Friday, August 19, 2011

Black-Wing Talk Radio Host: "What Has The Republican Tea Party Done To Attract Black People? Name One Thing?"

I told you Rep West - your "Slave Analogy" was not the right move.

After opening her show on WAOK, telling of the glories of the "CBC Job  Fair"  Lorraine Jacques White went into Rep Allen West (R-FL) and his "Democratic Plantation" comments.

She accused him of being a "Negro seeking favor with the White man".

She then asked her audience "What has the Republican Party done to attract Black people to the Republican Party?"

This is the standard argument made by a Progressive Fundamentalist.  

It assumes that Black people need to be fused to a political party for us to have our interests addressed.

"Dr White" can't bring herself to see that today the Black community is a super monopoly into A PARTY and this has not changed our fortunes.  Thus a person with more 'Intellectual Curiosity" would think about a new domain that must exist through which our issues can be address.  OR they will blame RACISM as the reason why we fall short despite their fully rationalized, PROGRESSIVE efforts.   (Note she is not a doctor.  She is only affectionately called this)

The above picture done for Dr Boyce Watkins is applicable for "Dr White".

When the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist fails to acknowledge the INVESTMENTS that Black people have made into the vehicles that these embedded confidence men had lead us to - these type of arguments stand because they don't account for all of the resources that have been expended.

Dr White can't bring herself to start off by noting the valuable RESOURCES that our people have put into the Progressive Democratic Party.  From this point she would logically have first note that these INVESTMENTS HAVE FAILED as we are still massively grieving.

Instead she raises an INDICTMENT against her enemy, demanding that they show Black people why the next round of investments should be invested in them (the Republican Party) rather than into the bucket that we have been fused to.

This is the standard fare for the Black Racial Services Machine.  They are not interested in EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES.  They are more interested in enforcing ideological unity.

Why Do We Allow These People To Remain As The Financial Advisers For The Black Community?

It is clear that they are contaminated, with their other agendas having a far greater interest in their ulterior motives than what they put forth as their primary agenda.

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