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The Rebuttal That The Grio-Root Readers Of Eric Williams Won't See Because It Was Deleted

The original purpose of this blog was to reserve a spot for safe keeping of my own thoughts, circumventing the delete key of people who don't want their propaganda challenged.

I save a local copy of my the key posts that I make - just for these type of occasions.

The Grio-Root: Edward Wyckoff Williams - Obama, Voters Must Act To Counter The "Tea Party Downgrade".

Few people will make note that there are two tracks of talking points from Democrats in response to the S&P downgrade.

  1. The Administration's Official Line - The S&P got it wrong by $2T in their calculation.  They have not justified their actions.
  2. The JingOist's Talking Points - This is the fault of the Tea Party!!!   
    1. Sub-Talking Point for Black JingOists - The Tea Party is RACIST and they want a Black president to fail.......(Even though we did not protest his bombing of Africa)

This is the WORSE POSSIBLE CONSCIOUSNESS for the Black Community to be affixed to: Playing Malcolm X Political Football yet celebrating because some Blacks are now starters.

While Mr Williams achieves a bit of satisfaction regarding the "Progressive who is Black" drive to the point of "I Know Who Did This To Us" - he can't bear the truth to his readers:

Black people are as VULNERABLE today after so many decades of "winning" at the "Bayard Ruskin Community Development Scheme".

Despite this he attempts to "Double Down" by lining up a starting line up for the defense of our future:
  1. Obama
  2. The Voters
  3. America!!!!
I have little doubt that Mr Williams said a pray to Jesus right before entering the field in the "Malcolm X Political Football Bowl" and he now believes that "GOD is on OUR side".  Yet when the Tea Party Evangelists who he opposes were seen doing their team prayer on the field - Mr Williams dismissed them as having prayed to a FALSE GOD.   

"No God would allow for 'Conservative Hatred' as they do.  If they 'Men Of God' they'd be playin on the PROGRESSIVE TEAM' ", he was heard saying.

At A Time Where We Need The Black Community To Gain A Fix On Its Bearings.......We Instead Have An Infestation Of "Embedded Confidence Men", Leading Us Into The Next Investment Scheme 

Please note - you will not find ONE PASSAGE on any of my blogs in which I have defended the Tea Party or their actions.
I have ONLY blocked Embedded Confidence Men from making them out to be something that requires "congregational complicity" to be true.

  • No Tea Party faction has the power to produce failing Black schools - as our people hold the balance of power where we live in our highest concentrations
  • No Tea Party Militia is responsible for the numerous Black females who I have recorded on video saying "I no longer feel safe in this community.  I am going to look for another place to live where my family is safer"
  • No Tea Party Committee dictates the ORGANIC economic productivity that is amassed WITHIN the Black community.
The ONLY things that the Tea Part is a threat to is PROGRESSIVISM and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.
It is ONLY the Black community's choice to adopt the methodology called PROGRESSIVISM as our key "Community Development Consciousness" that the Tea Party is a threat.  PERIOD!!!!

Oddly enough - despite the fact that their White Progressive Cheshire Fox brothers stand by the side of the Embedded Black Fox Progressives who control our institutions - their squandering of our INVESTMENTS is not see as racist or criminal.   For no other reason than CONGREGATIONAL COVER do these hijackers avoid condemnation.

As for Edward Wyckoff Williams - they function as key operatives who swoop in, just before the No-Confidence Vote from Black America as we realize that this scheme is not working.


I am asking Black people to understand that only certain issues can be addressed in the "American Political Domain".  The bulk of our issues need to be addressed in the"Community Cultural Consciouseness & Competency Development Domain" - the very area that is suffering from benign neglect because of our attention upon the football game.

When this FIAT ECONOMY comes crashing down those who have not built up the necessary competencies are going to suffer.

(I have also said that when the stuff hits the fan the Fox and the Wolf are going to scale back to their own turf.  Still fighting one another - but in their own land none the less.   The condition of how Black people land on our feet during this time - is an entirely different matter.  Mainstream Black Progressive-Fundamentalist thought does not do anything to prepare our people for this eventuality. )

My Rebuttal to Mr Williams that was deleted
Mr Williams:

As I read your columns I am learning that the best way to highlight your lack of credibility - is to read ahead of you regarding the materials that you reference and make note of your penchant for "half truths".

If we look at the S&P commentary. Your first half truth is that you focused upon the half in which S&P focused upon the political stalemate in Washington DC. The other portion of their read out focused on the UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT LEVELS in America. Ironically - this being the most important part of the two halves - you did not cover in your hit piece because by doing so it would undercut your real focus - Republicans & The Tea Party. (Tell me when I start lying Mr Williams?).

Just a few weeks ago your main justification for the Debt Limit Increase was "BECAUSE it has always been passed as a routine measure. The primary reason for this discord is Obama's RACE".

The second half truth that you tell resides in the half of the argument that you did focus upon. You choose to focus on the Republican/Tea Party side of the "discord" - lamenting that if the Tea Party had not forced a dead-lock (due to their "Terrorism") then the discord that S&P noted would not have been referenced.

Incumbent to your analysis appears to be the requirement for SILENT COMPLICITY. The best way that the Tea Party can show that it is not RACIST is to go along with the Progressive-Establishment and not show any opposition and thus their "racism".

As you play fast and loose with your analysis of the numbers - the primary reference that you can't bring yourself to focus upon are the long term actuarial numbers of the Big Three Entitlement Programs. The very ones that you and other Progressive-Fundamentalists believe are the expression of "Social Justice". Is it just to have people lined up upon a train who's route map shows a "bridge out" situation beyond 2042 (or sooner due to the economic erosion?).

For me as an analysis of the propaganda machine which you sit upon - the most damning bit of negative impact upon the Black Community comes from those who collected our "Equal Black Ballots" with the promises that these investments would be returned as our "organic community uplift" - only to find that the machine that now sits atop of our interests has failed. You are a vital part of the continuance of this machine because you understand that our people are more predisposed to coil in the face of claimed RACISM than we are to point out "The Boy Who Called Wolf" needs to be removed from his position of stringing Black people along.

Why don't we ever hear your analysis about the economic downgrade of Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago or Newark - using the same reference model that you do for Tea Parties?

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