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Tired And Retired Jack White - The Spirit Of "It Takes A Thief To Know That Thief Is Actually Motivated By Racism When He Steals From Black People"

When I read the blogs of certain operatives who don't claim to be professional journalists - the corruption seen on their pages are attributed to their individual preferences.  This is merely an attribute of the lowered barriers to entry that Internet technology brings to us.  Our task is to use our own knowledge (and sense of smell) to discern what is fit for ingestion for the sake of mental nourishment. 

When certain opinions are posted on the new fangle "Black News & Opinion Aggregation Web Sites" their use of individuals who had been previously through to be "professional journalists" creates the assumption that these sites have their own standards - or that the gravitas of the veteran will have them to fill in the voids, lest the person not associate himself with such an operation.  This would be a mistake.

The notion of one's reputation that needs to be upheld is merely a derivative of that person's reputation in the first place.  That person might have been recruited to such a site because the publishers know full well about her reputation and thus note the perfect fit.

These Black news aggregation sites should not be understood based on any particular "journalistic integrity".  Instead it is their FUNCTION in the scheme of their position in the "Black Racial Services Machine" which they are a part of that proves the greatest insight.   Just as I make my observations of what makes the Black body politic tick and figure that my people will express a serious rebuke of the constant usurpation of our "Permanent Interests" in the name of politics and ideology - these forces in the Lamp Black Yellow Journalist Press posit a new submission, just in time for their publication deadline which serves to keep my people on the racial defensive.   This is their function.

Thus the newest release by "Tired and Retired" Jack White in the publication - "The" which proved most interesting to me:

One of our great political parties still bases much of its appeal on the age-old racial resentment of whites unnerved by the political emergence of people like us. Too many of our white fellow Americans still regard us as inferior and illegitimate. They don't want to share the nation's rewards and responsibilities with us. They want it back.

A Black community that is made threatened by a "White Tea Party Resurgent Threat" is a people who won't look clearly at:
  • The 16.2% unemployment rate - which is higher in places where favorable people have control over the local economies
  • The "Street Pirate Social Justice Violator" lynchings which are more numerous than 
Mr White is unprepared to talk about what the OTHER PARTY, which receives the monopoly balance of the
"Black Equal Ballot" investments - even as their growth in power is concomitant to the continuing grievances and stagnation of the Black Community interests.

As a Progressive - Mr White continues in the template that I have previously identified in defining their attributes.  For Progressives there is no ORGANIC HATRED that emanates from their ethos.  Theirs is a committed defense against original hatred from the right-wing.

The Democratic Party - which has used the embedded confidence men within the Black Community to fuse the "Black Consciousness" in upon their party platform is not a USURPER of "Black Hopes and Dreams" - instead it is the voice of the Black Community against the Republican Party - the party which is the exclusive contain of "White Racism".   They don't use the threat of RACISM to keep Black people in a racially defensive disposition.  They are merely protecting Black people from the threats said by other Whites at events where Black people are not invited.  Tim Wise and Ed Schultz have the skin color that provides them with admission.  No Black should ever doubt that they know the true spirit of the White racist.

Don't Judge Jack White For His Bias - Appraise Jack White Based On His Fidelity In Capturing The Impact Of The Key Forces Bearing Down Upon The Black Community

Jack White: What Might A Republican Candidate Say To Black America?

I try to avoid the transactional "gotcha politics" game.  By pointing out that your debate adversary is a scoundrel - rarely is the absolute interests of the Black Community advanced.  Clearing the path of known scoundrels does not automatically translate into the presence of a competent alternative.  (Consider the string of mayors in Camden NJ).

Absent a overarching framework by which all individuals claiming to represent our community's best interests are bound to - we will experience what we experience today: a lot of "Mission Accomplishments" in line with the agenda of the influence peddlers upon the Black community - all the while the Black community experiences a tremendous amount of LOSS.

Jack White and other embedded confidence me - they are fully knowledgeable of truth of the paragraph above.  They are forced to develop a "Boil The Ocean - We Are On A Mission From God" struggle that affords Black people to look past the grand failure to deliver as promised in the previous interval of time and instead look forward at the new carrot that has been dangled in front of the Black Community's conscious vision.  This new organic carrot, replacing the one that has been rotted.  Since preservatives are banned from use - the carrot is not able to endure the two year interval that just happens to exactly match that of the elections in the American Political Domain.

Jack White needs the Republicans as the "Crips need the Bloods".  Absent an enemy wearing a different color that distinguishes him as a target - White realizes that there would be a grand civil war among those wearing the same color.  In this case the color is not the color of the skin but the common color that Progressive-Fundamentalists wear on their uniforms - which span all skin colors that the uniform protects from exposure.

In Newark, Chicago, Philly, Atlanta, Detroit, Oakland and Los Angeles there is no "Republican Party THREAT" to speak of - and yet so many of the promises made as a benefit of the delousing of our institutions of the named scoundrels have not been delivered.  We should not judge Mr White and other operatives on their ability to have Black people focus on the struggle up to the next plateau - without registering much grievance.  Instead their integrity rests our perusal of their opinion article archive in which we don't see any warnings of the broken merchandise that would appear in the delivery once received by us.

Mr White accused the Republicans of pushing a message of "Black Inferiority" and "Illegitimacy".
A thief that has mastered the language of Black inferiority for the benefit of "The Least Of These" should be respected for his ability to call out those that make use of the same slight of hand.

Ironically, Mr White, tells of the needed "struggle motion" that Black people must continue despite the impedance from the GOP.  He is loathed to make note of plateau that we now stand on as a people and how much these same words of struggle had been used at various checkpoints along the way.  For Mr White - he should be scrutinized for failing to ask for EARNEST MONEY as proof that the Black Community's interests were at hand.  That we were not on a "confidence ride" - where the cab fare from NY to DC sneaks out of the back door of the cab once they slow to a crawl in the traffic of the DC beltway.

Posted On The Jack White blog
Mr White:

Have you ever given thought to pen an article which is from a BLACK Community perspective instead of from the perspective of the "Hijacked Black Consciousness" with the viewpoint of a chocolate covered Progressive Democrat?

I think that a better question would be asked of the Black Community:

"After giving the full investment of your 'equal Black ballots' and having fused your racial consciousness to your ideology and American politics - spitting on the warnings made by Malcolm X - WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR YOU, Black Americans, to rediscover your dignity and see that certain problems that you continue to face, despite having a Black Progressive President and dominate control over all of the local institutions where you live in your highest concentrations - that VOTING HARDER is not the proper course for your correction. It first requires you to remove the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who carry a megaphone or a reporter's pen from your midst so that you can think more clearly about your way forward.

Studying you, Mr White - yields a documentary on why, despite all of the wins that have been amassed in the areas that the "Black Racial Services Machine" had us focused upon - our community still suffers tremendous loss.

The Root was insightful in hiring you to keep a watch on the Right-Wing so that the Left-wing can continue its pick pocking of our community consciousness.

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