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Did MSNBC (The "Hard Journalism Network") Drive The Wisconsin Purge Of Republicans From The State Legislature?

MSNBC Website Front Page - August 10 - 6am

CNN Website front page - Aug 10 - 6am

FOX News (The Republican Network) front page - Aug 10 - 6am

Yesterday I made my monthly magazine run in which I purchased several left-wing magazines that I reference as a means of understanding the "prematives" that eventual are expressed as "The Black Progressive Agenda" when the "lampblacked" coating is used to dress it up.

I noticed that the subject of "Wisconsin" and "The Koch Brothers" (There is another right-wing operative group that they are targeting that was common but the mags are up stairs now and out of my reach) are the common theme in their drive.

As I look at the recordings of "The Ed Show" and "The Rachel Maddow Show" that are on my Tivo it is no surprise to note that the flip of the Wisconsin State Senate from Republican to Democrat is a passion for MSNBC and the left in general.

Ed Schulz said on his MSNBC (which is not the propaganda arm of the Republican Party) show that the switch in the balance of power back to the working people in America begins by taking back the Wisconsin State Senate and the reversal of the right-wing Republican attacks.   Mr Schultz acted as a unmasked agent of the Democratic Party and Progressive-Fundamentalism.

PLEASE NOTE - This Post Is Not About Ed Schultz or MSNBC!!!!

I ask - WHY is it that Fox News is brought up as the exclusive "Propaganda Channel" by those who make analysis - such as The New York Times and other left-biased operations?   Is it rationale to conclude that their indictments are reserved for their own enemies?

The pattern of progressive-fundamentalist thought says that conservatives are the organic source of evil and hatred.  When progressives are heard doing the same - theirs is a "defensive tact" - in response to the conservative attack.  One should consider the ends and not their means.  

This can be understood by the use of "Tea Party Terrorists".   Just a few short months ago after the tragic shootings in Tuscon AZ - the media had agreed to do self-policing and not use the metaphors of "targets" upon their enemies as this was thought to be a provocation of the violence that occurred.  The left made the initial indictment about the right's use of targets.  The video tapes brought by the right showed that the left was just as guilty.  Fast forward to the present and now "terrorist" is used to describe the ideological enemy of the left.

As I listened to Ed Schultz's analysis on the "spending cuts on the back of working people" I was made to understand that his is the consciousness that brought down Detroit, Newark, Camden and Cleveland.  So acerbic in his own version of "economic justice" he lynches the goose that had provided him his wherewithal.  Instead of looking at him I was watching the mob behind him - the "Boo Birds" who dutifully followed along.

  • Republican - BOOO!!!
  • Democrat - Yeahhhhh!!!

(This is not an analysis of Democrat vs Republican.  This is ultimately a pattern matching exercise and an expose' of duplicity.  I am NOT arguing that the right is not just as guilty.  The right does not have the indictment of 'RACISM' in its grab bag per a "deep bench" of Black people to affirm them)

As I inspect "The" - it is any surprise to see that that which is a "Spawn of MSNBC" is also merely a "Lampblacked" version of MSNBC in their agenda?   The key difference is that they are targeting the segment of Black Progressive-Fundamentalists who like "Sylvia's Soul Food Seasoning Salt" in their progressive biased news?

Where are the Black Institutions that demand TRANSPARENCY?   The ones that are willing to admit that we can only be COMPROMISED as a people as we act as full combatants in this "Malcolm X Political Football Game"?

Worst of all - who is there to tell us that an all Democratic Government has not brought the promised relief to Black people when implemented in:

  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Newark
  • Baltimore
  • Atlanta

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