Friday, July 22, 2011

The - New Design - Same Ole Obfuscations

What are the priorities of The

Their new "Trending Topics" link says it all.


  • Safe Streets
  • Quality Education
  • Thriving Local Economies
  • Healthy Relationships and Lifestyle Outcomes
Are any of these represented in the highlighted priorities of "The Root-Grio"?


Anonymous said...

This is just plain ignorant on your part. Trending topics are what is being talked about on the Web, not the agenda of The Root. And if you bothered to click on any of the trends you would see that the site has been highly critical of the people and issues you highlighted.

Constructive Feedback said...

Excuse You!!!!

* We don't need to look at Twitter - we look at the PERSONALITY who has FOLLOWERS that are attracted to his Tweets to form an inference of the AUTHOR and their interests in his content.

I would be surprised that many economists have "Friended" Lady Gaga on FaceBook.

Thus I disagree with you completely.

The "Grio-Root's" AGENDA is presented plainly for all who care to see it.

You make my point.
"Highly Critical" is shown to be a CONTEXTUAL/CONDITIONAL matter.

As Progressive-Fundamentalists one can see that they are "highly critical" of Bachmann, Cain and Murdoch.

The question is, sir/ma'ma - how much RELEVANCE to the construction of an "Organically Conscious Black Community" are these people?

Look at Professional Political Progressive Preacher Rev Al Sharpton by comparison.

He has a stock pile of EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS that he has under his "Investment Management" and he has managed to fuse the "Black Community Development Consciousness" toward his version of "Uplift".

The problem with The Root-Grio is that they are not acting as FORENSIC FINANCIAL INVESTIGATORS - to make sure that the off-shore accounts that the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist community has made their community development HOPES within are not run by a Maddoff type character.

Instead they are happy to receive the advertisements from such a firm.

Why is it that an educated Black man can be stripped down and called IGNORANT yet a "Least Of These" figure who matriculated through a "Mission Accomplished High School" - you wouldn't dare call him as such - instead you find out "WHO DID THIS TO HIM as a means of destroying the Black community?"