old heads" in our community that possess the "community memory" - understanding what the community was sold at the beginning of the previous "marketing cycle".  They also know that the deliveries have been "short" from what was promised.    The fact that they too are in on the game with the journalists means that the "Black Community's Permanent Interests" will continue to be stolen from.

This Post Is Ultimately Not About Jack White - He Only Services As One Of The Most Contaminated Of His Peers And Thus A Model For My Arugments

Who told Jack White that 'Black = Leftist = Progressive"?

Ironically Jack White affirms my previous observations: There is no longer an ORGANIC Black Community Development Agenda (ie: "The Civil Rights Movement").  There is ONLY an Ideological/Political Movement that plays within the "American Political Domain".

Think about it.    A "civil rights organization" fights violations of civil rights.

In as much as Mr White places the "Civil Rights Organizations" as the perfect counter-force to "The Tea Party" - which is a political movement - then it is clear that Mr White is not talking about "civil rights" and thus the name of these organizations come from a by gone era.   The "Colored People" in the title "NAACP" is about as tired and retired as Mr White.  It is instructive, none the less, in describing their ultimate relevance toward a managed solution for our community.

Further, I have argued that the obvious "civil rights violations" that occur most frequently within the Black community AREN'T LABELED "civil rights violations" despite possessing the tell tale signs of "terrorized Colored People" as the primary indicator.  Nothing other than the race of the assailant coupled with the desire of the "civil rights organizations" to not be seen attacking an agent who's consciousness is a consequence of their own benign neglect - the Black community is forced to "grin it an bear", hoping that all others won't make note of this discombobulation of logic.

The inescapable truth is that this increasing double standard merely shoots down the credibility and integrity of our worth as a people.  The knowledge that the response to an assault upon us is not a matter of the intrinsic worth of the victim but a function of the value of the ASSAILANT in the larger game of "Gotcha Racial/Ideological Politics" in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" is damning to the schemes-men who are running the trick-plays before our eyes.

Has The Tea Party Assaulted Black People Or Merely Assaulted Progressive-Fundamentalism?

The "Left Wing Watch" Of The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press
I have noticed that "embedded confidence men" like Jack White and the NAACP no longer have to pretend who they really are any longer. Their masks are now fully off for all to see.

My defense is not for the Tea Party. It is against the continued hijacking of the Black Community's institutions by the starters in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game". Their goal is to compel Black people to cheer for their teams victory inside of the "American Political Domain" - hoping that our focused attention on the ball movements will take our minds off of the aggrieved situation that the Black community today represents.

The only way that those who willfully solicited and then accepted the investments of our "Equal Black Ballots" and fused "Black Community Development Consciousness" can escape damnation from Black people who might soon demand returns is for them to compel Black people that "this is no time to riot against the leadership................there is a greater THREAT that requires our continued ideological unity".

Un-Stealing Our Black Community Organizations

At a time when the Black community needs to be:

  1. Defining new Educational Models to replace those which are FAILING to prepare our human resources to be the "Professional Service Agents" for our own communities
  2. Engineering new Economic Models that bring more of our people into the marketplace for their skills in return for a salary that they desire - all to meet the pent up demands for goods and services within our community
  3. Reaffirming the key functions of the Societal and Cultural Enforcements to channel our people into "directed outcomes" in support of our community goals.........................
...........the antics expressed by Van Jones and Jack White in support of the gridiron battle against the Tea Party should cause more Black people to register a protest and demand their investments back.

Straight up people - IF YOU THINK THAT THEY ARE GOING TO STOP - having achieved some measure of success, as promised when you agreed to fuse your consciousness upon what they are doing - YOU ARE WRONG - (and a sucker to go along with it).

It is quite ironic to hear the narrative of "hatred and bigotry" coming out of the Tea Party only to see those who created the label actually respecting their pathway to power and now emulating these tactics for "their team".

Of course we know that Progressive-Fundamentalists don't have "organic hatred and bigotry".  Any signs that they do show are only "responsive hatred and bigotry" in proportion to that which the conservative has shown. (This is why so much of MSNBC's night time content is focused upon what Fox News has said that was "hateful").

The truth is "it takes a bigot to know a bigot".

Trampled in all of this commotion is the "Black Community's Consciousness".   Once again its uplift is placed as a residual benefit to the erection of an organization and power base (ie: Van Jones' "American Dream Movement".)

In as much as the progressive-fundamentalist is always selling the future - it is telling that Mr White and Mr Jones have no intention of reminding their readers that the Black Community of 2011 is living within their last GRAND IDEA.

Now we merely need a consumer advocate who will force them to explain the results in our investment portfolio.

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