Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bev Smith - A Ideological Bigot Who Tests The Integrity Of Her Guests

Bev Smith is PISSED that Obama's approval rating is ONLY at 41%.  She just can't understand why other people don't see in him what she sees.  If it was up to her - Obama would have a 99% approval rating.  The 1% being the Tea Party Militia members who have not been silence yet.

If you are not taking my suggestion and listening in to WAOK.com at 7pm to listen to the Bev Smith Show you are missing out on a very entertaining show.  Bev Smith is so predictable that it turns out being fun to listen to her.

In reverse order:

There is an author (Will Gates) on the air right now (8:54pm) that wrote a book in partnership with an accountant - who attempted to find out where the "Clinton Surplus" actually was.  He stated that this was a funny accounting scheme - thus thwarting Bev Smith's attempt to make this a Bush Bashing interview.

I love listening to this show.  You have a "Dick Gregory Conspiracy Theorist" that frequently invites "straight men" to her show.  The measure of the integrity of the guest is often shown by his ability to RESIST the leading and biased questions and comments that Bev Smith makes.  Unfortunately some guests listen in to the lead and then join in.

I give Will Gates credit.  He has resisted most of her antics.
Every time Bev Smith tried to make a special INDICTMENT of the Tea Party Will Gates would redirect saying that ALL POLITICIANS get compromised when they get into office.  It is the SYSTEM not any particular PARTY.

The first guest who wrote a book on the "Secrets Of The FBI" was on the show.  (I don't recall his name).

Bev Smith fired off several conspiracy theories for him to comment on.  He shot them all down:

  1. Did the FBI kill JFK?  - NO
  2. Did the FBI kill RFK?  - NO
  3. Did the FBI have a hand in the assassination of Malcolm X?  One of the killers was said to be an "FBI Informant"   - With so many people who were involved and knowledgeable about this murder - had the FBI been involved it would have come out in the trial
  4. Did the FBI have anything to do with the killing of Martin Luther King? - There is no evidence that the FBI had anything to do with the King Assassination.  Yes J.Edgar Hoover did surveillance but there is no evidence that he made a hit on anyone.

Update - Will Gates JUST TOLD BEV SMITH that in a short time the INTEREST PAID on the American debt will be equal to the TAX INCOME.

Bev Smith just blamed WALL STREET!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Gates:  Actually the problem is with the POLITICIANS!!!  They give deductions to corporations for corporate jets.  (Note corporate jet deductions that Obama keeps referring to [that was in his first stimulus package] amount to about $300 million per year.  Pennies)

Is there any reason why the Black Media is stacked and biased in the way that it is?
You have operatives like Bev Smith that are straight up ideologues that also carry the mantle of RACE (and the indictment of RACISM).

Updated Update:  (You all have go to tune into this show)

Bev Smith is debating Will Gates about BUSH II "Raiding The Social Security Trust Fund In The First 6 Months Of His Administration".


Its like she was told "There Is No Santa Claus".  Will Gates is telling Bev Smith that her house has no fireplace and thus Santa could not have come down the chimney.   She is NOT trying to believe what she is hearing.

THERE IS NO MONEY IN THE "SOCIAL SECURITY LOCK BOX"!!!!  The General Treasury takes the money and SPENDS IT - printing an "IOU" that sits in West Virginia.

I have got to fix my Aplian Internet Recording software to restock my archive.

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