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Blogging While Brown Conference - 2011

Blogging While Brown 2011

This is not an "attack post" against the "Blogging While Brown" conference.
I hope and pray that they have a successful gathering.   I am for having our people gather together to share best practices in a very important medium of exchange of information for our people.   This technology has a global reach.

From the schedule it appears that the majority of the sessions are apolitical and are relevant to communication of best practices necessary for success in various elements of the on-line experience.  My personal web experience is far broader than that which I blog about the most (politics in relation to the Black community and its impact upon our cultural consciousness).  In fact the most useful blogs to me are those based on a specific (technical) issue that the content provider lives and breathes as an expert.  From "Vitamin C" to "Deer Hunting" (I am watching a deer eating grass in my back yard right now) to "robotics" - there is a broader world out there beyond that which we are inclined to prefix with the word "Black" - ie: "Black Deer Hunters". 

In fact, when we qualify our content we often yield our ability to be seen as the subject matter expert across the board.  When I see a person with a blog on mobile phones I am looking for the expertise and news scoops that he brings.  If I see that he is a Black blogger - that is a supplemental point of praise.  Not because having a "Black guy" put forth a quality product but because far too few of us venture outside of the normal categories for content:
  • Entertainment
  • Politics
  • Gossip
IF "Blogging While Brown" successfully lays the foundation for such an expansion - more power to them.

My Ideological Differences

I am not opposed to attending what are billed as "Black" conferences when I realize that there will be a particular ideological bias flowing through the content - especially when they talk politics.

It is not my "Ideological Differences" that matter.  ACCURACY in relation to the real problems in our community matters more.

When I attended the "Let Us Make Man" conference earlier this year to attend a conference that was purported to be a plan to revitalize young Black males on our way to "Community Revitalization" the fact that there was more talk about "what White folks think about Black people" showed me that these are not the people to lead to a reformed and purposeful Black community.

Likewise as I peak in on a group of self-described Black Republicans and their sole agenda is to get more Black people into their party, but still doing the same antics in the "American Political Domain" - it is clear to me that this is not worth my time either.

Thus it comes as no surprise to me to see the political sections of "Blogging While Brown" populated with a "Color Of Change" group of panelists.   They are talking about "Accountability In The Age Of Obama" as a session topic.  This is an oxymoron for a group of operatives who can be seen dutifully ensuring that Obama has a sufficient "accounting" of "Equal Black Ballots" at the top of the Democratic ticket - so that the "down ticket Democrats" will receive the tailwind effect.  

The one thing that does not matter to this group in November 2012 is the STATE OF AFFAIRS within the Black Community.  They are more intent on selling us on how Obama will "break us off something" in his second term, now that he does not have to worry about being reelected than they are interested in playing back the video tape from the "UNITY Conference" from 2008 in order to TRUE UP that which they stenographed from the Obama campaign onward to their readership.

If the fix was not in the title would be "Accountability To The Black Community Regardless Of Who Is In Office"

This is simply not a possible stance for "The Color Of Change"

More than the desire to improve the EFFECTIVENESS of "Online Activism" - where all of the Fox News shows can be stripped of their advertisers - there is a need to return to the CONSCIOUSNESS of the movement - ensuring that no standards of credibility are impugned. 

Without adequate standards of credibility in one's "target selection" - this new Internet technology is merely a propaganda tool used to spread intolerance on our way to Fascism.  The very people who proclaim to promote "free speech" can be seen as the bullies who seek to shut down disagreeable speech to their own tastes.

This is why the BLACK COMMUNITY'S PERMANENT INTERESTS must be at the core of any activism.  We focus far too much on the METHODOLOGIES of "Progressivism" or "Conservatism".  These points of abstraction allow people to look past the gross failings of "their side" as they live another day to fight their ideological enemies.  All the while the key point of interest that they have proclaimed - sits, suffering from benign neglect.

I hope that "Blogging While Brown" will provide leadership toward a greater connection between the needs of our community and the growth of ORGANIC uplift therein.

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