Saturday, July 9, 2011

Co-Founder Of AfroSpear Condemns Republican Governor Of Texas For Executing A Killer After Ignoring Pleas For Mercy By Liberal Institutions. Never Asking "Street Pirate Social Justice Violators" To Respect The Requests Of The UN To Stop Killing Our People On The Streets

Field-Negro: Vengeance is mine sayeth the Governor.

Tim And Me

I get an occasional tickle as I peek in on the "Anti-Republican" blog named "Field Negro".  Even if I miss a few days, no worries, the entries made by the co-founder of AfroSpear has a highly predictable tome.

At a time of the "MSNBC-ification Of Black Consciousness" - my friend Filled Negro has a blog that is award-winning - in the eye of the "Black Weblog" awards committee.

In a time where there is no longer an "Organic Black Community Development Program", the prevailing "struggle motion" being on behalf of "Progressivism" and the "Democratic Party" are quite happy with the topic selection on "Filled Negro" and the majority of other 'Black Progressive Blogger Understudy" blog sites.

Though the hijacking of our Black Community consciousness is evident in all that they do - I have learned that nothing is going to change in their antics UNTIL there is a COST that is registered and that their understanding of this COST is used as a confinement of their antics - which are otherwise detached from the real conditions on the ground.

It is within this context of COST CONFINEMENT that I bring forth the latest submission by the glorious co-founder of the AfroSpear think tank.

Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice - A Text Book Example

A quote lifted from the Filled Negro blog posting
"Gov. Rick Perry rebuffed criticism Friday from the United Nations and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for Texas' execution of a Mexican man whose lawyers said he was not informed he could have sought legal help from the Mexican government after he was arrested for the murder of a San Antonio teenager.

The key attribute of "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" is that it seeks to move past the argument of the GUILT or INNOCENCE of the "protected defendant" in question as it attempts to focus upon the societal influences that made this member of the "Vulnerable Masses" to lash out violently.   It matters not that the VICTIM of the "Street Pirate Social Justice Violator" was a member of the "Vulnerable Masses" as well and that his family is outraged over the antics of the activists.    Their ultimate goal is to put the SYSTEM on trial - and make the criminal defendant into a VICTIM who needs the wheels of justice to roll his way.  The Left-Wing Injustice Agents are happy to provide the required rotational force to produce SPIN.

With respect to the Texas execution case in which a Mexican national who executed another man and then received the 'Secondary Execution" the sad thing is that the United Nations and the Obama Justice Department could not bear to admit that the Mexican government, which can't get its own citizens on their side of the boarder to stop initiating mass "Initial Executions" is in no position to stop a death in the United States of America.

What Of The "Street Pirate Social Justice Violators In Philly?"

With an implicit reference to the INFERIORITY of run of the mill Black people - my friend Field Negro knows that an indictment against a "Republican" - the primary target in every Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser's shooting gallery - makes for a far better target.

We must understand that in the consciousness of the BQPFRC there IS NO COST in indicting the Republican enemy and they realize that none of their ideological sole mates in the congregation are not going to identity any COSTS.
In my model of "Anti-Matter" I work to show the ideological bigots that operate in the mask of Blackness that there is INDEED a cost to their antics.  It is the BENIGN NEGLECT that our community suffers as our CONSCIOUSNESS ATTENTION is hijacked for other purposes.

The same young Black males who received their consciousness development via the "rites of passage" system that the prevailing progressive establishment has defined for the Black community are the primary drivers of the tears of the Black females in our community who have the misfortune of being in close proximity to a being that was sculpted by those who only had "good intentions" to guide their way.

My friend Filled Negro realizes that there is no traction upon the "Street Pirate Social Justice Violator".

  • Attack him as a "Free Range Black" as Black Conservatives are attacked and Filled Negro runs the risk of receiving a Progressive rebuke - worse than what Dr West suffered (and he was merely attempting to hold 'the Power' to the same progressive standards that other 'Powers' were held to)
  • Blame his conscious thinking on failed parenting and the messages that are permitted in the community and Filled Negro, if he is intellectually honest, would have to admit that it is the BLACK PROGRESSIVE culture that already controls the Black Community and its institutions so this must be registered as a FAILURE of the incumbent ideology - from which our people are made so vulnerable to attacks by defective agents who prey upon us
  • Blame the police for failing to protect the Black community - alleging that they don't care about Black people as they do others and, again, one more of Filled Negro's entrapments must be compromised as he would have to admit that 50% + 1 of the Black community in Philadelphia proudly:
    • Voted for the Progressive Mayor
    • Were happy when a man who can "relate to their struggle" was appointed as Police Chief
    • History was made when Philly got its first "Black District Attorney"
    • So many favorable Progressive judges are deposited throughout the judicial circuit in the area
You see THESE are the CONFINEMENTS that Filled Negro and so many other Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers are bound to IF THEY DARE SPEAK THE TRUTH.

They would be like a SPIDER, LYNCHED in the silk web that he has spun for so many years, having lost his footing, his 8 legs failing to grab hold of a rescue line, his anus sore after excreting the materials that were used to SPIN his past network of webs.   He reaches out to break his fall from a certain death on the cold cement that has been cast before him and yet only his NECK catches hold of his "Social Safety Net" thus constructed.  LYNCHED!!!

As he looks around at the fantastic success that he has achieved in keeping his CONGREGATION packed so tight, watching each other's backs.   With their complicity as their cover - what originates in a spirit of HATRED is agreeably accepted in by another as a spirited expression of their RESOLVE.


PAY FIRST at the ballot box - just as the Snarling Fox had committed them to.
LATER ON after a series of investments - THEY WILL PAY once the political victories have all been won and THEY are in control.

Blinded by their own bigotry they fail to note two things of the SNARLING FOX WHITE BIGOT:

  1. In his set up of the "Equal Black Ballot" for investment for the future benefit - the Snarling Fox is like the man who takes the cash money out of the casket of the dead Black man...................and instead writes him a CHECK - that is double the amount of the original cash amount.    He knows that the wailing Negroes who watch the gesture will see this as evidence of his commitment and beneficence to the Black man who his White Conservative Wolf brother  has molested through out history
  2. When the wily Negro who is in attendance at the same funeral - watching carefully the interaction between the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man, the aggrieving Black Masses and the White Liberal Snarling Fox who took time to attend the funeral - the wily Negro...........
    1. Stops the funeral procession
    2. Demands that "Not one more scoop of dirt shall be thrown on the casket"
    3. Petitions the undertaker to exhume the body, opening the casket door
    4. As the wily Negro reaches for the CHECK that is drawn on "First Snarling Fox Progressive Bank Of Hope & Trust" ......................demanding that we AS A COMMUNITY seek TO DRAW UPON THE CHECK.....................
    5. The White Liberal Snarling Fox Bigot stands up as he looks for an exit gate at the cemetary
    6. is the EMBEDDED BLACK FOX CONFIDENCE MAN, sensing the grave damage that would be done IF his "Fox Consciousness Manipulation Joint-Venture" is the primary agents that rip the body to shreds of the WILY NEGRO that dared to ask for EARNEST MONEY from BOTH sets of FOXES, on behalf of the Black Community
The carcass of the Wily Negro WHO DARED SPEAK OUT was thrown into the casket along with the uncashed check.   The balance in the bank drawing interests payments which the Black and White Foxes split amongst themselves. 

The Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men, in due time, were found as road kill.  Never having developed the necessary ORGANIC PROTECTIONS of their communities - when the Snarling Fox and the Conservative Wolf returned back to their common lands of origin - the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man - was served up as nourishment for the vultures.  His joint-venture contract having expired - he was no longer protected for his services were no longer needed. 


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