Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MSNBC's Al Sharpton Keeps His Enemies On Trial Regarding Job Creation Shortfall - Says Nothing About Black Racial Services Machine's Failures

With Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton as an fixture on MSNBC - The UnFox-Biased Biased Network - we should expect to see a series of "open mouth gaping" comments.  Those of us who note the irony - that is.

The primary way that PPPP Rev Al Shaprton exposes himself is when those of us who have a comprehensive knowledge of a "reference architecture" listen out to him and note WHAT HE DOES NOT SAY.

PPPP Rev Al Sharpton is a compromised entity.  
He can't stand for "Black Jobs" in absolute terms.  This would force him to be critical to the machine that he sits as a part of.   Since he has no intention at self-indictment and since the infrastructure that enforces the integrity of Black Institutions are so compromised - Sharpton realizes that with these facts at hand - he only needs to "Keep His Enemies On Trial" about their failure to create jobs for Black people..

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