Friday, July 15, 2011

I Can Now Empathize With Francis Holland (Co-Founder Of Afro-Spear) After Interacting With A Bigot Who Judged Him On His Attributes And Was Reluctant To Believe That He Had Accomplished What He Had Earned From Hard Work

I have never met Francis L Holland in person.
I have never had a voice conversation with Francis L Holland.
I know more about the antics of his Progressive-Fundamentalist partner - Filled-Negro than I do about the agenda of Francis L Holland.

I know little about Francis Holland beyond my knowledge that:

From his blog I learned that his resentment of continued RACISM(!!!!) in America is one of the key drivers which lead to his departure from the nation.

He tells of a situation in which he had an interaction with a White man who he had not know previously.  When Mr Holland Esq told this White man that he was an attorney and a member of the bar......the White man............using no other information than the outward physical appearance of Holland - struck a tone of disbelief that Mr Holland Esq could be anything of the sort.

Again - with only the information that Mr Holland Esq has presented to the world per his blogging AND with out prejudice or malicious intent on my part - it seems that this was one of the key slights to his person that convinced Mr Holland to depart from this (racist) nation.

My Engagement With Blogger BET Uncut That Was Of The Same Spirit As The Bigoted White Man Who Denied The Worth Of The Co-Founder Of AfroSpear

A recent engagement that I experienced caused me to empathize with Francis Holland.
I now better appreciate the power that a bigot has in stripping away a hard-won accomplishment from you - but I handled it very differently than did Mr Holland.

On the "Booker Rising" blog   I was engaged in a conversation with NSangoma regarding the presence of several technical jobs that require a high level of skill and certifications for consideration.
The subject of the CISSP certification came up (Certified Information Security Systems Professonal).
Initially my debate adversary, joke-exchange buddy and general bete noire - BET Uncut joined in on the discussion.

The initial post by BET Uncut was reasonable - even appreciated.  He agreed (with me) that the US Military is likely the largest source of Black Americans that sit for the CISSP test and certification.

It was in a subsequent posting that BET Uncut - who's ancestors hail from the former slave colony of Nevis in the Caribbean - made a comment that closely paralleled that of the White man that offended Francis Holland Esq.

 Constructive Feedback said - in reply to a previous doubt in my certification status:

"I indeed might be as inferior as you suggest.
It is up to YOU to figure out WHO propagated  the notion that I need such an affirmative action for the test."

BET Uncut's Reply
From the garbage you spew here - if you have either of the two certifications you claim...
It had to be the first case of social promotion in the industry.
Now way in hell you have a CISSP...
Or a college degree for that matter.

This is where I differ from Mr Holland.
As a holder of a Bachelor of Science degree and an MBA program dropout (I took a higher paying job and needed to focus) I was not going to allow a bigot to TAKE away my accomplishment.

With regard to the CISSP - after months of study, a week long training course and then a grueling 6 hour test - I'd be DAMNED to allow a hater to steal my glory.

I have often been engaged in combat with BET Uncut - and other Progressive-Fundamentalist who always attack Black people who disagree with them by STRIPPING them of their intelligence and education.  It is hard for me to believe that they have honorable intent for  "The Least Of These" that they seek "Social Justice" for - when they are so quick to strip the intelligence away from those Blacks who's main offense is that they disagree with the bigoted ideological position that they seek to cleave to.

It seems to me that the "Least Of These" are merely one opposition stance away from being called "ignorant Ninjas" by their protectors.

Let's Bring It Close To Home
 It is unfortunate that the oft heard phrase from the Civil Rights Struggle : "Education is the one thing that THEY cannot take away from you" must now be applied to the threat registered by another Black man.
As most of you all know - the Atlanta Public Schools are experiencing a massive amount of angst over the cheating scandal on the CRCT.  About 4 years ago a family member who was an assistant principal at the time asked me to speak at a "pep rally" as the elementary school kids at her school prepared to take the CRCT.
As I prepared for my speech in front of the entire school I decided to pull my CISSP plaque off of the wall and carry it with me for show.  My theme was "TESTING does not stop once you graduate school".  I used my time to connect their education process with the growth in skills.  The test was merely the means by which a third party - who doesn't know me otherwise - to appraise where I stood in comparison to others.

I held up my CISSP certification and told them that I had to sit through a 6 hour test.  That drew a chorus of "oooohs" and "wooows".   

I then tied it back in to what they were to experience for the rest of the week.  I carried the same message that my 3rd grade daughter told me that her teachers had informed them about:
* Get rest the night before
* Eat a good breakfast
* Remain focused on the test.

As you recall - my world came crashing down when a local rapper took the stage after I did and had the kids doing "booty shaking" and a dance contest.  The song "Addition and Subtraction" played to the beat of Snoop Dogg's song "Sexual Attraction" (or what ever it was called) was played for the kids.


Francis L. Holland said...

"Constructive Feedback," let it be known to all that I really doubt that your skin is beige, brown or black, and I strongly suspect that you might be nothing more or less than an agent provocateur.

This sentence from above, attempting to sew seeds of discord among Blacks, is just one of the many comments from you that makes me think so:

"I know more about the antics of his Progressive-Fundamentalist partner - Filled-Negro than I do about the agenda of Francis L Holland."

Anyone who calls Field a "progressive fundamentalist" is really just, in all likelihood, a right-wing agent of some Government-sponsored Internet conversation "redirection" program, pretending to take part in conversations while only intending to disrupt them.

The best homily you could give me is to stop visiting afrosphere blogs and posting nonsense. Yes, I can say that, having read your comments at various blogs for several years, I can say that, without exception, your comments have been disruptive nonsense.

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