Sunday, August 14, 2011

MSNBC's Goldie Taylor = "Tired And Retired" Jack White In A Dress

MSNBC's Goldie Taylor: Glenn Beck's twisted racial fantasies

From the article
Forget basic the basic social science around riot structure. Never mind that there is an entire body of work devoted to the study of social uprisings and that the number one predictor is not race, but economic repression. People like Beck don't know and don't care what a "flash point" is. They pay no attention to what happens before a riot is ignited, and choose to focus only on the lawless environment that ensues.
I have to admit.   I am now drawn into reading the latest rant of "Tired and Retired" Jack White's weekly "Right-wing Watch".  Every week I am compelled to read how this man sifts through all of the potential subjects that he should prioritize as "Black Issues" and instead writes something that fits squarely within the Black Progressive bigotry, serving up the latest "chum feeding" to the loyal crowd.

The same is true for my friend "Filled Negro".   Everyone knows that he runs an "Anti-Republican" blog more than a "Pro-Black Permanent Interests blog".  I give him credit, however, for knowing what his audience wants and not straying from it.   Who among his audience, after all, wants to do an indepth study as to how the "Flash Mobs" that are assaulting freedom loving people who walk down the streets of the "City Of Brotherly Love" might be evidence of the benign neglect that transpires in the houses of my home town - as their guardians follow the progressive-fundamentalist messages.

Please add MSNBC/The Grio-Root's Goldie Taylor to this list.
It seems that in this petite package resides the ideologically bigoted passions of a Jack White.  
I am not sure if she was one of his students at Howard University  but White's marking is noticeable.

Just as I wondered out loudly a few years ago as to how cartoonist at "The Black" felt about having nearly every artifact of their publication that is framed and hung on the walls of their offices being a picture of their ENEMIES rather than their FRIENDS who plan to lead them to the Promised Land?

When the balance of showcasing friends vs enemies exceeds 20% to 80% - we should understand that there is a perverted since of hatred and negative motivation that driving all of their antics.

Goldie Taylor is right at home in the MSNBC family.
In watching Maddow, Schutlz and ODonnell one sees that their entire substance comes from focusing upon their ENEMIES.  Remove the enemy and there is nothing left to stand for.

The key differences between the "White folks" at MSNBC verses their lampblacked hosts and vacation substitutes is that they represent themselves as speaking for a RACE rather than being pure and simple ideologues.

More Black Progressives heard about Glenn Beck through "Media Matters" than they have actually listened to him on a daily basis.  

What should be inspected is the pile of "Black Issues" that Goldie Taylor looked past as she keyed in upon Glenn Beck - who is no longer featured on "Fox News".  

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