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Michael Arceneaux - The Root & The Grio Don't Need To Forge A Formal Agreement For Me To Sow My Progressive Oats On Them

They Want You To Believe That These Type Of Attacks On Obama Is The Reason For Their Continued Support Of Him Despite Their Disappointments In What He Promised To Deliver For The Black Community When The Evidence Comes Out Of The Far Left Attacking Obama They Choose To Stay Silent Knowing They Don't Have To Defend Their Model With This Exception

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Michael Arceneaux of "The Grio.com" and "The Root.com" - they both syndicate his progressive work without needing a formal agreement to share resources as "The Grio" does with "News One" after the merger with Comcast.  Arceneaux speaks their speaks their language and thus enjoys full employ.

The Root.com: Breaking Up With Boyfriend Barack

When you read the analysis of a JingOist you must understand that they stand up criticism of Obama only to tear it down.   Mr Arceneaux is not offended by the Republican who likened dealing with Obama to a "Tar Baby".   The guy is merely a "useful idiot" that has earned entry into the column.  He is used to cover what Arceneaux would have been doing anyway - Shilling For President Obama and his re-election hopes.

Michael Arceneaux Obama Talking Points Necessary Constructive Feedback
It's not surprising that so many people get defensive over President Barack Obama. In many cases, it's completely understandable. When you hear that a Republican congressman referred to the nation's first black president as a "tar baby," you're rightfully infuriated. The same can be said when condescending Wall Street Journal writers question his intelligence. Are You In?

Arceneaux assumes that all Blacks are "Living Vicariously" though Obama.  That each political joust that he takes is "Black blood" that is shed.

He knows that it does not take a "Republican" to place Black Progressives on the defensive.  ANY WHITE MAN in America is a qualified candidate to prompt he and others to do what they know to do.
This is the combination of Obama's race and his IDEOLOGY.
Indeed Obama is not the first President to have his intelligence questioned.  He is merely the first one that the Obama Fist Bump Black Press has been so attached to.
Worse is when two high-profile black men are willing to assail the president with angst that appears to be fueled by largely petty reasons. As Arceneaux dismisses Smiley and West as "petty" he knows that in doing so he need not seriously deal with the PROGRESSIVE criticisms that they have launched against Obama.

Please see this as a modified form of an "English Lesson".  The "offended" person makes you believe that if you speak nice to them your criticisms would be more acceptable to them.


Mr Arceneaux must not be allowed to set the framework by which Obama will be appraised with reference to Black people.  He will have Blacks carrying Obama's water and then thanking him for the privilege.
Yet for every bigot, idiot or diva with an ax to grind, there are actual, legitimate issues for which to criticize President Obama. Here's a message to some of his more zealous devotees: Settle down. You're a little too emotionally invested in Barack. I am curious to know if Mr Arceneaux could ever come to see a portion of the JingOists as BIGOTS?

If someone can hate a subject so much that he is considered a BIGOT - what of the person who seeks to defend a subject so much that he puts aside his own interests and then spends the balance of his articles "Keeping The Enemy On Trial"?

Surely if you "love" someone you should be able to itemize the specific justifications based on material fact.  For Arceneaux - Obama at 85% Black support he is likely satisfied with "So are you calling these Blacks who support Obama at this high rate 'stupid'?"
I find myself increasingly shying away from Obama-related conversations with certain people out of fear that they will break into song and croon in my face, "Don't mess with my man, I'mma be the one to bring it to you!" Why avoid the conversation?

Isn't your goal to alter this person's consciousness into that of a representation of the REAL WORLD?  Or is it that the "Tea Party" obfuscation can't provide full cover for Obama any longer?

It would have been great had Arceneaux expressed "Intellectual Curiosity" as to how his friends got to this point in their minds.
Yes, there are political reasons that Obama can't directly address black joblessness, and no, I'd never suggest that he do anything to validate some trite and delusional right-wing narrative that he's in office only to aid blacks. Even if agreeing to that austerity-inspired debt-ceiling deal -- which will do little to generate growth or really chip away at our debts -- was a political necessity, it was another example of the president giving off the impression that he's not fighting hard enough for those in greatest need of assistance. Please understand this as a TRANSACTIONAL FOCUS by Arceneaux.

It is important to place the Black unemployment condition as a present day issue.   In truth Obama and the condition of the Black Community is a long running saga that was SUPPOSED TO BE addressed  by the "Bayard Rustin Black Community Uplift By Voting Democrat" Scheme.   Obama should be seen as the crowning glory to this movement that got Black folks to invest so many of our "Equal Black Ballots".

Arceneaux and others don't have the balls to dare ask the "Black Racial Services Machine" - "WHERE IS MY MONEY?"

Does anyone find it ironic that more Black Progressives want Obama to fight against the Republicans harder than there are Black Progressives who see the need to fight against the Progressive Establishment for the NSF statements that our community keeps receiving?
Not many believe that Smiley's criticism comes from a place of love, though, and I don't blame them, since he also complains about not being invited to the White House. West looks equally shady when he damns the president because he couldn't get a hookup on extra tickets for the inauguration. Arceneaux can't bring himself to see that the Black folks that GOT INVITED TO THE WHITE HOUSE are not "Pushing Obama"!!!  They did not come into the executive mansion, as did the Tea Party Republicans in Congress and lay out the terms to Obama what THE BLACK PEOPLE DEMANDED of him.

Instead they took the day that was the apex of their career and took careful notes and determined "How Black People Must Stand With Obama" in the 2010 elections.
Ideally, I'd turn off all their mics and give people like Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) a larger forum to vent their frustrations with the Obama administration for its failure to support programs specifically addressing the black community. "We want him to know that from this day forward ... we've had it," Conyers has said of the president. "We want him to come out on our side and advocate, not to watch and wait." Rep John Conyers is Arceneaux's type of guy.
This despite the fact that Conyer's "good intentions" did not do much for the portion of his district that is most proximate to Detroit. 

If John Conyers is on the "side of Black people" when it comes to
  • Jobs
  • Education
  • Public Safety
.....then I'd hate to see what the enemies of Black people have in store for us.

It is clear that for Mr Arceneaux - it is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than it is for him to admit that progressive-fundamentalism has failed to develop the Black community as it has taken increasing control over our institutions.
Despite all of Obama's accomplishments -- yes, there are quite a few to tout -- he has dropped the ball on what matters most to many in his base: jobs, the lingering war in Afghanistan and standing up to the Republicans in Congress. You can still be supportive of President Obama and say as much. What about Obama's track record gave Arceneaux the impression that he was a jobs creator?

How do we know that this was a "dropped ball" and not a "highly predictable event"?

Do the Black Progressives in Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore or Newark have to STAND UP TO REPUBLICANS in their respective legislative bodies?

Under what auspices do you figure that we could have Mr Arceneux say "{Fill In The Blank} must STAND UP TO THE DEMOCRATS in support of the best interests of the Black Community?"

For Michael Arceneux - and Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton - the Black Agenda IS The Democratic Agenda.  It doesn't need to be STOOD UP FOR...................it needs to be IMPLEMENTED with our help.

Why must we be "supportive of President Obama"?
Does Arceneaux have a cut off point where OBAMA STOPS and the BLACK COMMUNITY'S PERMANENT INTERESTS WALK ALONE? 
(You don't want me to answer this question with the word that just came across my mind)
If we all want to keep our friend around, we'd better let our guard down a little and hear people out. If someone were to do a dispassionate enumeration regarding WHY the Black community should make another impassioned INVESTMENT into Obama and the Democratic Party with our "Equal Black Ballots" and fused 'Racial Development Consciousness" as we are compelled to believe that 2013-2016 are going to be radically different than was 2009-2012 what would be the key elements of their argument?

Would this person's credibility in defense of the INVESTMENT RESOURCES of the Black Community stand such an exercise?

Michael Arceneaux is a Houston-bred, Howard-educated writer currently based in Los Angeles.
Jack White - was Michael Arceneaux one of your journalism students that you had complained about?

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