Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Grio-Root: Florida's Confederate Memorial Is More Important of An Issue Than The Failing Institutions In The Black Communities Of The Sunshine State

How do you confront a bigot who draws upon the sensitivities of Black people and then asks any who seek to rebuff him "So YOU agree with the racist White people who stand against us?"

The solution is clear.
Any Black person that does not know his own PERMANENT INTERESTS is going to be continuously strung along by embedded confidence men who KNOW THEIR SENSITIVITIES to RACISM.

Ironically they are going to use the supreme threat from WHITE FOLKS as the wedge to keep BLACK PEOPLE from focusing upon proper governance of what we have control over.   It is these local institutions that suffer was we are distracted.  These local institutions that are meant to lift up our people instead are made to suffer from benign neglect.  The incompetent leadership allowed to continue on - because often they agree to join the protests marches that the Embedded Confidence Men who have us distracted have set up.

My replay to Earl Ofari Hutchinson on The Grio-Root
Mr Hutchinson:

It appears that you are well versed on the "Southern Strategy" and can articulate the damage that it has done to the interests of Black Progressives.

As I recall, a few weeks ago you were talking about the violence against Black people on the West Coast. I am not sure if any Confederates have made their way that far west to reign terror upon our communities.

Instead the counter part to the "Southern Strategy" is the "Urban Strategy" that you and other operatives helped to foment upon our communities. Why is it that you are loathed to circle back and understand the promises that the Black community invested our "Equal Black Ballots" and were compelled to fuse our "Community Development Consciousness" into?

How is the honoring of these Confederate governors any less of a slap in the face that the honoring of Tookie Williams? Williams create a gang that killed Blacks more efficiently than did the Confederate Army.

Where as the Confederates ultimately needed to balance their murders of Black people against their need to retain the PROPERTY value that an enslaved Black man represented.......the Crips and the Blood gangs that infest your area (in addition to a large number of other gangs) see that Black man on the corner as a THREAT to their commerce. By taking him out - they can improve their market share.

Mr Hutchinson - are you aware of your function as a Black press operative?
Just when the Black community should be having a vote of NO CONFIDENCE on the "Black Progressive Racial Services Machine" that is:
* Running our failing schools which are not developing our young people
* Operating the justice scheme within our community that keeps us unprotected - ironically terrorized by young men who's consciousness was crafted from the prevailing CULTURE
* Crafting the public and economic policies upon which our local economies that produce jobs and services - but which is anemic in relationship to our needs.

JUST WHEN that vote is about to take place, Mr Hutchinson - you and other operatives come in with a "Stop The Presses!! Stop The Presses!!!!" announcement - demanding that all Blacks "READ THIS" before they cast their votes of NO CONFIDENCE in the present leadership over Black America.

The sad point, Mr Hutchinson is that you VALUE the "Confederate THREAT" more than you do the THREAT that the failures in all of bullet point items represent to OUR PEOPLE'S FUTURE.

If there is any operative that is misusing the past to hijack the Black community's future - it is those who draw our CONSCIOUS ATTENTION SPAN away from important issues that are suffering from benign neglect.

Any reasonable Black person should now be inspecting your band of brothers for their competency in leading our people forward in absolute terms.

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