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The Model Of The Black Progressive Ideology Bigot Who Knows The Key Words That The Negro Responds To

I was going to do individual posts as a means of inspecting the pattern that I have detected among the acerbic Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser.  It is better for me to consolidate my analysis into one post for people to see for themselves.

As the election season ramps up and the Consciousness Confiscaters work to drive Black people into a racially defensive position prior to becoming our "Financial Advisers" for our"Community Development Funds" yet again there are several key tactics that are used to place us into this position mentally.

I have thoroughly detailed their use of "Keep The Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends".  This is easily detectable in all that they do.

There is a set of key words that they use - not for the purposes of describing an attribute of their enemy that has MEASURABLE and MATERIAL BEARING UPON Black People as expressed by the enemy.  Instead they realize that these words have a mollifying effect on our people.

  • Racist
  • Tea Party
  • Southern Strategy
My goal is not to defend the honor of the Tea Party.

As I watch - there is simply no way that this force has the FORCE that the embedded confidence men and their joint-venture partners claim that they have.

It is clear that the Tea Party is a THREAT to their provincial sensibilities.  
The problem is that most honest Black people can't see that the sensibilities of the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man IS NOT the sensibilities of "the Black Community's Permanent Interests" in an unmolested form.

The Tea Party is a threat to Black People ONLY in the context that the Tea Party is a threat to Progressive, Democratic Party priorities.  It is the fusion, the very hijacking of the Black Interests into the "American Political Domain" as a combatant for the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" which has the Tea Party promoted to the supreme threat.  

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You have to understand their line of reasoning.
The Tea Party seeks to make Obama a "one term President".   Since it is in the interests of Black people to retain the "First Black President" we are to look past the "bill of goods" that were sold to us - NOT ONLY FROM OBAMA - but from the people in the "Black Racial Services Machine - political arm of elected officials" and double down, once again - investing our EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS to "Stand With Obama" rather than noting that our Permanent Interests have been shorted.

The Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man Artifact 
Constructive Feedback Analysis
Tired And Retired Jack White

The sponsored by The Washington Post:
Jack White's Right Wing Watch: White Backlash Part Deux

Jack White argues that:

  • The (racist) Tea Party is merely a modern day instantiation of 
    • The Klan
    • The White Citizens Council
    • George Wallace And The Dixiecrats
    • Segregationists
  • That Progressive Political Gains that have benefited Blacks will be "rolled back" if the Tea Party Racists get their way
  • The Conservative Evangelical is a "Hijacker" of the Christian Religion, using it as a cover for their hatred and bigotry
  • That "Opposition To Obama" is strong evidence of RACISM, by definition to be "Non-Racist" is to be a Progressive
  • Black Republicans are merely "Window Dressing" unable to mask the RACISM of their ideology and party
As I read the "Progressive Thought Leader" - Jack White's rantings each week I try to keep in the back of my mind that this man was once hired to bring to consciousness the next generation of Black (Progressive) Journalists.  While he may have had problems with some of his student's ability to articulate their views in written form to the standard of college proficiency that he expected - it is clear from his own writing that "literacy and penmanship" can't replace substance and veracity.

I have to admit that I enjoy reading the works of Tired and Retired Jack White along with the other "featured artist" in this post.   As with the Black man on trial for murdering a White man in Mississippi 1952 - you already know the outcome of the tale at the outset.  You merely stick around in order to see what the 'All White Jury' will come up with as their justification for the eventuality.  One day I hope to see Jack White say "The Tea Party is still a threat............because they are still breathing.  At least Ronald Reagan can't make any more trips to Philadelphia Mississippi because of his present interment".

As I have stated several times - the only way to confound a Black Progressive Bigot is to KNOW WHO YOU ARE and to have knowledge of the METHODOLOGY to actually achieve your full purpose in life.  Failing this - you are a strong candidate to be drawn into their "racism chasing" soliloquies.

Mr White makes the case that the White Racist Tea Party Evangelicals have HIJACKED the Christian religion for their own political purposes.  I agree that some of them have done this.

What Mr White can't bear to investigate is that the Black Progressive-Secular-Fundamentalist has ALSO hijacked the Black Church - making it merely an extension of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".     Who better to master the tricks of hijacked religion than those who have "looked evil (conservative) whites in their eye" as they now attempt to "do unto others what they had seen done to them"?

Again - I am made to marvel at how the 'White Progressive Cheshire Fox' - who is ALWAYS in the stage play somewhere - never seems to make it into the "Right Wing Watch" of Tired and Retired Jack White?

Despite seeing so many Black Equal Ballot "brown eggs" on the floor of his fox lair - the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox" tracks made through the "undriven white snow" that lead from the Black community into the lair are never investigated by the investigative Black Progressive Journalism that Jack White taught at Howard University.

  • The Tea Party controls no failing Black schools
  • The Tea Party has not been documented as killing any Blacks - lest Rachael Maddow include such a murder in her show's opening
  • The Tea Party has received no "Equal Black Ballots" based on their promises to provide economic turn around for Black people in the "Mission Accomplished" progressive district that they control.
Are you now understanding why Jack White was hired by The to man their "Right Wing Watch"?

The Co-Founder Of Afro-Spear:

The Southern Strategy

In his latest diversion from the conflicts on the streets of Philadelphia, my dear friend Filled Negro proves, once again, that he is running an "Anti-Republican blog" rather than a "Pro-Black Community blog".

  • A quote from Michael Steele - "MSNBC's Black Republican" is used to set the framework for the 40 year assault upon Black America by the "Southern Strategy" christened by the Nixon campaign and administration
  • "Rick Perry is like Bull Conner with a smile" - Bull Conner the Racist White Democrat who was the "Public Safety Commissioner" for the city of Birmingham AL
  • The Democratic Party was the container for "White Racists" back in the day.  The Dixiecrats left the party.  The "Southern Strategy" drove the rest of the White Conservative Racists out of the Democratic Party.  Now WE just have the "White Progressive Cheshire Foxes" in the party who love Black people and tell us what the racist White Conservatives say about Black people when there are no Black people around - thus proving their utility to Black people. 
  • Key Racist Concepts
    •  Forced busing
    • States’ Rights,
    • Cutting Taxes

I have to add a side note prior to me getting to work on my dear friend Filled Negro.   I have a copy of the "AfroSpear" founding charter.  They mentioned concern for "Darfur" in a motivating factor in their formation.  Fast forward several years and we have American bombs dropping on the African nation of Libya - in conjunction with 4 African colonizers and we see that the majority (NOT ALL) of the AfroSpear sites show that they care more about the efficiency in which Commander In Chief Obama has bombed Africa without losing American lives than they show concern about the integrity and independent - self-determination of Africa.  Obama fighting a "dictator" was apparently more important than the "No Blood For Oil" angle.

But I digress.

I have to credit my friend Filled Negro.  He has a great mix of comedy and resolve in targeting the latest Republican that has molested the honor of Black people. I am forced to call him a "Non-White White Supremacist" because any White person in America, regardless of his actual POSITION has the POWER to negatively impact the emotional condition of Black people.   We see that it is not the ability of this person to use the strength of his organization to imperil Black people in a material manner.

 Instead the the White (conservative) specimen who is served up in Filled Negroes daily "chum bucket" that is thrown out to feed the appetite of his loyal followers is of most importance.

As a resident of Philadelphia and a witness to the Criminal Justice System there - my friend Filled Negro is acutely aware that no Southern Racist Tea Party operative has the balance of power to indoctrinate young Black minds per their control over the prevailing culture in Philadelphia. Railroad Black males from the (failed) public school system through to the P.I.C..   Hell the Republicans that Filled Negro told me run the Philadelphia Traffic Court would have to be paying off the Black District Attorney, Seth Williams to agree to participate in the "New Jim Crow Scheme".  Still Atlanta has one better than Philly because those who are arrested in Atlanta have a Black Progress person who got 50%+1 Black voter support in the seats of authority at every rung of the Criminal Justice system.  Philly can't attest to this title - yet.

The one thing that we will never see from my friend Filled Negro is the investigation of the "Dark-Matter" congruent force that I have raised regarding "The Southern Strategy". This is the "Urban Strategy" - which his "Blogging While Brown" coalition and the "Black Racial Services Machine" are active conspirators in.

If the Southern Strategy successfully got White Conservative votes using fear of Black people.

The "Urban Strategy" erected by the Progressive Joint Venture between the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men" and the "White Progressive Cheshire Foxes" has been far more successful because at least they don't have Black people upset over THEIR INJURIES cast upon Black people.  They instead have Progressive Blacks investing in them as part of their community uplift agenda.

The Crowning Achievements Of The Urban Strategy

"We Cut Tax-BASES In Half, Not Taxes"
We Are Negroes With Respect For The Integrity Of Black Institutions

I can't pick just one of my friend Chauncey DeVega's posts to make my point.  It would be easier to find one that falls outside of the framework.

Mr DeVega is always told "Come back anytime Chauncey. There is a seat always open for you" by the White Progressive Cheshire Foxes that have taken a liking to him.
They realize that if they said some of the things about the Black Conservative subjects that he focus upon - their Fox cover would be blown and they'd be called RACISTS.  Mr DeVega provides them with the cover that their pelt won't provide.

Little does Mr DeVega know - I was listening to the "Rob Redding Review" a few nights ago.  Redding admitted on the air that he received a feed from the "Media Matters" network that he is plugged into - regarding the Rick Perry comment.

What we must understand about Mr DeVega is that in as much as his scrutiny is of the WHITE RACIST REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE - where he takes on their voice in order to tear them down - he is ironically voicing a "Fox Howl" that is akin to the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox" that he keeps company with.

Mr DeVega will never reach the point in his conscious understanding by which he comes to see that:

  • All Oppressive American history (which stole the African Culture) is common to the man who is interviewing him AS WELL AS the man who he is attacking.   
  • With his present conscious disposition he is forced to conclude that PROGRESSIVISM is the bleach that washes the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox's" hands clean as "undriven snow".
  • Thus - the White Wolf's IDEOLOGY, not his SKIN COLOR - is what makes him an INDICTABLE THREAT - worthy of Mr DeVega's and his friends primary attention
With this as an irrefutable FACT that is deduced from the Racism Chaser's line of reasoning it must be said that THEY are using Black Consciousness as a vehicle for their PROGRESSIVE GOALS.

When I say that the only difference in the skullduggery between Progressives and Conservatives is that the Progressive have more Black Progressive-Fundamentalists to call what the Republicans are doing "RACIST" this is logically deduced from what is easily observable.  

Do you see why Rep Fredrica Wilson is able to take the microphone in front of a large crowd of BLACK PEOPLE NEEDING JOBS and, instead of them telling her to "GO TO HELL UNTIL YOU PROVE THAT YOU ARE COMPETENT IN PRODUCING JOBS IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - JUST AS THE KOREANS ARE DOING IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY BUT FOR THEMSELVES"......................she and the other Embedded Black Sheep Confidence Men are able to have the Unemployed Black Man with a pocket full of "Equal Black Ballots" and a "Black Community Development Consciousness" that is ripe for the picking - looking at what the TEA PARTY HAS DONE in the US House since January 3, 2011.....................instead of focusing on how the Bayard Rustin Black Community Development By Voting Democratic Scheme has failed to do since late 1968 when it was announced months after King's assassination.

The Tea Party is SUPERIOR because they can destroy in 7 months what the Progressive Negroes took nearly 45 years to build up.
OR maybe they are playing with our confidence................................

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I like you Frustrated Feedback.

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