Friday, August 26, 2011

The Contorted Reasonings Of Bev Smith In Defense Of Obama

What do you do when you are an ideological bigot who is used to character assassination of your enemies but you reach a point in time when YOUR FRIEND is now in power and is doing the very same things that you had attributed as a "blood lust" of your enemies?

This is the point that radio host Bev Smith finds herself today.

I have to say this as a full characterization of Ms Smith.  Her "Black Community Focused" shows are top notched.  When she has a cultural or societal topic on her show that focuses on our community I appreciate her content.

When it comes to politics - it is NOT my ideological differences from Ms Smith that cloud my judgement.  It is my knowledge of the facts and the observations of her agenda that is most disturbing.   I use the word "bigotry" because "bias" is not the right word.   When a person is observed injecting her viewpoint - making points that she knows are not true as some previous guests with credibility has told her that were not true - we must begin to look at what this person is motivated by.

Three years into the Obama Presidency - Ms Smith talks more about George Bush when the matter of problems with this nation comes up.   So you think that this is a matter of "time"?   Don't count on it.   She also talks about Cheney and Reagan and various Republicans - only talking about "Democrats" when she talks collectively about the dysfunction in Washington.

I have no proclivity to defend any Republican or Tea Party.   My agenda is - as I hear "Embedded Confidence Men" with unfettered access to the consciousness of our people USING this proximity to prioritize forces that can't possibly be attributed to the balance of the conditions which have produced the failure among Black people that they are grieving about - the important task is to understand why they are doing this and WHAT THEY ARE PROTECTING as they throw up their diversions.

The Integrity Of The Guest Defines Their Willingness To Go Along With Bev Smith

I respect Will Gates - the brother who came on the Bev Smtih Show about 3 weeks ago to talk about America's pending financial peril.   He came to the table with his body of knowledge.  When he was treated to Ms Smith's biased viewpoints about economics - per her attacks on her enemy Republicans - Mr Gates directly put up a "hold on now I am not saying that" opposition to her analysis of what HE had said.   He realized that his integrity was more important than him understanding what is going on around him and "going with the flow".

Ms Smith believes that "Bush Took Money From Social Security For The First 9 Months Of His Term In Office To Spend On War".    Mr Gates said that he didn't know that this was true BUT EVEN STILL - raiding of the Social Security box was going on long before Bush got into office.  This level setting from a credible person with integrity should have set Ms Smith Straight.

It didn't.

Last night there was a military policy woman on the show.  I believe that she was a White Progressive who was interested in arms control.   She would say something about the interactions between the Obama Administration and the "Congressional Republicans" and then Smith would analyze her statement - adding in her bigoted view.   The guest listened to the comment and instead of expressing her disagreement of the "hijacking" would say "Yes" but then respond in the context of HER expertise.

Ms Smith, who had just listened to the intricate details of the political gamesmanship in Washington DC when it comes to the military policy and nuclear weapons - PUSHED ASIDE all of the nuances that her guest had told her and said "The White Conservative Republicans In Power Can't Stand To See A BLACK MAN IN POWER.   This Is All About An Attempt To Strip A BLACK MAN From His Power To Decide If America Goes To War And Where".    Again - this would have been an excellent time for the progressive White female guest to say "Ms Smith while it is likely true that the Republicans are factoring in Obama's RACE - this battle between right and left has gone on long before Obama's arrival.  In addition we can see with Libya and military contracts - THE LEFT has their price as well".    The frustrating part that I have with Progressive-Fundamentalists is when they show that they are more interested in having a person ultimately AGREE with their position more than they care that what they believe is true.   (Short term advantage built upon long term ignorance).

The guest did not see how she was being used.  At the end of the Bev Smith Show episode Smith said something to the effect of "So now you see that we have our enemies right here working against us.   Ms So & So {the guest} obviously thinks so along with me".

Bev Smith is a case study on "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Inspect Your Friends"

What do you do when President Obama - a Progressive Black Democrat is the Commander In Chief and then AFRICA is attacked - just as she has been talking to Dick Gregory about for decades?   She can't bring herself to say "OBAMA is a part of the system  - No different than Bush".   Instead she, like Gregory, must craft some mental agreement that allow her to retain her mental formation while explaining away this distortion in her universe.

If you listened to the Bev Smtih Show last night you would believe that the "Congressional Republicans" want to assassinate Libya's Mommar Gaddahfi.   It doesn't matter to her that not one bullet can be fired by the American military unless the Commander In Chief gives his blessing.  Her goal is to defend Obama and find some way to shift this perfect storm upon her enemy.

Ironically she later mentioned that the United States will attack any nation with oil that is vulnerable.  She wondered if Nigeria would later be attacked.  She could not bring herself to see that as Libya also has Oil and Obama is the President/Commander In Chief that Obama per his place in the system has him working for the SYSTEM - just like the others before him.

When I argue that we need to look at the RESULTS and not the METHODOLOGY (INTENTIONS) it works as an effective rebuttal to operatives like Ms Smith.   I am listening to the audio of the Harlem Rally Against The Libyan Bombings in the background as I type this.    Despite the rationalizations that Ms Smith makes in defense of Obama - she can't synergize her position with the body of evidence that is being exposed regarding how the American Imperialist acts when there is a resource that it wants.

The way she fuses oil in Iraq and Libya yet retains her defense of Obama is to inject her bigotry - knowing that the majority of her listeners will go along with her logical leap that spans the Grand Canyon.  It takes complicit bigotry for a bigot to continue.

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