Saturday, July 2, 2011

The "Anti-Republican Is Not Pro-Black" Series: Angry Black Lady More Pissed At Michelle Bachmann's Husband For Gay Conversion Than At Obama's Failed "Hope & Change" Scheme

Angry Black Lady is more pissed that the husband of Republican Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachmann does "gay conversions" more than she is that Obama racked up so many "Black Equal Ballots" on the notion that 'Hope and Change" was going to CONVERT the conditions in:

  • Black Communities
  • Black Schools
  • Black Workplaces
  • Black Family Relationships

Barack Obama Speaks About "Hope And Change" For Black People And Millions Respond With Bumper Stickers On Their Car, Showing That They Bought It.

Angry Black Lady Self-Chums Her Readers - Attacking Republicans For Their Budget Which Increases The Federal Debt By $6T Over 10 Years

A National Black Progressive radio talk show host asked why there are no Black OPINION shows on the major cable news networks?  He is clearly talking about MSNBC and CNN because FoxNews and a conservative show would not count.    I make the case that there is no need for a "Progressive Who Is Black" opinion show because there is no distinction between their talking points and that which they retrieve from the White Progressive press.   The Paul Ryan debt claim was obtained through this same channel.

She says nothing about the Obama Budget which has a greater increase in the debt - mostly because Obama is NOT her target...............and neither is the debt.

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