Monday, August 8, 2011

A New Friend: The "D" Spot Redeux

The "D" Spot Redeux Loves Melissa Harris-Perry's Performances On MSNBC - Home Of The Black (Progressive) Agenda

Having watched Melissa Harris-Perry in the chair I am made to ask: what distinguishes a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist from the White one who's name adorns the show?

Having recorded Rachel Maddow for over a year in order to analyze the patterns of her content - it became obvious - she does not touch 'Black Issues' unless she is able to make an indictment against White-wing, racist forces as the cause.

While she was "on" the IRS agent who was found hanging, attempting to assign this as a "Tea Party Militia Lynching" we don't see Ms Maddow giving voice to the serial Street Pirate Assaults that kill scores of Black people each month. To Maddow she sees this violence as the expression of the "benign neglect" that the greater society of Whites have forced upon Black people.

Quite ironically - if you go through the various interviews of Ms Perry over time - she too has a streak of being invited in to MSNBC to talk about a "Black Issue" (ie: several months ago when the reading proficiency rate of Black males was shown). Her knee jerk reaction was to "expand the police tape" upon the entire society - without ever mentioning what Black people need to do to correct this situation in our communities.

Long story short - both Harris-Perry and Sharpton have found a perfect place on MSNBC - "The Un-Fox-Biased Biased Network".

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