Friday, August 26, 2011

The Contorted Reasonings Of Bev Smith In Defense Of Obama

What do you do when you are an ideological bigot who is used to character assassination of your enemies but you reach a point in time when YOUR FRIEND is now in power and is doing the very same things that you had attributed as a "blood lust" of your enemies?

This is the point that radio host Bev Smith finds herself today.

I have to say this as a full characterization of Ms Smith.  Her "Black Community Focused" shows are top notched.  When she has a cultural or societal topic on her show that focuses on our community I appreciate her content.

When it comes to politics - it is NOT my ideological differences from Ms Smith that cloud my judgement.  It is my knowledge of the facts and the observations of her agenda that is most disturbing.   I use the word "bigotry" because "bias" is not the right word.   When a person is observed injecting her viewpoint - making points that she knows are not true as some previous guests with credibility has told her that were not true - we must begin to look at what this person is motivated by.

Three years into the Obama Presidency - Ms Smith talks more about George Bush when the matter of problems with this nation comes up.   So you think that this is a matter of "time"?   Don't count on it.   She also talks about Cheney and Reagan and various Republicans - only talking about "Democrats" when she talks collectively about the dysfunction in Washington.

I have no proclivity to defend any Republican or Tea Party.   My agenda is - as I hear "Embedded Confidence Men" with unfettered access to the consciousness of our people USING this proximity to prioritize forces that can't possibly be attributed to the balance of the conditions which have produced the failure among Black people that they are grieving about - the important task is to understand why they are doing this and WHAT THEY ARE PROTECTING as they throw up their diversions.

The Integrity Of The Guest Defines Their Willingness To Go Along With Bev Smith

I respect Will Gates - the brother who came on the Bev Smtih Show about 3 weeks ago to talk about America's pending financial peril.   He came to the table with his body of knowledge.  When he was treated to Ms Smith's biased viewpoints about economics - per her attacks on her enemy Republicans - Mr Gates directly put up a "hold on now I am not saying that" opposition to her analysis of what HE had said.   He realized that his integrity was more important than him understanding what is going on around him and "going with the flow".

Ms Smith believes that "Bush Took Money From Social Security For The First 9 Months Of His Term In Office To Spend On War".    Mr Gates said that he didn't know that this was true BUT EVEN STILL - raiding of the Social Security box was going on long before Bush got into office.  This level setting from a credible person with integrity should have set Ms Smith Straight.

It didn't.

Last night there was a military policy woman on the show.  I believe that she was a White Progressive who was interested in arms control.   She would say something about the interactions between the Obama Administration and the "Congressional Republicans" and then Smith would analyze her statement - adding in her bigoted view.   The guest listened to the comment and instead of expressing her disagreement of the "hijacking" would say "Yes" but then respond in the context of HER expertise.

Ms Smith, who had just listened to the intricate details of the political gamesmanship in Washington DC when it comes to the military policy and nuclear weapons - PUSHED ASIDE all of the nuances that her guest had told her and said "The White Conservative Republicans In Power Can't Stand To See A BLACK MAN IN POWER.   This Is All About An Attempt To Strip A BLACK MAN From His Power To Decide If America Goes To War And Where".    Again - this would have been an excellent time for the progressive White female guest to say "Ms Smith while it is likely true that the Republicans are factoring in Obama's RACE - this battle between right and left has gone on long before Obama's arrival.  In addition we can see with Libya and military contracts - THE LEFT has their price as well".    The frustrating part that I have with Progressive-Fundamentalists is when they show that they are more interested in having a person ultimately AGREE with their position more than they care that what they believe is true.   (Short term advantage built upon long term ignorance).

The guest did not see how she was being used.  At the end of the Bev Smith Show episode Smith said something to the effect of "So now you see that we have our enemies right here working against us.   Ms So & So {the guest} obviously thinks so along with me".

Bev Smith is a case study on "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Inspect Your Friends"

What do you do when President Obama - a Progressive Black Democrat is the Commander In Chief and then AFRICA is attacked - just as she has been talking to Dick Gregory about for decades?   She can't bring herself to say "OBAMA is a part of the system  - No different than Bush".   Instead she, like Gregory, must craft some mental agreement that allow her to retain her mental formation while explaining away this distortion in her universe.

If you listened to the Bev Smtih Show last night you would believe that the "Congressional Republicans" want to assassinate Libya's Mommar Gaddahfi.   It doesn't matter to her that not one bullet can be fired by the American military unless the Commander In Chief gives his blessing.  Her goal is to defend Obama and find some way to shift this perfect storm upon her enemy.

Ironically she later mentioned that the United States will attack any nation with oil that is vulnerable.  She wondered if Nigeria would later be attacked.  She could not bring herself to see that as Libya also has Oil and Obama is the President/Commander In Chief that Obama per his place in the system has him working for the SYSTEM - just like the others before him.

When I argue that we need to look at the RESULTS and not the METHODOLOGY (INTENTIONS) it works as an effective rebuttal to operatives like Ms Smith.   I am listening to the audio of the Harlem Rally Against The Libyan Bombings in the background as I type this.    Despite the rationalizations that Ms Smith makes in defense of Obama - she can't synergize her position with the body of evidence that is being exposed regarding how the American Imperialist acts when there is a resource that it wants.

The way she fuses oil in Iraq and Libya yet retains her defense of Obama is to inject her bigotry - knowing that the majority of her listeners will go along with her logical leap that spans the Grand Canyon.  It takes complicit bigotry for a bigot to continue.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Model Of The Black Progressive Ideology Bigot Who Knows The Key Words That The Negro Responds To

I was going to do individual posts as a means of inspecting the pattern that I have detected among the acerbic Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser.  It is better for me to consolidate my analysis into one post for people to see for themselves.

As the election season ramps up and the Consciousness Confiscaters work to drive Black people into a racially defensive position prior to becoming our "Financial Advisers" for our"Community Development Funds" yet again there are several key tactics that are used to place us into this position mentally.

I have thoroughly detailed their use of "Keep The Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends".  This is easily detectable in all that they do.

There is a set of key words that they use - not for the purposes of describing an attribute of their enemy that has MEASURABLE and MATERIAL BEARING UPON Black People as expressed by the enemy.  Instead they realize that these words have a mollifying effect on our people.

  • Racist
  • Tea Party
  • Southern Strategy
My goal is not to defend the honor of the Tea Party.

As I watch - there is simply no way that this force has the FORCE that the embedded confidence men and their joint-venture partners claim that they have.

It is clear that the Tea Party is a THREAT to their provincial sensibilities.  
The problem is that most honest Black people can't see that the sensibilities of the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man IS NOT the sensibilities of "the Black Community's Permanent Interests" in an unmolested form.

The Tea Party is a threat to Black People ONLY in the context that the Tea Party is a threat to Progressive, Democratic Party priorities.  It is the fusion, the very hijacking of the Black Interests into the "American Political Domain" as a combatant for the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" which has the Tea Party promoted to the supreme threat.  

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

You have to understand their line of reasoning.
The Tea Party seeks to make Obama a "one term President".   Since it is in the interests of Black people to retain the "First Black President" we are to look past the "bill of goods" that were sold to us - NOT ONLY FROM OBAMA - but from the people in the "Black Racial Services Machine - political arm of elected officials" and double down, once again - investing our EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS to "Stand With Obama" rather than noting that our Permanent Interests have been shorted.

The Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man Artifact 
Constructive Feedback Analysis
Tired And Retired Jack White

The sponsored by The Washington Post:
Jack White's Right Wing Watch: White Backlash Part Deux

Jack White argues that:

  • The (racist) Tea Party is merely a modern day instantiation of 
    • The Klan
    • The White Citizens Council
    • George Wallace And The Dixiecrats
    • Segregationists
  • That Progressive Political Gains that have benefited Blacks will be "rolled back" if the Tea Party Racists get their way
  • The Conservative Evangelical is a "Hijacker" of the Christian Religion, using it as a cover for their hatred and bigotry
  • That "Opposition To Obama" is strong evidence of RACISM, by definition to be "Non-Racist" is to be a Progressive
  • Black Republicans are merely "Window Dressing" unable to mask the RACISM of their ideology and party
As I read the "Progressive Thought Leader" - Jack White's rantings each week I try to keep in the back of my mind that this man was once hired to bring to consciousness the next generation of Black (Progressive) Journalists.  While he may have had problems with some of his student's ability to articulate their views in written form to the standard of college proficiency that he expected - it is clear from his own writing that "literacy and penmanship" can't replace substance and veracity.

I have to admit that I enjoy reading the works of Tired and Retired Jack White along with the other "featured artist" in this post.   As with the Black man on trial for murdering a White man in Mississippi 1952 - you already know the outcome of the tale at the outset.  You merely stick around in order to see what the 'All White Jury' will come up with as their justification for the eventuality.  One day I hope to see Jack White say "The Tea Party is still a threat............because they are still breathing.  At least Ronald Reagan can't make any more trips to Philadelphia Mississippi because of his present interment".

As I have stated several times - the only way to confound a Black Progressive Bigot is to KNOW WHO YOU ARE and to have knowledge of the METHODOLOGY to actually achieve your full purpose in life.  Failing this - you are a strong candidate to be drawn into their "racism chasing" soliloquies.

Mr White makes the case that the White Racist Tea Party Evangelicals have HIJACKED the Christian religion for their own political purposes.  I agree that some of them have done this.

What Mr White can't bear to investigate is that the Black Progressive-Secular-Fundamentalist has ALSO hijacked the Black Church - making it merely an extension of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".     Who better to master the tricks of hijacked religion than those who have "looked evil (conservative) whites in their eye" as they now attempt to "do unto others what they had seen done to them"?

Again - I am made to marvel at how the 'White Progressive Cheshire Fox' - who is ALWAYS in the stage play somewhere - never seems to make it into the "Right Wing Watch" of Tired and Retired Jack White?

Despite seeing so many Black Equal Ballot "brown eggs" on the floor of his fox lair - the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox" tracks made through the "undriven white snow" that lead from the Black community into the lair are never investigated by the investigative Black Progressive Journalism that Jack White taught at Howard University.

  • The Tea Party controls no failing Black schools
  • The Tea Party has not been documented as killing any Blacks - lest Rachael Maddow include such a murder in her show's opening
  • The Tea Party has received no "Equal Black Ballots" based on their promises to provide economic turn around for Black people in the "Mission Accomplished" progressive district that they control.
Are you now understanding why Jack White was hired by The to man their "Right Wing Watch"?

The Co-Founder Of Afro-Spear:

The Southern Strategy

In his latest diversion from the conflicts on the streets of Philadelphia, my dear friend Filled Negro proves, once again, that he is running an "Anti-Republican blog" rather than a "Pro-Black Community blog".

  • A quote from Michael Steele - "MSNBC's Black Republican" is used to set the framework for the 40 year assault upon Black America by the "Southern Strategy" christened by the Nixon campaign and administration
  • "Rick Perry is like Bull Conner with a smile" - Bull Conner the Racist White Democrat who was the "Public Safety Commissioner" for the city of Birmingham AL
  • The Democratic Party was the container for "White Racists" back in the day.  The Dixiecrats left the party.  The "Southern Strategy" drove the rest of the White Conservative Racists out of the Democratic Party.  Now WE just have the "White Progressive Cheshire Foxes" in the party who love Black people and tell us what the racist White Conservatives say about Black people when there are no Black people around - thus proving their utility to Black people. 
  • Key Racist Concepts
    •  Forced busing
    • States’ Rights,
    • Cutting Taxes

I have to add a side note prior to me getting to work on my dear friend Filled Negro.   I have a copy of the "AfroSpear" founding charter.  They mentioned concern for "Darfur" in a motivating factor in their formation.  Fast forward several years and we have American bombs dropping on the African nation of Libya - in conjunction with 4 African colonizers and we see that the majority (NOT ALL) of the AfroSpear sites show that they care more about the efficiency in which Commander In Chief Obama has bombed Africa without losing American lives than they show concern about the integrity and independent - self-determination of Africa.  Obama fighting a "dictator" was apparently more important than the "No Blood For Oil" angle.

But I digress.

I have to credit my friend Filled Negro.  He has a great mix of comedy and resolve in targeting the latest Republican that has molested the honor of Black people. I am forced to call him a "Non-White White Supremacist" because any White person in America, regardless of his actual POSITION has the POWER to negatively impact the emotional condition of Black people.   We see that it is not the ability of this person to use the strength of his organization to imperil Black people in a material manner.

 Instead the the White (conservative) specimen who is served up in Filled Negroes daily "chum bucket" that is thrown out to feed the appetite of his loyal followers is of most importance.

As a resident of Philadelphia and a witness to the Criminal Justice System there - my friend Filled Negro is acutely aware that no Southern Racist Tea Party operative has the balance of power to indoctrinate young Black minds per their control over the prevailing culture in Philadelphia. Railroad Black males from the (failed) public school system through to the P.I.C..   Hell the Republicans that Filled Negro told me run the Philadelphia Traffic Court would have to be paying off the Black District Attorney, Seth Williams to agree to participate in the "New Jim Crow Scheme".  Still Atlanta has one better than Philly because those who are arrested in Atlanta have a Black Progress person who got 50%+1 Black voter support in the seats of authority at every rung of the Criminal Justice system.  Philly can't attest to this title - yet.

The one thing that we will never see from my friend Filled Negro is the investigation of the "Dark-Matter" congruent force that I have raised regarding "The Southern Strategy". This is the "Urban Strategy" - which his "Blogging While Brown" coalition and the "Black Racial Services Machine" are active conspirators in.

If the Southern Strategy successfully got White Conservative votes using fear of Black people.

The "Urban Strategy" erected by the Progressive Joint Venture between the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men" and the "White Progressive Cheshire Foxes" has been far more successful because at least they don't have Black people upset over THEIR INJURIES cast upon Black people.  They instead have Progressive Blacks investing in them as part of their community uplift agenda.

The Crowning Achievements Of The Urban Strategy

"We Cut Tax-BASES In Half, Not Taxes"
We Are Negroes With Respect For The Integrity Of Black Institutions

I can't pick just one of my friend Chauncey DeVega's posts to make my point.  It would be easier to find one that falls outside of the framework.

Mr DeVega is always told "Come back anytime Chauncey. There is a seat always open for you" by the White Progressive Cheshire Foxes that have taken a liking to him.
They realize that if they said some of the things about the Black Conservative subjects that he focus upon - their Fox cover would be blown and they'd be called RACISTS.  Mr DeVega provides them with the cover that their pelt won't provide.

Little does Mr DeVega know - I was listening to the "Rob Redding Review" a few nights ago.  Redding admitted on the air that he received a feed from the "Media Matters" network that he is plugged into - regarding the Rick Perry comment.

What we must understand about Mr DeVega is that in as much as his scrutiny is of the WHITE RACIST REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE - where he takes on their voice in order to tear them down - he is ironically voicing a "Fox Howl" that is akin to the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox" that he keeps company with.

Mr DeVega will never reach the point in his conscious understanding by which he comes to see that:

  • All Oppressive American history (which stole the African Culture) is common to the man who is interviewing him AS WELL AS the man who he is attacking.   
  • With his present conscious disposition he is forced to conclude that PROGRESSIVISM is the bleach that washes the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox's" hands clean as "undriven snow".
  • Thus - the White Wolf's IDEOLOGY, not his SKIN COLOR - is what makes him an INDICTABLE THREAT - worthy of Mr DeVega's and his friends primary attention
With this as an irrefutable FACT that is deduced from the Racism Chaser's line of reasoning it must be said that THEY are using Black Consciousness as a vehicle for their PROGRESSIVE GOALS.

When I say that the only difference in the skullduggery between Progressives and Conservatives is that the Progressive have more Black Progressive-Fundamentalists to call what the Republicans are doing "RACIST" this is logically deduced from what is easily observable.  

Do you see why Rep Fredrica Wilson is able to take the microphone in front of a large crowd of BLACK PEOPLE NEEDING JOBS and, instead of them telling her to "GO TO HELL UNTIL YOU PROVE THAT YOU ARE COMPETENT IN PRODUCING JOBS IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - JUST AS THE KOREANS ARE DOING IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY BUT FOR THEMSELVES"......................she and the other Embedded Black Sheep Confidence Men are able to have the Unemployed Black Man with a pocket full of "Equal Black Ballots" and a "Black Community Development Consciousness" that is ripe for the picking - looking at what the TEA PARTY HAS DONE in the US House since January 3, 2011.....................instead of focusing on how the Bayard Rustin Black Community Development By Voting Democratic Scheme has failed to do since late 1968 when it was announced months after King's assassination.

The Tea Party is SUPERIOR because they can destroy in 7 months what the Progressive Negroes took nearly 45 years to build up.
OR maybe they are playing with our confidence................................

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Garbage Pail Kids Korner - DeVega Feigns Offense Over Rick Perry's Usurpation Of The "Civil Rights Struggle"

And you all thought that the hypocrisy over Rick Perry's "McJobs without Insurance" was the last of it. Perry's is criticized for producing low wage jobs by the very same people who praised Obmama's "Job Creations". Despite the fact that the in district Federal Reserve Bank pegged Texas as having created 49% of the new jobs in America since 2009 - none of the Progressive journalists with "superior intellect" over the Conservatives bothered to interrogate Obama's job creation numbers in the same manner. They were too giddy in reminding us (as I heard this morning on the radio) that Obama saved the nation from a second Great Depression.

I actually like my friend Chauncey DeVega - along with his side kick Greg Thrasher.

They are often so predictable in their antics that they need to be riled up on occasion. Running an "Anti-Republican Blog Posing As Pro-Black Community Blog" ain't easy. Their readers should petition them to add calcium and vitamin D to the chum bucket that they dispense to their loyal readers on a daily basis. It would help with their bone health and nutrition as they sup.

(DeVega should interview "Brother X" on his views of the Libyan bombing by the USA and 3 African Colonizers.   I would rather hear his opinions on that than his movie review of "The Help".  It seems that there are a lot more Negroes today that wear maids uniforms per their consciousness)

We Are Hard Working Negroes On Behalf Of The Cheshire Fox

When you tie in the various streams of the Progressive-Fundamentalist press - you understand that this news about Perry was sent out by Media Matters last night and, surprise, surprise - it is now prominently featured on various Progressive chum feeding distribution centers.

I am not fooled by the "LampBlacked" covering that some individuals dress up their distribution centers with. They are STILL "Progressive-Fundamentalist" chum distribution centers. Unpackaging what Media Matters sends out to you and repacking it with "Blackness" does not change the contents - nor does it make it nutritional for the Negro consumer.

ON The Daily Caller from yesterday Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Jesse Jackson, who likely still has the blood soaked shirt with King's blood - said that if King were alive today he would take up the fight for Gay Marriage and Raising the Debt Ceiling.

With all due respect - I AGREE WITH HIM.   Seeing how King's lieutenants that are alive today are Progressive-Fundamentalists - having hijacked the 'Black Community's Development Consciousness' into their ideology and political party - I am left to believe that King would be of the spirit.  His son III's disposition makes this even more likely.


The flaw in the argument, however, is to make Dr King "THE Civil Rights Movement".  There were millions of other individuals who partook in this effort.

The bottom line fact is that IF King were alive today AND was doing the very same things that his "Civil Rights Pharisee" lieutenants are doing HE TOO would be guilty of contaminating the sanctity of the "Civil Rights Movement".

What my dear friend Chauncey DeVega is debating, is not about "Civil Rights" but instead WHO HAS THE "STREET CRED" to do the HIJACKING today and not be called out about it.

When PPPP Rev Sharpton made the case a few weeks ago that toppling at least 3 Republicans in Wisconsin would set the struggle for the middle class back on track - we were supposed to ignore the obvious 'flea flicker' trick play in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

My Rebuttal To DeVega
Mr DeVega:

It appears that the subject is "Hijacking Of The Civil Rights Vernacular". This is the case despite you using your Anti-Republican blog that poses as a "Pro-Black Community Information Service" to posit your latest bit of chum feeding.

Let me ask you - as I was listening to a Black-Wing talk radio show last night he indicated that he got this news about Perry from Media Matters. What was your source?

So (racist) Rick Perry is guilty of taking the framework of the "Civil Rights Struggle" and hijacking it for present day right-wing agenda items?

Mr DeVega this would indeed be a legitimate point of outrage as you seek to protect the INTEGRITY of the movement that allowed you to sit in close proximity to White talkshow hosts like Schultz and the other guy (the lawyer) EXCEPT for one thing:

YOU AREN'T PROTECTING THE INTEGRITY OF THE "CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT". The movement's honor is getting molested everyday by people who have assumed the mantle of "Civil Rights" but are in truth Progressive Political operatives - like your buddy Sharpton.

When the MSNBC crew trekked up to Wisconsin recently to try and get 3 Republican seats so that the State Senate could be returned to the state of "Social Justice" was this really CIVIL RIGHTS sir?

Or was it showing that you and so many others are merely starters on the "Special Teams" of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game"?

You know, brother Chauncey - strong than their will to end racism - the football teams in the SEC saw that they were at a disadvantage in the early 1970. While other teams accepted Black players because of their superior speed and agility - the stubborn SEC teams lumbered along with losses. They stuck to their "All White" mandates and lost games as a result.

Do you think that you are on the "Cheshire Fox's Special Teams" line up for some intrinsic quality or for your foot speed?

Have you ever mentioned protection of the integrity "Civil Rights" when you see Black people being gunned down today and the Civil Rights Pharisees REFUSING to label the killing a "Civil Rights Violation' despite he fact that the Black man today was shot in the back by a Black Street Pirate as he was reading the historical market on the side of the road documenting that spot as a place where a lynching had taken place in 1942?

Why do you pretend to be OFFENDED and thus maintain the INTEGRITY of something that you are a conspirator in its usurpation and molestation?

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Weight Of Obama's Water That Is Carried

A Black Man's View

One thing that I learned from Ben Stein when he was talking about the frivolity of trying to debate "moral absolutes" with an evolutionist who believes that we are in our present form by a series of "accidents" that happened over a billion years is............................"Don't waste your time debating a bigot".

A person who does not have firm grounding on what they believe is also able to "make sh#& up" as they go along.  If you dare confine yourself to a point of discipline and then engage them - it is you who will be seen jumping off of a bridge as they steal your sanity.

As part of my longitudinal study on "What makes the Black Community's Political Mind Work" I peek in from time to time into all of the links that run down the right side of this blog.

When I see people accept arbitrary "Mission Accomplished" finished lines - I try not to debate them. Instead the best technique is to draw their belief system out of them and prompt it up so that it is staring them in the face.

The most important defense tactic against someone who has proven that they have an arbitrary set of values and standards AND that they don't mind coming after what you possess to get it - is to make sure that they are never allowed to gain control over that which you value.

It is clear that "being all alone, by themselves - given the opportunity to prove their theories - is enough for some people to change.

Dirty Red Gives Obama An A+
His sycophants agree.

[quote]Healthcare... done. [/quote]


With favorable people over our schools, over our local economic policy, over our culture: HOW MANY MORE BLACK PHYSICIANS are there today - having matriculated through these institutions, thus proving that the governance of our local communities are in line with our community needs?

You got more regulations which direct the NATIONAL system to direct more resources to you from a bankrupt nation.

[quote]Ending the war... done.[/quote]

Dirty Red - One benefit with Obama bombing Libya with unmanned Drones is that you won't have to be the "boots on the ground" for this war in Africa by the American Imperialist and 3 African Colonists. Thank you for your service bro.

[quote] Pulling the country back from the brink of a depression... done.[/quote]

Serenity - can you point to the increased productivity in the communities that you are most focused upon?
It seems that Federal Reserve "new money" printed is sufficient to satisfy you.

Getting Bin Laden... done.[/quote]
I can't imagine that you would support one of the Navy Seals who later became a police man in America - shooting an unarmed Black man in the head during a raid?

[quote] Ne said he'd need 2 terms to fix the economy. Just for keeping his word I'd say A+.[/quote]

In summary "Hope & Change" that got you to invest your "equal Black ballot" is going to require more time and another investment of your ballot and your Black Consciousness.

[quote]And he is just 1 branch of the government.[/quote]

Why not go vertical and consider the Progressives that have been placed into power at every rung of government where our people have the final say. Despite them being in multiple branches - our people are massively suffering.

Can you be more arbitrary on what satisfies you?


Dirty Red:
As a Black man who is "Viewing" the antics of the Black community during Obama's time in office - I have concluded:
The gap between the "Marketing Of Obama By Black Supporters" and the painful truth on the streets of the Black community is the WEIGHT of the WATER that some Black people choose to carry on behalf of :* Obama* Progressivism* The Democratic Party
The sad truth is that if Obama was not Black and Progressive AND the exact same conditions were felt within Black America - the responses would be very, very, very different.
Here is the think bro - I can't control your thinking nor your system of values (and valuation). 
The only thing that I can do as a person that is documenting how this behavior is associated with stagnant development within our community - is to make sure that people with this type of subjective consciousness are never allowed to control any institution that I am dependent upon.
They have shown themselves to have appetites that can be satisfied by elements that are out of sync with what they were known to be seeking prior to a "favorable person" got into power. Thus they don't deserve to have their "permanent interests" satisfied since they are willing to barter them. 

Black-Wing Talk Radio Host: "What Has The Republican Tea Party Done To Attract Black People? Name One Thing?"

I told you Rep West - your "Slave Analogy" was not the right move.

After opening her show on WAOK, telling of the glories of the "CBC Job  Fair"  Lorraine Jacques White went into Rep Allen West (R-FL) and his "Democratic Plantation" comments.

She accused him of being a "Negro seeking favor with the White man".

She then asked her audience "What has the Republican Party done to attract Black people to the Republican Party?"

This is the standard argument made by a Progressive Fundamentalist.  

It assumes that Black people need to be fused to a political party for us to have our interests addressed.

"Dr White" can't bring herself to see that today the Black community is a super monopoly into A PARTY and this has not changed our fortunes.  Thus a person with more 'Intellectual Curiosity" would think about a new domain that must exist through which our issues can be address.  OR they will blame RACISM as the reason why we fall short despite their fully rationalized, PROGRESSIVE efforts.   (Note she is not a doctor.  She is only affectionately called this)

The above picture done for Dr Boyce Watkins is applicable for "Dr White".

When the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist fails to acknowledge the INVESTMENTS that Black people have made into the vehicles that these embedded confidence men had lead us to - these type of arguments stand because they don't account for all of the resources that have been expended.

Dr White can't bring herself to start off by noting the valuable RESOURCES that our people have put into the Progressive Democratic Party.  From this point she would logically have first note that these INVESTMENTS HAVE FAILED as we are still massively grieving.

Instead she raises an INDICTMENT against her enemy, demanding that they show Black people why the next round of investments should be invested in them (the Republican Party) rather than into the bucket that we have been fused to.

This is the standard fare for the Black Racial Services Machine.  They are not interested in EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES.  They are more interested in enforcing ideological unity.

Why Do We Allow These People To Remain As The Financial Advisers For The Black Community?

It is clear that they are contaminated, with their other agendas having a far greater interest in their ulterior motives than what they put forth as their primary agenda.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MSNBC's Al Sharpton Keeps His Enemies On Trial Regarding Job Creation Shortfall - Says Nothing About Black Racial Services Machine's Failures

With Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton as an fixture on MSNBC - The UnFox-Biased Biased Network - we should expect to see a series of "open mouth gaping" comments.  Those of us who note the irony - that is.

The primary way that PPPP Rev Al Shaprton exposes himself is when those of us who have a comprehensive knowledge of a "reference architecture" listen out to him and note WHAT HE DOES NOT SAY.

PPPP Rev Al Sharpton is a compromised entity.  
He can't stand for "Black Jobs" in absolute terms.  This would force him to be critical to the machine that he sits as a part of.   Since he has no intention at self-indictment and since the infrastructure that enforces the integrity of Black Institutions are so compromised - Sharpton realizes that with these facts at hand - he only needs to "Keep His Enemies On Trial" about their failure to create jobs for Black people..

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Michael Arceneaux - The Root & The Grio Don't Need To Forge A Formal Agreement For Me To Sow My Progressive Oats On Them

They Want You To Believe That These Type Of Attacks On Obama Is The Reason For Their Continued Support Of Him Despite Their Disappointments In What He Promised To Deliver For The Black Community When The Evidence Comes Out Of The Far Left Attacking Obama They Choose To Stay Silent Knowing They Don't Have To Defend Their Model With This Exception

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Michael Arceneaux of "The" and "The" - they both syndicate his progressive work without needing a formal agreement to share resources as "The Grio" does with "News One" after the merger with Comcast.  Arceneaux speaks their speaks their language and thus enjoys full employ.

The Breaking Up With Boyfriend Barack

When you read the analysis of a JingOist you must understand that they stand up criticism of Obama only to tear it down.   Mr Arceneaux is not offended by the Republican who likened dealing with Obama to a "Tar Baby".   The guy is merely a "useful idiot" that has earned entry into the column.  He is used to cover what Arceneaux would have been doing anyway - Shilling For President Obama and his re-election hopes.

Michael Arceneaux Obama Talking Points Necessary Constructive Feedback
It's not surprising that so many people get defensive over President Barack Obama. In many cases, it's completely understandable. When you hear that a Republican congressman referred to the nation's first black president as a "tar baby," you're rightfully infuriated. The same can be said when condescending Wall Street Journal writers question his intelligence. Are You In?

Arceneaux assumes that all Blacks are "Living Vicariously" though Obama.  That each political joust that he takes is "Black blood" that is shed.

He knows that it does not take a "Republican" to place Black Progressives on the defensive.  ANY WHITE MAN in America is a qualified candidate to prompt he and others to do what they know to do.
This is the combination of Obama's race and his IDEOLOGY.
Indeed Obama is not the first President to have his intelligence questioned.  He is merely the first one that the Obama Fist Bump Black Press has been so attached to.
Worse is when two high-profile black men are willing to assail the president with angst that appears to be fueled by largely petty reasons. As Arceneaux dismisses Smiley and West as "petty" he knows that in doing so he need not seriously deal with the PROGRESSIVE criticisms that they have launched against Obama.

Please see this as a modified form of an "English Lesson".  The "offended" person makes you believe that if you speak nice to them your criticisms would be more acceptable to them.


Mr Arceneaux must not be allowed to set the framework by which Obama will be appraised with reference to Black people.  He will have Blacks carrying Obama's water and then thanking him for the privilege.
Yet for every bigot, idiot or diva with an ax to grind, there are actual, legitimate issues for which to criticize President Obama. Here's a message to some of his more zealous devotees: Settle down. You're a little too emotionally invested in Barack. I am curious to know if Mr Arceneaux could ever come to see a portion of the JingOists as BIGOTS?

If someone can hate a subject so much that he is considered a BIGOT - what of the person who seeks to defend a subject so much that he puts aside his own interests and then spends the balance of his articles "Keeping The Enemy On Trial"?

Surely if you "love" someone you should be able to itemize the specific justifications based on material fact.  For Arceneaux - Obama at 85% Black support he is likely satisfied with "So are you calling these Blacks who support Obama at this high rate 'stupid'?"
I find myself increasingly shying away from Obama-related conversations with certain people out of fear that they will break into song and croon in my face, "Don't mess with my man, I'mma be the one to bring it to you!" Why avoid the conversation?

Isn't your goal to alter this person's consciousness into that of a representation of the REAL WORLD?  Or is it that the "Tea Party" obfuscation can't provide full cover for Obama any longer?

It would have been great had Arceneaux expressed "Intellectual Curiosity" as to how his friends got to this point in their minds.
Yes, there are political reasons that Obama can't directly address black joblessness, and no, I'd never suggest that he do anything to validate some trite and delusional right-wing narrative that he's in office only to aid blacks. Even if agreeing to that austerity-inspired debt-ceiling deal -- which will do little to generate growth or really chip away at our debts -- was a political necessity, it was another example of the president giving off the impression that he's not fighting hard enough for those in greatest need of assistance. Please understand this as a TRANSACTIONAL FOCUS by Arceneaux.

It is important to place the Black unemployment condition as a present day issue.   In truth Obama and the condition of the Black Community is a long running saga that was SUPPOSED TO BE addressed  by the "Bayard Rustin Black Community Uplift By Voting Democrat" Scheme.   Obama should be seen as the crowning glory to this movement that got Black folks to invest so many of our "Equal Black Ballots".

Arceneaux and others don't have the balls to dare ask the "Black Racial Services Machine" - "WHERE IS MY MONEY?"

Does anyone find it ironic that more Black Progressives want Obama to fight against the Republicans harder than there are Black Progressives who see the need to fight against the Progressive Establishment for the NSF statements that our community keeps receiving?
Not many believe that Smiley's criticism comes from a place of love, though, and I don't blame them, since he also complains about not being invited to the White House. West looks equally shady when he damns the president because he couldn't get a hookup on extra tickets for the inauguration. Arceneaux can't bring himself to see that the Black folks that GOT INVITED TO THE WHITE HOUSE are not "Pushing Obama"!!!  They did not come into the executive mansion, as did the Tea Party Republicans in Congress and lay out the terms to Obama what THE BLACK PEOPLE DEMANDED of him.

Instead they took the day that was the apex of their career and took careful notes and determined "How Black People Must Stand With Obama" in the 2010 elections.
Ideally, I'd turn off all their mics and give people like Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) a larger forum to vent their frustrations with the Obama administration for its failure to support programs specifically addressing the black community. "We want him to know that from this day forward ... we've had it," Conyers has said of the president. "We want him to come out on our side and advocate, not to watch and wait." Rep John Conyers is Arceneaux's type of guy.
This despite the fact that Conyer's "good intentions" did not do much for the portion of his district that is most proximate to Detroit. 

If John Conyers is on the "side of Black people" when it comes to
  • Jobs
  • Education
  • Public Safety
.....then I'd hate to see what the enemies of Black people have in store for us.

It is clear that for Mr Arceneaux - it is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than it is for him to admit that progressive-fundamentalism has failed to develop the Black community as it has taken increasing control over our institutions.
Despite all of Obama's accomplishments -- yes, there are quite a few to tout -- he has dropped the ball on what matters most to many in his base: jobs, the lingering war in Afghanistan and standing up to the Republicans in Congress. You can still be supportive of President Obama and say as much. What about Obama's track record gave Arceneaux the impression that he was a jobs creator?

How do we know that this was a "dropped ball" and not a "highly predictable event"?

Do the Black Progressives in Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore or Newark have to STAND UP TO REPUBLICANS in their respective legislative bodies?

Under what auspices do you figure that we could have Mr Arceneux say "{Fill In The Blank} must STAND UP TO THE DEMOCRATS in support of the best interests of the Black Community?"

For Michael Arceneux - and Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton - the Black Agenda IS The Democratic Agenda.  It doesn't need to be STOOD UP needs to be IMPLEMENTED with our help.

Why must we be "supportive of President Obama"?
Does Arceneaux have a cut off point where OBAMA STOPS and the BLACK COMMUNITY'S PERMANENT INTERESTS WALK ALONE? 
(You don't want me to answer this question with the word that just came across my mind)
If we all want to keep our friend around, we'd better let our guard down a little and hear people out. If someone were to do a dispassionate enumeration regarding WHY the Black community should make another impassioned INVESTMENT into Obama and the Democratic Party with our "Equal Black Ballots" and fused 'Racial Development Consciousness" as we are compelled to believe that 2013-2016 are going to be radically different than was 2009-2012 what would be the key elements of their argument?

Would this person's credibility in defense of the INVESTMENT RESOURCES of the Black Community stand such an exercise?

Michael Arceneaux is a Houston-bred, Howard-educated writer currently based in Los Angeles.
Jack White - was Michael Arceneaux one of your journalism students that you had complained about?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

MSNBC's Goldie Taylor = "Tired And Retired" Jack White In A Dress

MSNBC's Goldie Taylor: Glenn Beck's twisted racial fantasies

From the article
Forget basic the basic social science around riot structure. Never mind that there is an entire body of work devoted to the study of social uprisings and that the number one predictor is not race, but economic repression. People like Beck don't know and don't care what a "flash point" is. They pay no attention to what happens before a riot is ignited, and choose to focus only on the lawless environment that ensues.
I have to admit.   I am now drawn into reading the latest rant of "Tired and Retired" Jack White's weekly "Right-wing Watch".  Every week I am compelled to read how this man sifts through all of the potential subjects that he should prioritize as "Black Issues" and instead writes something that fits squarely within the Black Progressive bigotry, serving up the latest "chum feeding" to the loyal crowd.

The same is true for my friend "Filled Negro".   Everyone knows that he runs an "Anti-Republican" blog more than a "Pro-Black Permanent Interests blog".  I give him credit, however, for knowing what his audience wants and not straying from it.   Who among his audience, after all, wants to do an indepth study as to how the "Flash Mobs" that are assaulting freedom loving people who walk down the streets of the "City Of Brotherly Love" might be evidence of the benign neglect that transpires in the houses of my home town - as their guardians follow the progressive-fundamentalist messages.

Please add MSNBC/The Grio-Root's Goldie Taylor to this list.
It seems that in this petite package resides the ideologically bigoted passions of a Jack White.  
I am not sure if she was one of his students at Howard University  but White's marking is noticeable.

Just as I wondered out loudly a few years ago as to how cartoonist at "The Black" felt about having nearly every artifact of their publication that is framed and hung on the walls of their offices being a picture of their ENEMIES rather than their FRIENDS who plan to lead them to the Promised Land?

When the balance of showcasing friends vs enemies exceeds 20% to 80% - we should understand that there is a perverted since of hatred and negative motivation that driving all of their antics.

Goldie Taylor is right at home in the MSNBC family.
In watching Maddow, Schutlz and ODonnell one sees that their entire substance comes from focusing upon their ENEMIES.  Remove the enemy and there is nothing left to stand for.

The key differences between the "White folks" at MSNBC verses their lampblacked hosts and vacation substitutes is that they represent themselves as speaking for a RACE rather than being pure and simple ideologues.

More Black Progressives heard about Glenn Beck through "Media Matters" than they have actually listened to him on a daily basis.  

What should be inspected is the pile of "Black Issues" that Goldie Taylor looked past as she keyed in upon Glenn Beck - who is no longer featured on "Fox News".  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did MSNBC (The "Hard Journalism Network") Drive The Wisconsin Purge Of Republicans From The State Legislature?

MSNBC Website Front Page - August 10 - 6am

CNN Website front page - Aug 10 - 6am

FOX News (The Republican Network) front page - Aug 10 - 6am

Yesterday I made my monthly magazine run in which I purchased several left-wing magazines that I reference as a means of understanding the "prematives" that eventual are expressed as "The Black Progressive Agenda" when the "lampblacked" coating is used to dress it up.

I noticed that the subject of "Wisconsin" and "The Koch Brothers" (There is another right-wing operative group that they are targeting that was common but the mags are up stairs now and out of my reach) are the common theme in their drive.

As I look at the recordings of "The Ed Show" and "The Rachel Maddow Show" that are on my Tivo it is no surprise to note that the flip of the Wisconsin State Senate from Republican to Democrat is a passion for MSNBC and the left in general.

Ed Schulz said on his MSNBC (which is not the propaganda arm of the Republican Party) show that the switch in the balance of power back to the working people in America begins by taking back the Wisconsin State Senate and the reversal of the right-wing Republican attacks.   Mr Schultz acted as a unmasked agent of the Democratic Party and Progressive-Fundamentalism.

PLEASE NOTE - This Post Is Not About Ed Schultz or MSNBC!!!!

I ask - WHY is it that Fox News is brought up as the exclusive "Propaganda Channel" by those who make analysis - such as The New York Times and other left-biased operations?   Is it rationale to conclude that their indictments are reserved for their own enemies?

The pattern of progressive-fundamentalist thought says that conservatives are the organic source of evil and hatred.  When progressives are heard doing the same - theirs is a "defensive tact" - in response to the conservative attack.  One should consider the ends and not their means.  

This can be understood by the use of "Tea Party Terrorists".   Just a few short months ago after the tragic shootings in Tuscon AZ - the media had agreed to do self-policing and not use the metaphors of "targets" upon their enemies as this was thought to be a provocation of the violence that occurred.  The left made the initial indictment about the right's use of targets.  The video tapes brought by the right showed that the left was just as guilty.  Fast forward to the present and now "terrorist" is used to describe the ideological enemy of the left.

As I listened to Ed Schultz's analysis on the "spending cuts on the back of working people" I was made to understand that his is the consciousness that brought down Detroit, Newark, Camden and Cleveland.  So acerbic in his own version of "economic justice" he lynches the goose that had provided him his wherewithal.  Instead of looking at him I was watching the mob behind him - the "Boo Birds" who dutifully followed along.

  • Republican - BOOO!!!
  • Democrat - Yeahhhhh!!!

(This is not an analysis of Democrat vs Republican.  This is ultimately a pattern matching exercise and an expose' of duplicity.  I am NOT arguing that the right is not just as guilty.  The right does not have the indictment of 'RACISM' in its grab bag per a "deep bench" of Black people to affirm them)

As I inspect "The" - it is any surprise to see that that which is a "Spawn of MSNBC" is also merely a "Lampblacked" version of MSNBC in their agenda?   The key difference is that they are targeting the segment of Black Progressive-Fundamentalists who like "Sylvia's Soul Food Seasoning Salt" in their progressive biased news?

Where are the Black Institutions that demand TRANSPARENCY?   The ones that are willing to admit that we can only be COMPROMISED as a people as we act as full combatants in this "Malcolm X Political Football Game"?

Worst of all - who is there to tell us that an all Democratic Government has not brought the promised relief to Black people when implemented in:

  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Newark
  • Baltimore
  • Atlanta

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MSNBC's "Lean Forward" Campaign - A Spike Lee Joint

MSNBC Tapped Spike Lee For Marketing Campaign (2010)

Bev Smith - A Ideological Bigot Who Tests The Integrity Of Her Guests

Bev Smith is PISSED that Obama's approval rating is ONLY at 41%.  She just can't understand why other people don't see in him what she sees.  If it was up to her - Obama would have a 99% approval rating.  The 1% being the Tea Party Militia members who have not been silence yet.

If you are not taking my suggestion and listening in to at 7pm to listen to the Bev Smith Show you are missing out on a very entertaining show.  Bev Smith is so predictable that it turns out being fun to listen to her.

In reverse order:

There is an author (Will Gates) on the air right now (8:54pm) that wrote a book in partnership with an accountant - who attempted to find out where the "Clinton Surplus" actually was.  He stated that this was a funny accounting scheme - thus thwarting Bev Smith's attempt to make this a Bush Bashing interview.

I love listening to this show.  You have a "Dick Gregory Conspiracy Theorist" that frequently invites "straight men" to her show.  The measure of the integrity of the guest is often shown by his ability to RESIST the leading and biased questions and comments that Bev Smith makes.  Unfortunately some guests listen in to the lead and then join in.

I give Will Gates credit.  He has resisted most of her antics.
Every time Bev Smith tried to make a special INDICTMENT of the Tea Party Will Gates would redirect saying that ALL POLITICIANS get compromised when they get into office.  It is the SYSTEM not any particular PARTY.

The first guest who wrote a book on the "Secrets Of The FBI" was on the show.  (I don't recall his name).

Bev Smith fired off several conspiracy theories for him to comment on.  He shot them all down:

  1. Did the FBI kill JFK?  - NO
  2. Did the FBI kill RFK?  - NO
  3. Did the FBI have a hand in the assassination of Malcolm X?  One of the killers was said to be an "FBI Informant"   - With so many people who were involved and knowledgeable about this murder - had the FBI been involved it would have come out in the trial
  4. Did the FBI have anything to do with the killing of Martin Luther King? - There is no evidence that the FBI had anything to do with the King Assassination.  Yes J.Edgar Hoover did surveillance but there is no evidence that he made a hit on anyone.

Update - Will Gates JUST TOLD BEV SMITH that in a short time the INTEREST PAID on the American debt will be equal to the TAX INCOME.

Bev Smith just blamed WALL STREET!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Gates:  Actually the problem is with the POLITICIANS!!!  They give deductions to corporations for corporate jets.  (Note corporate jet deductions that Obama keeps referring to [that was in his first stimulus package] amount to about $300 million per year.  Pennies)

Is there any reason why the Black Media is stacked and biased in the way that it is?
You have operatives like Bev Smith that are straight up ideologues that also carry the mantle of RACE (and the indictment of RACISM).

Updated Update:  (You all have go to tune into this show)

Bev Smith is debating Will Gates about BUSH II "Raiding The Social Security Trust Fund In The First 6 Months Of His Administration".


Its like she was told "There Is No Santa Claus".  Will Gates is telling Bev Smith that her house has no fireplace and thus Santa could not have come down the chimney.   She is NOT trying to believe what she is hearing.

THERE IS NO MONEY IN THE "SOCIAL SECURITY LOCK BOX"!!!!  The General Treasury takes the money and SPENDS IT - printing an "IOU" that sits in West Virginia.

I have got to fix my Aplian Internet Recording software to restock my archive.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Garbage Pail Kids Korner - Chauncey DeVega Will Assist In My Heart Health - "We Teach People How To Treat Us"

My dear friend Chauncey DeVega of "We Are Respectable (Progressive) Negroes":

I owe you a debt of gratitude.

This morning I went to your blog and printed out several of your "stories".  This evening I went to the gym, your stories in hand.  I learned something valuable:

Placing the printouts of your blog posts on top of the Orbital machine makes the time fly past with amazing speed.

First 7 minutes (when it would usually be 2 mins when I was not preoccupied) then 15:30, then 22, then 29 mins.   I read your posts and then listened to a few NPR streaming videos and 45 minutes went by in a flash.

Thank you brother Chauncey.   You are indeed a great help to me.

Admittedly there is another picture that is more blurry.  I tried to hold my camera phone up to take a picture.  When I stopped stepping the display went off.  As I tried to step forward and take the picture I almost slipped off of the machine.

I learned to pick up the piece of paper while I am walking, letting go of the handles and thus the heart rate reading.  I made the mistake of printing the responses of your readers in a 2 x 2 format.  The print is way too small for me to read while exercising.  Only 2 x 1 will work.

 "We Teach People How To Treat Us"

My friend Chauncey DeVega is a SMART MAN.
I do not have a problem giving props to my smart friends DeVega, Nulan and Thrasher. Since my goal is not to tear them down as Black men but only to challenge their state of contamination which prevents them from acting TRANSPARENTLY with respect to our community - I see no value in making them bloody.

When I read my friend Chauncey DeVega's phrase "We Teach People How to Treat Us" I had to stop stepping and repeat this a few times.

Here is what ran through my mind when I read the passage.

I said to myself, as I grabbed a paper towel to wipe the sweat that was pouring down my face:  "WHAT IF my good friend Chauncey DeVega was able to voice this same statement on behalf of the BLACK RANK & FILE in separation of the BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE that has been erected around them?"

If you want to know the key spectral differences between the various Black Progressive-Fundamentalists that I run across and ME - it is this:

THEY see the Black (and Progressive) Political Machine as a PROJECTION coming out of the Black Community - FULLY REPRESENTING the interests of Black people.  

I see the very same "Black Racial Services Machine" in distinctive terms.  Just as a corporation has a "Corporate Board" that sets policies and an EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP of "C" Levels who are charged with EXECUTING the policies.........if an when there is failure - the executives are FIRED.   The board has the best interests of the share-holders in mind.

It is my opinion that there is a purposeful fusing of the policy creators and the executives when it comes to the Black Community.  The simple reason why is because the advancement of  PROGRESSIVISM, NOT the promotion of the interests of Black people -  is their goal. You can listen to great progressive minds like Dr Ron Daniels to bear this out.

As such - since "The Fix Is In" the POLICY and the EXECUTIVE are fused as one.  Since it DOESN'T MATTER the results that are garnered........PROGRESSIVISM always wins.   "Failure" means - simply placing a new rider on the same progressive horse (See Detroit, Newark, Baltimore, DC)

Since the Black community has fixated on a particular ideological methodology - the daily political events that transpire are merely a spectacle on how the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is going to contort logic and reasoning (and RACISM!!!) so that his viewpoint wins every time (See the young content providers at The Grio and The Root to understand what I am talking about).

When my dear friend Chauncey DeVega says "We Teach People How To Treat Us" - this salient thought IS NOT consciously directed from the "BLACK RANK & FILE" over to the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN and their White Progressive Cheshire Fox joint-venture partners.

I am a Black man who is watching all that is going on.  My "embedded consciousness eye" is full of tears.  My tear ducts hurt from internal crying".    This is because I am dutifully WATCHING what is going on.  "Blackness" misappropriated.

Those who are the most vocal of operatives KNOW THAT THEY ARE FRAUDULENT.  They have misappropriated so much of our people's "last hopes for change" that they only know how to raid our collective consciousness jewelry box when they are invited in our protected zone.

I am convinced that Mr DeVega does not have the voice to speak this same "Truth To Power" to the people who purport to REPRESENT the interests of the Black community.

In their calls for "(Ideological) Unity" the Progressive-Fundamentalist is always seen asking Black people to stick together in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" that is now acceptable to play in.   He sees no separation between our "Core Community Consciousness" and the METHODOLOGY (Progressivism) and the VEHICLE (The Democratic Party) that he has congregationally chosen to invest our "nest egg" within.

The Fight To The Death With The Tea Party

Oh by the way - My dear friend Chauncey DeVega requested that his readers send in an "Obama Fairy Tale"to him.

I have the greatest one of them all:

"HOPE AND CHANGE!!!".  This was enough to garner 96% the investments of Black people into the "Community Development Consciousness".

The real function of the Tea Party (as quite as it is kept) is to prevent the necessary introspection that is needed as our people try to regain our coordination.

The Tea Party is a 100% creation of the "American Political Domain" they have not been responsible for:

  • A single Negro lynching
  • Any Black female rape
  • Any Black student being blocked from a quality education
When it came time to render a "NO CONFIDENCE VOTE" on the "Baynard Ruskin Plan For The Prosperity Of Black America"...........the usual suspects ramp up their "Tea Party" - Sarah Palin/Michele Bachman, Koch Brothers tales as they are known to attract "Negro Attention".  

I have a post swirling around in my head.
It starts off with a matrix:

1) White Conservative - Wolf
2) Black Conservative - Free Range Negro
3) Black Progressive - Tom Joyner/Ron Daniels/Bev Smith - "Vote For Your Race Black Man!"

Then you have that fourth quadrant.  The one who always seems to get away clean

4) The White Progressive Cheshire Fox - the one who can tell #3 what his Wolf brother has said about him behind his back and collect the balance of the "Black Equal Ballots".

I just wonder if my friend Chauncey DeVega ever applies scrutiny to the agenda of the White Progressive Cheshire Foxes that invite him to the guest chair of their radio shows?

The Rebuttal That The Grio-Root Readers Of Eric Williams Won't See Because It Was Deleted

The original purpose of this blog was to reserve a spot for safe keeping of my own thoughts, circumventing the delete key of people who don't want their propaganda challenged.

I save a local copy of my the key posts that I make - just for these type of occasions.

The Grio-Root: Edward Wyckoff Williams - Obama, Voters Must Act To Counter The "Tea Party Downgrade".

Few people will make note that there are two tracks of talking points from Democrats in response to the S&P downgrade.

  1. The Administration's Official Line - The S&P got it wrong by $2T in their calculation.  They have not justified their actions.
  2. The JingOist's Talking Points - This is the fault of the Tea Party!!!   
    1. Sub-Talking Point for Black JingOists - The Tea Party is RACIST and they want a Black president to fail.......(Even though we did not protest his bombing of Africa)

This is the WORSE POSSIBLE CONSCIOUSNESS for the Black Community to be affixed to: Playing Malcolm X Political Football yet celebrating because some Blacks are now starters.

While Mr Williams achieves a bit of satisfaction regarding the "Progressive who is Black" drive to the point of "I Know Who Did This To Us" - he can't bear the truth to his readers:

Black people are as VULNERABLE today after so many decades of "winning" at the "Bayard Ruskin Community Development Scheme".

Despite this he attempts to "Double Down" by lining up a starting line up for the defense of our future:
  1. Obama
  2. The Voters
  3. America!!!!
I have little doubt that Mr Williams said a pray to Jesus right before entering the field in the "Malcolm X Political Football Bowl" and he now believes that "GOD is on OUR side".  Yet when the Tea Party Evangelists who he opposes were seen doing their team prayer on the field - Mr Williams dismissed them as having prayed to a FALSE GOD.   

"No God would allow for 'Conservative Hatred' as they do.  If they 'Men Of God' they'd be playin on the PROGRESSIVE TEAM' ", he was heard saying.

At A Time Where We Need The Black Community To Gain A Fix On Its Bearings.......We Instead Have An Infestation Of "Embedded Confidence Men", Leading Us Into The Next Investment Scheme 

Please note - you will not find ONE PASSAGE on any of my blogs in which I have defended the Tea Party or their actions.
I have ONLY blocked Embedded Confidence Men from making them out to be something that requires "congregational complicity" to be true.

  • No Tea Party faction has the power to produce failing Black schools - as our people hold the balance of power where we live in our highest concentrations
  • No Tea Party Militia is responsible for the numerous Black females who I have recorded on video saying "I no longer feel safe in this community.  I am going to look for another place to live where my family is safer"
  • No Tea Party Committee dictates the ORGANIC economic productivity that is amassed WITHIN the Black community.
The ONLY things that the Tea Part is a threat to is PROGRESSIVISM and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.
It is ONLY the Black community's choice to adopt the methodology called PROGRESSIVISM as our key "Community Development Consciousness" that the Tea Party is a threat.  PERIOD!!!!

Oddly enough - despite the fact that their White Progressive Cheshire Fox brothers stand by the side of the Embedded Black Fox Progressives who control our institutions - their squandering of our INVESTMENTS is not see as racist or criminal.   For no other reason than CONGREGATIONAL COVER do these hijackers avoid condemnation.

As for Edward Wyckoff Williams - they function as key operatives who swoop in, just before the No-Confidence Vote from Black America as we realize that this scheme is not working.


I am asking Black people to understand that only certain issues can be addressed in the "American Political Domain".  The bulk of our issues need to be addressed in the"Community Cultural Consciouseness & Competency Development Domain" - the very area that is suffering from benign neglect because of our attention upon the football game.

When this FIAT ECONOMY comes crashing down those who have not built up the necessary competencies are going to suffer.

(I have also said that when the stuff hits the fan the Fox and the Wolf are going to scale back to their own turf.  Still fighting one another - but in their own land none the less.   The condition of how Black people land on our feet during this time - is an entirely different matter.  Mainstream Black Progressive-Fundamentalist thought does not do anything to prepare our people for this eventuality. )

My Rebuttal to Mr Williams that was deleted
Mr Williams:

As I read your columns I am learning that the best way to highlight your lack of credibility - is to read ahead of you regarding the materials that you reference and make note of your penchant for "half truths".

If we look at the S&P commentary. Your first half truth is that you focused upon the half in which S&P focused upon the political stalemate in Washington DC. The other portion of their read out focused on the UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT LEVELS in America. Ironically - this being the most important part of the two halves - you did not cover in your hit piece because by doing so it would undercut your real focus - Republicans & The Tea Party. (Tell me when I start lying Mr Williams?).

Just a few weeks ago your main justification for the Debt Limit Increase was "BECAUSE it has always been passed as a routine measure. The primary reason for this discord is Obama's RACE".

The second half truth that you tell resides in the half of the argument that you did focus upon. You choose to focus on the Republican/Tea Party side of the "discord" - lamenting that if the Tea Party had not forced a dead-lock (due to their "Terrorism") then the discord that S&P noted would not have been referenced.

Incumbent to your analysis appears to be the requirement for SILENT COMPLICITY. The best way that the Tea Party can show that it is not RACIST is to go along with the Progressive-Establishment and not show any opposition and thus their "racism".

As you play fast and loose with your analysis of the numbers - the primary reference that you can't bring yourself to focus upon are the long term actuarial numbers of the Big Three Entitlement Programs. The very ones that you and other Progressive-Fundamentalists believe are the expression of "Social Justice". Is it just to have people lined up upon a train who's route map shows a "bridge out" situation beyond 2042 (or sooner due to the economic erosion?).

For me as an analysis of the propaganda machine which you sit upon - the most damning bit of negative impact upon the Black Community comes from those who collected our "Equal Black Ballots" with the promises that these investments would be returned as our "organic community uplift" - only to find that the machine that now sits atop of our interests has failed. You are a vital part of the continuance of this machine because you understand that our people are more predisposed to coil in the face of claimed RACISM than we are to point out "The Boy Who Called Wolf" needs to be removed from his position of stringing Black people along.

Why don't we ever hear your analysis about the economic downgrade of Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago or Newark - using the same reference model that you do for Tea Parties?