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The Garbage Pail Kids Korner - Chauncey DeVega Will Assist In My Heart Health - "We Teach People How To Treat Us"

My dear friend Chauncey DeVega of "We Are Respectable (Progressive) Negroes":

I owe you a debt of gratitude.

This morning I went to your blog and printed out several of your "stories".  This evening I went to the gym, your stories in hand.  I learned something valuable:

Placing the printouts of your blog posts on top of the Orbital machine makes the time fly past with amazing speed.

First 7 minutes (when it would usually be 2 mins when I was not preoccupied) then 15:30, then 22, then 29 mins.   I read your posts and then listened to a few NPR streaming videos and 45 minutes went by in a flash.

Thank you brother Chauncey.   You are indeed a great help to me.

Admittedly there is another picture that is more blurry.  I tried to hold my camera phone up to take a picture.  When I stopped stepping the display went off.  As I tried to step forward and take the picture I almost slipped off of the machine.

I learned to pick up the piece of paper while I am walking, letting go of the handles and thus the heart rate reading.  I made the mistake of printing the responses of your readers in a 2 x 2 format.  The print is way too small for me to read while exercising.  Only 2 x 1 will work.

 "We Teach People How To Treat Us"

My friend Chauncey DeVega is a SMART MAN.
I do not have a problem giving props to my smart friends DeVega, Nulan and Thrasher. Since my goal is not to tear them down as Black men but only to challenge their state of contamination which prevents them from acting TRANSPARENTLY with respect to our community - I see no value in making them bloody.

When I read my friend Chauncey DeVega's phrase "We Teach People How to Treat Us" I had to stop stepping and repeat this a few times.

Here is what ran through my mind when I read the passage.

I said to myself, as I grabbed a paper towel to wipe the sweat that was pouring down my face:  "WHAT IF my good friend Chauncey DeVega was able to voice this same statement on behalf of the BLACK RANK & FILE in separation of the BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE that has been erected around them?"

If you want to know the key spectral differences between the various Black Progressive-Fundamentalists that I run across and ME - it is this:

THEY see the Black (and Progressive) Political Machine as a PROJECTION coming out of the Black Community - FULLY REPRESENTING the interests of Black people.  

I see the very same "Black Racial Services Machine" in distinctive terms.  Just as a corporation has a "Corporate Board" that sets policies and an EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP of "C" Levels who are charged with EXECUTING the policies.........if an when there is failure - the executives are FIRED.   The board has the best interests of the share-holders in mind.

It is my opinion that there is a purposeful fusing of the policy creators and the executives when it comes to the Black Community.  The simple reason why is because the advancement of  PROGRESSIVISM, NOT the promotion of the interests of Black people -  is their goal. You can listen to great progressive minds like Dr Ron Daniels to bear this out.

As such - since "The Fix Is In" the POLICY and the EXECUTIVE are fused as one.  Since it DOESN'T MATTER the results that are garnered........PROGRESSIVISM always wins.   "Failure" means - simply placing a new rider on the same progressive horse (See Detroit, Newark, Baltimore, DC)

Since the Black community has fixated on a particular ideological methodology - the daily political events that transpire are merely a spectacle on how the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is going to contort logic and reasoning (and RACISM!!!) so that his viewpoint wins every time (See the young content providers at The Grio and The Root to understand what I am talking about).

When my dear friend Chauncey DeVega says "We Teach People How To Treat Us" - this salient thought IS NOT consciously directed from the "BLACK RANK & FILE" over to the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN and their White Progressive Cheshire Fox joint-venture partners.

I am a Black man who is watching all that is going on.  My "embedded consciousness eye" is full of tears.  My tear ducts hurt from internal crying".    This is because I am dutifully WATCHING what is going on.  "Blackness" misappropriated.

Those who are the most vocal of operatives KNOW THAT THEY ARE FRAUDULENT.  They have misappropriated so much of our people's "last hopes for change" that they only know how to raid our collective consciousness jewelry box when they are invited in our protected zone.

I am convinced that Mr DeVega does not have the voice to speak this same "Truth To Power" to the people who purport to REPRESENT the interests of the Black community.

In their calls for "(Ideological) Unity" the Progressive-Fundamentalist is always seen asking Black people to stick together in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" that is now acceptable to play in.   He sees no separation between our "Core Community Consciousness" and the METHODOLOGY (Progressivism) and the VEHICLE (The Democratic Party) that he has congregationally chosen to invest our "nest egg" within.

The Fight To The Death With The Tea Party

Oh by the way - My dear friend Chauncey DeVega requested that his readers send in an "Obama Fairy Tale"to him.

I have the greatest one of them all:

"HOPE AND CHANGE!!!".  This was enough to garner 96% the investments of Black people into the "Community Development Consciousness".

The real function of the Tea Party (as quite as it is kept) is to prevent the necessary introspection that is needed as our people try to regain our coordination.

The Tea Party is a 100% creation of the "American Political Domain" they have not been responsible for:

  • A single Negro lynching
  • Any Black female rape
  • Any Black student being blocked from a quality education
When it came time to render a "NO CONFIDENCE VOTE" on the "Baynard Ruskin Plan For The Prosperity Of Black America"...........the usual suspects ramp up their "Tea Party" - Sarah Palin/Michele Bachman, Koch Brothers tales as they are known to attract "Negro Attention".  

I have a post swirling around in my head.
It starts off with a matrix:

1) White Conservative - Wolf
2) Black Conservative - Free Range Negro
3) Black Progressive - Tom Joyner/Ron Daniels/Bev Smith - "Vote For Your Race Black Man!"

Then you have that fourth quadrant.  The one who always seems to get away clean

4) The White Progressive Cheshire Fox - the one who can tell #3 what his Wolf brother has said about him behind his back and collect the balance of the "Black Equal Ballots".

I just wonder if my friend Chauncey DeVega ever applies scrutiny to the agenda of the White Progressive Cheshire Foxes that invite him to the guest chair of their radio shows?

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