Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Garbage Pail Kids Korner - DeVega Feigns Offense Over Rick Perry's Usurpation Of The "Civil Rights Struggle"

And you all thought that the hypocrisy over Rick Perry's "McJobs without Insurance" was the last of it. Perry's is criticized for producing low wage jobs by the very same people who praised Obmama's "Job Creations". Despite the fact that the in district Federal Reserve Bank pegged Texas as having created 49% of the new jobs in America since 2009 - none of the Progressive journalists with "superior intellect" over the Conservatives bothered to interrogate Obama's job creation numbers in the same manner. They were too giddy in reminding us (as I heard this morning on the radio) that Obama saved the nation from a second Great Depression.

I actually like my friend Chauncey DeVega - along with his side kick Greg Thrasher.

They are often so predictable in their antics that they need to be riled up on occasion. Running an "Anti-Republican Blog Posing As Pro-Black Community Blog" ain't easy. Their readers should petition them to add calcium and vitamin D to the chum bucket that they dispense to their loyal readers on a daily basis. It would help with their bone health and nutrition as they sup.

(DeVega should interview "Brother X" on his views of the Libyan bombing by the USA and 3 African Colonizers.   I would rather hear his opinions on that than his movie review of "The Help".  It seems that there are a lot more Negroes today that wear maids uniforms per their consciousness)

We Are Hard Working Negroes On Behalf Of The Cheshire Fox

When you tie in the various streams of the Progressive-Fundamentalist press - you understand that this news about Perry was sent out by Media Matters last night and, surprise, surprise - it is now prominently featured on various Progressive chum feeding distribution centers.

I am not fooled by the "LampBlacked" covering that some individuals dress up their distribution centers with. They are STILL "Progressive-Fundamentalist" chum distribution centers. Unpackaging what Media Matters sends out to you and repacking it with "Blackness" does not change the contents - nor does it make it nutritional for the Negro consumer.

ON The Daily Caller from yesterday Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Jesse Jackson, who likely still has the blood soaked shirt with King's blood - said that if King were alive today he would take up the fight for Gay Marriage and Raising the Debt Ceiling.

With all due respect - I AGREE WITH HIM.   Seeing how King's lieutenants that are alive today are Progressive-Fundamentalists - having hijacked the 'Black Community's Development Consciousness' into their ideology and political party - I am left to believe that King would be of the spirit.  His son III's disposition makes this even more likely.


The flaw in the argument, however, is to make Dr King "THE Civil Rights Movement".  There were millions of other individuals who partook in this effort.

The bottom line fact is that IF King were alive today AND was doing the very same things that his "Civil Rights Pharisee" lieutenants are doing HE TOO would be guilty of contaminating the sanctity of the "Civil Rights Movement".

What my dear friend Chauncey DeVega is debating, is not about "Civil Rights" but instead WHO HAS THE "STREET CRED" to do the HIJACKING today and not be called out about it.

When PPPP Rev Sharpton made the case a few weeks ago that toppling at least 3 Republicans in Wisconsin would set the struggle for the middle class back on track - we were supposed to ignore the obvious 'flea flicker' trick play in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

My Rebuttal To DeVega
Mr DeVega:

It appears that the subject is "Hijacking Of The Civil Rights Vernacular". This is the case despite you using your Anti-Republican blog that poses as a "Pro-Black Community Information Service" to posit your latest bit of chum feeding.

Let me ask you - as I was listening to a Black-Wing talk radio show last night he indicated that he got this news about Perry from Media Matters. What was your source?

So (racist) Rick Perry is guilty of taking the framework of the "Civil Rights Struggle" and hijacking it for present day right-wing agenda items?

Mr DeVega this would indeed be a legitimate point of outrage as you seek to protect the INTEGRITY of the movement that allowed you to sit in close proximity to White talkshow hosts like Schultz and the other guy (the lawyer) EXCEPT for one thing:

YOU AREN'T PROTECTING THE INTEGRITY OF THE "CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT". The movement's honor is getting molested everyday by people who have assumed the mantle of "Civil Rights" but are in truth Progressive Political operatives - like your buddy Sharpton.

When the MSNBC crew trekked up to Wisconsin recently to try and get 3 Republican seats so that the State Senate could be returned to the state of "Social Justice" was this really CIVIL RIGHTS sir?

Or was it showing that you and so many others are merely starters on the "Special Teams" of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game"?

You know, brother Chauncey - strong than their will to end racism - the football teams in the SEC saw that they were at a disadvantage in the early 1970. While other teams accepted Black players because of their superior speed and agility - the stubborn SEC teams lumbered along with losses. They stuck to their "All White" mandates and lost games as a result.

Do you think that you are on the "Cheshire Fox's Special Teams" line up for some intrinsic quality or for your foot speed?

Have you ever mentioned protection of the integrity "Civil Rights" when you see Black people being gunned down today and the Civil Rights Pharisees REFUSING to label the killing a "Civil Rights Violation' despite he fact that the Black man today was shot in the back by a Black Street Pirate as he was reading the historical market on the side of the road documenting that spot as a place where a lynching had taken place in 1942?

Why do you pretend to be OFFENDED and thus maintain the INTEGRITY of something that you are a conspirator in its usurpation and molestation?

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