Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Fusion Between Democratic Party Establishment Operatives, White Progressive Propaganda Sources And Black Progressive Machine Elements

Let me be clear:

THERE IS NO "OFFICIAL BLACK ORGANIZATION" that exists. All of these Ideological/ Political operative groups have the right to assemble together per their First Amendment Rights. I would fight any person that attempted to deny them their right to assemble.

It is when they represent themselves as "BLACK ORGANIZATIONS SEEKING TO ADVANCE THE BLACK COMMUNITY" that I, a Black Man, express my own First Amendment rights to inspect them and expose them as merely Left-Wing Progressive, Auxiliaries of the Democratic Party Machine and the young partnerships that are affiliated with White Progressive groups such as:

  • Media Matters
  • Daily KOS

Let's start off with a definition:

Question: How Does One Define A "Black Agenda Item"

ANSWER:  One in which, upon establishing its full adoption within the Black community, amongst all of our Human Resource Development Institutions and Message Distribution Sources, yet  noting that it has FAILED to deliver the promised benefits for the ORGANIC uplift of our people - those who are the CONSCIOUS people inside of the machine that had promoted the METHODOLOGY and VEHICLE as a solution to our community's problems STOP ITS CONTINUED USE.  Thus they prove that they are operating with the Best Interests Of The Black Community In Mind.  Despite the fact that this methodology might have been proven to be EFFECTIVE in attracting the Black Conscious Attention and still enjoys POPULAR APPEAL  - it has FAILED MISERABLY at achieving the intended results and thus it is pulled.  The continued use of the prescribed METHODOLOGY, without these necessary checks defines the level of "Sold-Out-edness" of the operatives who compel Black people to "Struggle Harder" - as they favor "Enforced Black Unity", chasing after a goal that is not obtainable through their preferred methods than they do Black people who dare ask for ERNEST MONEY along the way.

We must then conclude that the "Black Agenda" is really the CONTINUED APPLICATION OF BLACK INTELLIGENCE upon the domain of our people who are seeking organic uplift.  It choose a varying set of TOOLS that are appropriate for the time and space and condition of FREEDOM - necessary to accomplish the desired end.

Robinson to take over leadership from James Rucker; Rucker to remain Chairman of ColorOfChange.org Board of Directors
March 23, 2011

OAKLAND, Calif. – ColorOfChange.org, the nation’s largest African-American online political organization, today announced Rashad Robinson as its new executive director. Effective May 2, Robinson will take over leadership from James Rucker, current executive director. Rucker will continue to serve as Chairman of ColorOfChange.org’s Board of Directors.

Robinson comes to ColorOfChange.org most recently from The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), where he served as Senior Director of Programs, managing all of GLAAD's advocacy and programmatic work.

In their mind getting people "fired" for "offensive opinions" are VICTORIES
It it any wonder why, at a time of 16.2% Black unemployment rates they can't bring themselves to see that their DECONSTRUCTIVE dogma - which is a parallel to the CCC operatives who got Black people fired for daring to execute the act of "civil disobedience" - that is VOTE in the pre-1960's era is an ultimate failure and merely shows their own intolerance?


When the political zone has no one other than Progressives in place and they begin to factionalize into "Progressive Clique A" and "Progressive Clique B" - the new struggle is to have them come together and focus one rung higher on the American political architecture where some "Unifying Republicans" exist to keep the "Progressive Struggle Motion" going.

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