Saturday, July 9, 2011

Progressive-Fundamentalist Blogger BET Uncut In His Own Words - The Mental Understanding That Made Him Content About The Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal

My friend BET Uncut is a pretty funny guy.  But for his good humor I am not sure if he has any more value than the squirrels that I am watching steal the pears off of the trees in my back yard and then run into the woods to eat the fruit of their conquest.

When it comes to the standard political banter found on the various debate blogs I take a person as seriously as their own respect to truth and integrity to the model of the real world that they represent.  Of course a younger ideologue is going to make certain arguments that should rightfully be attributed to their age, naivete and unawareness of the process to accomplish certain ends.

It is when I see a person who is not youthful, naive or unaware that I start to bring in consideration of Alzheimer as a possible explanation. 

The sage words of BET Uncut on "The Booker Rising" Blog, regarding the cheating scandal at the Atlanta Public Schools
Noticed no conservative on the board was stupid enough to take the bait on the Atlanta Testing Fraud thing...

Except the Eveready Bunny of black dysfunction and white conservative weenie licking - Stramandingo AKA "The bot".

Probably because, unlike the Jockey Suited Lawn Buffoon - most folks recognize that a nearly identical education fraud was committed in Texas, by Ron Paige, who was appointed by then President Bush as the Secretary of Education...

Based on the fraudulent "Texas Education Miracle".

Houston Miracle - 2004

Wherein black Republican Ron Paige, presumably with the accomplice of his white Republican co-conspirators falsified education data and dropout data.

Or, as in this study, 1610 of the 24,000 reporting School Districts reporting scores coming in way above the standard deviation expected from year to year -

Grade Inflation

BET Uncut's Argument:  The Cheating Scandal In Atlanta Today Is No Big Deal Because.........................Houston Public Schools, Lead By Black Republican Rod Paige Had Also Experienced Doctored School Attendance Records With The Goal Of Improving Graduation Rates

 There is no need to guess hard what BET Uncut's agenda is.
In the big scheme of things - he is less interested in the damage registered upon the majority Black kids in the Atlanta Public Schools - who were cheated as their academic standing was MISREPRESENTED at the hands of their teacher who corrected their answers - than he is interested in diffusing the heat upon a local machine of Progressive, Democratic and Black people who received 50% +1 of the Black voter support.  The indication being that the BLACK COMMUNITY invested our hopes that this network of people would bring to reality the often heard claim that 'Education Is The Great Equalizer For All People" and thus adopted this as their prevailing order.

Contrast this with MY argument.
After years of listening to radio hosts Bev Smith and her local Atlanta clone - Loraine Jaques White on WAOK AM who brought up "The Houston Miracle" as a means of bashing President Bush's Education Secretary who's main sin was that he was Black and Republican. If Paige could be discredited as a corrupt Houston operative that USED Black public school students to make his policies look good then the inference about Paige's character could be attached to Bush and the 'No Child Left Behind" scheme.

In summary: There was a particular INDICTMENT to be had from showcasing the corruption with the Houston School system which served a greater purpose.

When it comes to the situation in Atlanta these same local facts promote a need for protective cover.  The narrative in Atlanta is that the state Republicans of Georgia seek to purge all Blacks from the control over the majority Black Atlanta Public Schools, reinstituting "White Supremacy" on our slide back to Slavery.  With this in mind there is no time for an expose' in Atlanta that would damage the people who executed the fraud.  Its merely plays into the White Conservative conspiracy that the forces of Black Progressive-Fundamentalism live off of.

Again - the Black Students are the VICTIMS.
We are facing the fact that the grand struggle which won control over our key institutions by favorable people - has lost its way.  We hear more protection of the MACHINE than we do of the Black kids.

Fear not - those who erected the strategy that has us standing where we are today are going to lead the way in the next interval.  Just like the mortgage meltdown - NO ONE GOT FIRED.  


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I also agree that most black people are always the subject of racial discrimination.

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I think when it comes to the standard political banter found on the various debate blogs I take a person as seriously as their own respect to truth and integrity to the model of the real world that they represent. That is true if you really saw it!