Thursday, July 28, 2011

Keith Olbermann Joins Black Press In Criticizing MSNBC's Hiring Of PPPP Rev Al Shaprton

Clearly "Accuracy In Media" has no credibility for saying that Progressive-Fundamentalist Keith Olbermann avoids facts.   :-?

Keith Olbermann, who is still smarting from his departure at MSNBC, used a recent interview with Cenk Uygur to criticize the cable network’s hiring Al Sharpton.
“For Olbermann, however, who has an uncanny knack for avoiding the facts,” writes the media watchdog Accuracy in Media, ”it was just another opportunity to take a potshot at his former employer for in essence relegating him to cable television’s no man’s land.”
But Olbermann wasn’t the only one unhappy with the possibility of Sharpton anchoring his own show in prime time on MSNBC.
Richard Prince of the Maynard Institute, which promotes diversity in the media, wrote on his blog that one member of the National Association of Black Journalists told colleagues that “This would still be just another non-journalist media ‘celebrity’ receiving a TV show based upon their name recognition, not their years of experience, training, ability and talent.”
Olbermann used that quote on his show and sent it rocketing throughout the Internet.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

The - New Design - Same Ole Obfuscations

What are the priorities of The

Their new "Trending Topics" link says it all.


  • Safe Streets
  • Quality Education
  • Thriving Local Economies
  • Healthy Relationships and Lifestyle Outcomes
Are any of these represented in the highlighted priorities of "The Root-Grio"?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

As The Co-Founder Of Afro-Spear Lists The Top 10 Reasons To Vote Republican On His "Anti-Republican Blog" That Is Posing As A "Pro-Black Community Blog".....................

................He Forgets To Ask Black People To Justify Why They Should Keep Investing Their Equal Black Ballots In The Hopes That VOTING HARDER Is Going To Change Our Community Condition.

In the mean time he and his Afro-Spear buddies are happy that so many Blacks also have their "Black Community Consciousness Development Strategy" fused in with the American Political Domain and the Democratic Party.

In the present "MSNBC-ification" Of The Black Community discourse - the tactic of 'Keeping your enemy on trial so that you don't have to JUSTIFY your own actions" has taken on epic proportions in the content of the Embedded Confidence Men that lurk within our protected community space.  Their own agenda is to influence "Negro Opinion" by "chum feeding" that which too many of us are prone to feast upon without noting the person's agenda.

The Filled Negro Anti-Republican Posing As Pro-Black List Of Why Anyone Would Vote For A Republican

  1. I would vote Republican because I am a hedge fund trader, and not only do I not draw a salary (so no FICA nor Medicare withholding, although I will be eligible for them)
  2. I would vote Republican because they might give me a cushy job as a political appointtee, and since I have no real skills otherwise, that would be cool! 
  3. I would vote Republican because I run a huge defense contractor corporation
  4.  I would vote Republican because I am the head of a large corporation that pays no tax after my attorneys get done looking at the dodges.
  5. I would vote Republican because my Daddy died and left me $50 million. I do not want to give a cent of it to the Treasury! Let the little people pay.
  6. I shall vote Republican because I think that tax breaks for large corporations, making billions of dollars, stimulate job creation. 
  7. I shall vote Republican because I think that the deficit and the National debt is the most pressing problem that we face.
  8.  I shall vote Republican because the President is not a United States citizen. I have been told that from the Tea Party, the conservative talkers, and Michelle Bachman. If they say it, I know those truths to be self evident.
  9.  I shall vote Republican next time because I do not belong to any union. I have been told that unions are evil, and of course I believe it since Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity said so.
  10.  I shall vote Republican next time because I am a white male. It does not matter if they are otherwise against me, but since I am a white male, and they say that they are for white males, I am for them too! Lies matter not to me. I am a white male.

There you have it folks. The reasons why someone should vote for the GOP.

As an observer of the Embedded Snarling Black Fox Confidence Men - I realize that there is no "Top 10 Reasons Why Black People Should Consider Investing Our Community Development Hopes In Voting Harder"?  (Notice I did not say for the Republicans or Democrats)

The said truth is that the Black community today is living within the "Mission Accomplished Solution Set" of the "Black Racial Services Machine", who orchestrated the system by which our people would align our "Racial Consciousness and Community Development Hopes" in with the American Political Domain.  FROM WHICH our BENEFIT was to have been received.

Fast forward in the transition between the END of one cycle and the BEGINNING of the next - where LOGIC SAYS that someone who has the PERMANENT INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY IN MIND - would demand an accounting of our PAYMENTS RECEIVED from the last cycle before we agree to be compelled to participate in the NEXT cycle.

Instead - with the functional relationship of all of the cogs in the Black Racial Services Machine - they ensure that a new round of INDICTMENTS are laid at the feet of Black America.  Indictments which are framed in just such a way where the average Negro will be inclined to LOOK PAST the shortfall from the previous cycle and instead LOOK AHEAD at stopping the perceived RETRENCHMENT that the old conservative enemy just might make IF the "Equal Black Ballot" is removed from circulation in the new cycle.

Thus, after being dutifully compelled - the "rinse and repeat" cycle is continued.

The Top Ten Things That Conscious Black People SHOULD BE ASKING The Embedded Confidence Men Before Agreeing To Invest Their Own "Black Consciousness Hopes" And Their Equal Black Ballots Into A Scheme That Ultimately Pays Off For The Joint Venture Partnerships That The Progressive-Fundamentalists Have Erected And Painted With Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, Calling It "Black"

  1. After making our investments of our passions, hopes and ballots - Where are our Quality Schools?
  2. After making our investments of our passions, hopes and ballots -  Why aren't our Street Safe?
  3. After making our investments of our passions, hopes and ballots -  The People Who Are Attacking Us The Most Have Been Indoctrinated In The Culture That You Prop Up - Why Shouldn't We Attack This Culture And You For Harming The Consciousness Of Our Young People?
  4. After making our investments of our passions, hopes and ballots - You took over the economic and regulatory policies of the places where we live in our highest concentrations - Where are the jobs that allow our people to apply their SALARY GOALS in with our community need for skilled professionals -thus creating a stable job market?
  5. After making our investments of our passions, hopes and ballots - Where is the evidence of Healthy Relationships among our people in our community?  You strongly influenced our culture and we appear to be in more disarray than ever
  6. After making our investments of our passions, hopes and ballots - You compelled us to fight for "Multiple Tax Payer Paid Health Care" as a RIGHT - Where is the evidence that you have compelled our people to value their own bodies and change their eating, exercise and 'vice' consumption habits?
  7. After making our investments of our passions, hopes and ballots - You took over our schools - WHERE ARE THE INCREASED AMOUNT OF PHYSICIANS to care for us?  Aren't those that "know us" the best means of reducing "racism" in health care delivery that you cover so frequently?
  8. After making our investments of our passions, hopes and ballots - Why are so many of our people exiting the "Mission Accomplished Cities" that your theories now dominate as they move outward to more Conservative areas in the suburbs and the (Former Confederate) South?
  9. After making our investments of our passions, hopes and ballots - Why isn't Fox News seen as a threat to Progressivism more than a threat to "Blackness".  It is only because of your choice to fuse "Blackness" with "Progressism" that you choose to focus on FoxNews while looking past the fact that MSNBC agrees with most of the polices that are in place in the "Mission Accomplished Zones" where the bulk of our suffering transpires - the incumbents not worrying about losing their seats because of their fidelity to progressivism over results. 
  10. After making our investments of our passions, hopes and ballots - Where Is The HOPE and CHANGE that Black America has invested in? Are we to make the same investment for the purposes of being made "happy again" on election night and inauguration night? 

    If Al Sharpton Joins MSNBC - The Un-Fox-Biased Biased News Network - Should He Be Affixed With A "Vistor's Badge" When He Comes Into The Black Community Consciousness Nucleus?

    TV Newser: MSNBC Reportedly Considering Sharpton For 6PM Slot

    As testament to the integrity of the institutions WITHIN the Black Community - is there any chance that Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton would be forced to wear a "Visitors Badge" as he departs the MSNBC studios and attempts to enter back into the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" in his attempt to influence the policy that is in place within?

    MSNBC is just as biased and agendized as the progressive archenemy FoxNews.  The key difference between these two operations is that one has massive Progressive bias.   Anyone who follows this blog should understand that in the mind of the Progressive: "Conservatives have ORGANIC hatred and corruption.  When a Progressive displays hatred and corruption in pursuit of exposing conservatives - this is justified because of their lofty mission".

    As I watched Sharpton has he sat in Ed Schutlz's chair and as I tune in occasionally to his radio show I hear a message that is tonally  indistinguishable from the "fox howls" from the "Snarling Foxes" on MSNBC.

    Sadly there will be more Black people who are "happy" to see a Black face on a cable news network than they will be willing to note the damage and level of unaccountability that the voice of Al Sharpton represents in relation to the forces that presently dominate the Black community at a time of our grievance.


    Friday, July 15, 2011

    I Can Now Empathize With Francis Holland (Co-Founder Of Afro-Spear) After Interacting With A Bigot Who Judged Him On His Attributes And Was Reluctant To Believe That He Had Accomplished What He Had Earned From Hard Work

    I have never met Francis L Holland in person.
    I have never had a voice conversation with Francis L Holland.
    I know more about the antics of his Progressive-Fundamentalist partner - Filled-Negro than I do about the agenda of Francis L Holland.

    I know little about Francis Holland beyond my knowledge that:

    From his blog I learned that his resentment of continued RACISM(!!!!) in America is one of the key drivers which lead to his departure from the nation.

    He tells of a situation in which he had an interaction with a White man who he had not know previously.  When Mr Holland Esq told this White man that he was an attorney and a member of the bar......the White man............using no other information than the outward physical appearance of Holland - struck a tone of disbelief that Mr Holland Esq could be anything of the sort.

    Again - with only the information that Mr Holland Esq has presented to the world per his blogging AND with out prejudice or malicious intent on my part - it seems that this was one of the key slights to his person that convinced Mr Holland to depart from this (racist) nation.

    My Engagement With Blogger BET Uncut That Was Of The Same Spirit As The Bigoted White Man Who Denied The Worth Of The Co-Founder Of AfroSpear

    A recent engagement that I experienced caused me to empathize with Francis Holland.
    I now better appreciate the power that a bigot has in stripping away a hard-won accomplishment from you - but I handled it very differently than did Mr Holland.

    On the "Booker Rising" blog   I was engaged in a conversation with NSangoma regarding the presence of several technical jobs that require a high level of skill and certifications for consideration.
    The subject of the CISSP certification came up (Certified Information Security Systems Professonal).
    Initially my debate adversary, joke-exchange buddy and general bete noire - BET Uncut joined in on the discussion.

    The initial post by BET Uncut was reasonable - even appreciated.  He agreed (with me) that the US Military is likely the largest source of Black Americans that sit for the CISSP test and certification.

    It was in a subsequent posting that BET Uncut - who's ancestors hail from the former slave colony of Nevis in the Caribbean - made a comment that closely paralleled that of the White man that offended Francis Holland Esq.

     Constructive Feedback said - in reply to a previous doubt in my certification status:

    "I indeed might be as inferior as you suggest.
    It is up to YOU to figure out WHO propagated  the notion that I need such an affirmative action for the test."

    BET Uncut's Reply
    From the garbage you spew here - if you have either of the two certifications you claim...
    It had to be the first case of social promotion in the industry.
    Now way in hell you have a CISSP...
    Or a college degree for that matter.

    This is where I differ from Mr Holland.
    As a holder of a Bachelor of Science degree and an MBA program dropout (I took a higher paying job and needed to focus) I was not going to allow a bigot to TAKE away my accomplishment.

    With regard to the CISSP - after months of study, a week long training course and then a grueling 6 hour test - I'd be DAMNED to allow a hater to steal my glory.

    I have often been engaged in combat with BET Uncut - and other Progressive-Fundamentalist who always attack Black people who disagree with them by STRIPPING them of their intelligence and education.  It is hard for me to believe that they have honorable intent for  "The Least Of These" that they seek "Social Justice" for - when they are so quick to strip the intelligence away from those Blacks who's main offense is that they disagree with the bigoted ideological position that they seek to cleave to.

    It seems to me that the "Least Of These" are merely one opposition stance away from being called "ignorant Ninjas" by their protectors.

    Let's Bring It Close To Home
     It is unfortunate that the oft heard phrase from the Civil Rights Struggle : "Education is the one thing that THEY cannot take away from you" must now be applied to the threat registered by another Black man.
    As most of you all know - the Atlanta Public Schools are experiencing a massive amount of angst over the cheating scandal on the CRCT.  About 4 years ago a family member who was an assistant principal at the time asked me to speak at a "pep rally" as the elementary school kids at her school prepared to take the CRCT.
    As I prepared for my speech in front of the entire school I decided to pull my CISSP plaque off of the wall and carry it with me for show.  My theme was "TESTING does not stop once you graduate school".  I used my time to connect their education process with the growth in skills.  The test was merely the means by which a third party - who doesn't know me otherwise - to appraise where I stood in comparison to others.

    I held up my CISSP certification and told them that I had to sit through a 6 hour test.  That drew a chorus of "oooohs" and "wooows".   

    I then tied it back in to what they were to experience for the rest of the week.  I carried the same message that my 3rd grade daughter told me that her teachers had informed them about:
    * Get rest the night before
    * Eat a good breakfast
    * Remain focused on the test.

    As you recall - my world came crashing down when a local rapper took the stage after I did and had the kids doing "booty shaking" and a dance contest.  The song "Addition and Subtraction" played to the beat of Snoop Dogg's song "Sexual Attraction" (or what ever it was called) was played for the kids.

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    The Fusion Between Democratic Party Establishment Operatives, White Progressive Propaganda Sources And Black Progressive Machine Elements

    Let me be clear:

    THERE IS NO "OFFICIAL BLACK ORGANIZATION" that exists. All of these Ideological/ Political operative groups have the right to assemble together per their First Amendment Rights. I would fight any person that attempted to deny them their right to assemble.

    It is when they represent themselves as "BLACK ORGANIZATIONS SEEKING TO ADVANCE THE BLACK COMMUNITY" that I, a Black Man, express my own First Amendment rights to inspect them and expose them as merely Left-Wing Progressive, Auxiliaries of the Democratic Party Machine and the young partnerships that are affiliated with White Progressive groups such as:

    • Media Matters
    • Daily KOS
    • MSNBC

    Let's start off with a definition:

    Question: How Does One Define A "Black Agenda Item"

    ANSWER:  One in which, upon establishing its full adoption within the Black community, amongst all of our Human Resource Development Institutions and Message Distribution Sources, yet  noting that it has FAILED to deliver the promised benefits for the ORGANIC uplift of our people - those who are the CONSCIOUS people inside of the machine that had promoted the METHODOLOGY and VEHICLE as a solution to our community's problems STOP ITS CONTINUED USE.  Thus they prove that they are operating with the Best Interests Of The Black Community In Mind.  Despite the fact that this methodology might have been proven to be EFFECTIVE in attracting the Black Conscious Attention and still enjoys POPULAR APPEAL  - it has FAILED MISERABLY at achieving the intended results and thus it is pulled.  The continued use of the prescribed METHODOLOGY, without these necessary checks defines the level of "Sold-Out-edness" of the operatives who compel Black people to "Struggle Harder" - as they favor "Enforced Black Unity", chasing after a goal that is not obtainable through their preferred methods than they do Black people who dare ask for ERNEST MONEY along the way.

    We must then conclude that the "Black Agenda" is really the CONTINUED APPLICATION OF BLACK INTELLIGENCE upon the domain of our people who are seeking organic uplift.  It choose a varying set of TOOLS that are appropriate for the time and space and condition of FREEDOM - necessary to accomplish the desired end.

    Robinson to take over leadership from James Rucker; Rucker to remain Chairman of Board of Directors
    March 23, 2011

    OAKLAND, Calif. –, the nation’s largest African-American online political organization, today announced Rashad Robinson as its new executive director. Effective May 2, Robinson will take over leadership from James Rucker, current executive director. Rucker will continue to serve as Chairman of’s Board of Directors.

    Robinson comes to most recently from The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), where he served as Senior Director of Programs, managing all of GLAAD's advocacy and programmatic work.

    In their mind getting people "fired" for "offensive opinions" are VICTORIES
    It it any wonder why, at a time of 16.2% Black unemployment rates they can't bring themselves to see that their DECONSTRUCTIVE dogma - which is a parallel to the CCC operatives who got Black people fired for daring to execute the act of "civil disobedience" - that is VOTE in the pre-1960's era is an ultimate failure and merely shows their own intolerance?


    When the political zone has no one other than Progressives in place and they begin to factionalize into "Progressive Clique A" and "Progressive Clique B" - the new struggle is to have them come together and focus one rung higher on the American political architecture where some "Unifying Republicans" exist to keep the "Progressive Struggle Motion" going.

    Monday, July 11, 2011

    Blogging While Brown Conference - 2011

    Blogging While Brown 2011

    This is not an "attack post" against the "Blogging While Brown" conference.
    I hope and pray that they have a successful gathering.   I am for having our people gather together to share best practices in a very important medium of exchange of information for our people.   This technology has a global reach.

    From the schedule it appears that the majority of the sessions are apolitical and are relevant to communication of best practices necessary for success in various elements of the on-line experience.  My personal web experience is far broader than that which I blog about the most (politics in relation to the Black community and its impact upon our cultural consciousness).  In fact the most useful blogs to me are those based on a specific (technical) issue that the content provider lives and breathes as an expert.  From "Vitamin C" to "Deer Hunting" (I am watching a deer eating grass in my back yard right now) to "robotics" - there is a broader world out there beyond that which we are inclined to prefix with the word "Black" - ie: "Black Deer Hunters". 

    In fact, when we qualify our content we often yield our ability to be seen as the subject matter expert across the board.  When I see a person with a blog on mobile phones I am looking for the expertise and news scoops that he brings.  If I see that he is a Black blogger - that is a supplemental point of praise.  Not because having a "Black guy" put forth a quality product but because far too few of us venture outside of the normal categories for content:
    • Entertainment
    • Politics
    • Gossip
    IF "Blogging While Brown" successfully lays the foundation for such an expansion - more power to them.

    My Ideological Differences

    I am not opposed to attending what are billed as "Black" conferences when I realize that there will be a particular ideological bias flowing through the content - especially when they talk politics.

    It is not my "Ideological Differences" that matter.  ACCURACY in relation to the real problems in our community matters more.

    When I attended the "Let Us Make Man" conference earlier this year to attend a conference that was purported to be a plan to revitalize young Black males on our way to "Community Revitalization" the fact that there was more talk about "what White folks think about Black people" showed me that these are not the people to lead to a reformed and purposeful Black community.

    Likewise as I peak in on a group of self-described Black Republicans and their sole agenda is to get more Black people into their party, but still doing the same antics in the "American Political Domain" - it is clear to me that this is not worth my time either.

    Thus it comes as no surprise to me to see the political sections of "Blogging While Brown" populated with a "Color Of Change" group of panelists.   They are talking about "Accountability In The Age Of Obama" as a session topic.  This is an oxymoron for a group of operatives who can be seen dutifully ensuring that Obama has a sufficient "accounting" of "Equal Black Ballots" at the top of the Democratic ticket - so that the "down ticket Democrats" will receive the tailwind effect.  

    The one thing that does not matter to this group in November 2012 is the STATE OF AFFAIRS within the Black Community.  They are more intent on selling us on how Obama will "break us off something" in his second term, now that he does not have to worry about being reelected than they are interested in playing back the video tape from the "UNITY Conference" from 2008 in order to TRUE UP that which they stenographed from the Obama campaign onward to their readership.

    If the fix was not in the title would be "Accountability To The Black Community Regardless Of Who Is In Office"

    This is simply not a possible stance for "The Color Of Change"

    More than the desire to improve the EFFECTIVENESS of "Online Activism" - where all of the Fox News shows can be stripped of their advertisers - there is a need to return to the CONSCIOUSNESS of the movement - ensuring that no standards of credibility are impugned. 

    Without adequate standards of credibility in one's "target selection" - this new Internet technology is merely a propaganda tool used to spread intolerance on our way to Fascism.  The very people who proclaim to promote "free speech" can be seen as the bullies who seek to shut down disagreeable speech to their own tastes.

    This is why the BLACK COMMUNITY'S PERMANENT INTERESTS must be at the core of any activism.  We focus far too much on the METHODOLOGIES of "Progressivism" or "Conservatism".  These points of abstraction allow people to look past the gross failings of "their side" as they live another day to fight their ideological enemies.  All the while the key point of interest that they have proclaimed - sits, suffering from benign neglect.

    I hope that "Blogging While Brown" will provide leadership toward a greater connection between the needs of our community and the growth of ORGANIC uplift therein.

    Saturday, July 9, 2011

    Progressive-Fundamentalist Blogger BET Uncut In His Own Words - The Mental Understanding That Made Him Content About The Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal

    My friend BET Uncut is a pretty funny guy.  But for his good humor I am not sure if he has any more value than the squirrels that I am watching steal the pears off of the trees in my back yard and then run into the woods to eat the fruit of their conquest.

    When it comes to the standard political banter found on the various debate blogs I take a person as seriously as their own respect to truth and integrity to the model of the real world that they represent.  Of course a younger ideologue is going to make certain arguments that should rightfully be attributed to their age, naivete and unawareness of the process to accomplish certain ends.

    It is when I see a person who is not youthful, naive or unaware that I start to bring in consideration of Alzheimer as a possible explanation. 

    The sage words of BET Uncut on "The Booker Rising" Blog, regarding the cheating scandal at the Atlanta Public Schools
    Noticed no conservative on the board was stupid enough to take the bait on the Atlanta Testing Fraud thing...

    Except the Eveready Bunny of black dysfunction and white conservative weenie licking - Stramandingo AKA "The bot".

    Probably because, unlike the Jockey Suited Lawn Buffoon - most folks recognize that a nearly identical education fraud was committed in Texas, by Ron Paige, who was appointed by then President Bush as the Secretary of Education...

    Based on the fraudulent "Texas Education Miracle".

    Houston Miracle - 2004

    Wherein black Republican Ron Paige, presumably with the accomplice of his white Republican co-conspirators falsified education data and dropout data.

    Or, as in this study, 1610 of the 24,000 reporting School Districts reporting scores coming in way above the standard deviation expected from year to year -

    Grade Inflation

    BET Uncut's Argument:  The Cheating Scandal In Atlanta Today Is No Big Deal Because.........................Houston Public Schools, Lead By Black Republican Rod Paige Had Also Experienced Doctored School Attendance Records With The Goal Of Improving Graduation Rates

     There is no need to guess hard what BET Uncut's agenda is.
    In the big scheme of things - he is less interested in the damage registered upon the majority Black kids in the Atlanta Public Schools - who were cheated as their academic standing was MISREPRESENTED at the hands of their teacher who corrected their answers - than he is interested in diffusing the heat upon a local machine of Progressive, Democratic and Black people who received 50% +1 of the Black voter support.  The indication being that the BLACK COMMUNITY invested our hopes that this network of people would bring to reality the often heard claim that 'Education Is The Great Equalizer For All People" and thus adopted this as their prevailing order.

    Contrast this with MY argument.
    After years of listening to radio hosts Bev Smith and her local Atlanta clone - Loraine Jaques White on WAOK AM who brought up "The Houston Miracle" as a means of bashing President Bush's Education Secretary who's main sin was that he was Black and Republican. If Paige could be discredited as a corrupt Houston operative that USED Black public school students to make his policies look good then the inference about Paige's character could be attached to Bush and the 'No Child Left Behind" scheme.

    In summary: There was a particular INDICTMENT to be had from showcasing the corruption with the Houston School system which served a greater purpose.

    When it comes to the situation in Atlanta these same local facts promote a need for protective cover.  The narrative in Atlanta is that the state Republicans of Georgia seek to purge all Blacks from the control over the majority Black Atlanta Public Schools, reinstituting "White Supremacy" on our slide back to Slavery.  With this in mind there is no time for an expose' in Atlanta that would damage the people who executed the fraud.  Its merely plays into the White Conservative conspiracy that the forces of Black Progressive-Fundamentalism live off of.

    Again - the Black Students are the VICTIMS.
    We are facing the fact that the grand struggle which won control over our key institutions by favorable people - has lost its way.  We hear more protection of the MACHINE than we do of the Black kids.

    Fear not - those who erected the strategy that has us standing where we are today are going to lead the way in the next interval.  Just like the mortgage meltdown - NO ONE GOT FIRED.  

    Co-Founder Of AfroSpear Condemns Republican Governor Of Texas For Executing A Killer After Ignoring Pleas For Mercy By Liberal Institutions. Never Asking "Street Pirate Social Justice Violators" To Respect The Requests Of The UN To Stop Killing Our People On The Streets

    Field-Negro: Vengeance is mine sayeth the Governor.

    Tim And Me

    I get an occasional tickle as I peek in on the "Anti-Republican" blog named "Field Negro".  Even if I miss a few days, no worries, the entries made by the co-founder of AfroSpear has a highly predictable tome.

    At a time of the "MSNBC-ification Of Black Consciousness" - my friend Filled Negro has a blog that is award-winning - in the eye of the "Black Weblog" awards committee.

    In a time where there is no longer an "Organic Black Community Development Program", the prevailing "struggle motion" being on behalf of "Progressivism" and the "Democratic Party" are quite happy with the topic selection on "Filled Negro" and the majority of other 'Black Progressive Blogger Understudy" blog sites.

    Though the hijacking of our Black Community consciousness is evident in all that they do - I have learned that nothing is going to change in their antics UNTIL there is a COST that is registered and that their understanding of this COST is used as a confinement of their antics - which are otherwise detached from the real conditions on the ground.

    It is within this context of COST CONFINEMENT that I bring forth the latest submission by the glorious co-founder of the AfroSpear think tank.

    Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice - A Text Book Example

    A quote lifted from the Filled Negro blog posting
    "Gov. Rick Perry rebuffed criticism Friday from the United Nations and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for Texas' execution of a Mexican man whose lawyers said he was not informed he could have sought legal help from the Mexican government after he was arrested for the murder of a San Antonio teenager.

    The key attribute of "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" is that it seeks to move past the argument of the GUILT or INNOCENCE of the "protected defendant" in question as it attempts to focus upon the societal influences that made this member of the "Vulnerable Masses" to lash out violently.   It matters not that the VICTIM of the "Street Pirate Social Justice Violator" was a member of the "Vulnerable Masses" as well and that his family is outraged over the antics of the activists.    Their ultimate goal is to put the SYSTEM on trial - and make the criminal defendant into a VICTIM who needs the wheels of justice to roll his way.  The Left-Wing Injustice Agents are happy to provide the required rotational force to produce SPIN.

    With respect to the Texas execution case in which a Mexican national who executed another man and then received the 'Secondary Execution" the sad thing is that the United Nations and the Obama Justice Department could not bear to admit that the Mexican government, which can't get its own citizens on their side of the boarder to stop initiating mass "Initial Executions" is in no position to stop a death in the United States of America.

    What Of The "Street Pirate Social Justice Violators In Philly?"

    With an implicit reference to the INFERIORITY of run of the mill Black people - my friend Field Negro knows that an indictment against a "Republican" - the primary target in every Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser's shooting gallery - makes for a far better target.

    We must understand that in the consciousness of the BQPFRC there IS NO COST in indicting the Republican enemy and they realize that none of their ideological sole mates in the congregation are not going to identity any COSTS.
    In my model of "Anti-Matter" I work to show the ideological bigots that operate in the mask of Blackness that there is INDEED a cost to their antics.  It is the BENIGN NEGLECT that our community suffers as our CONSCIOUSNESS ATTENTION is hijacked for other purposes.

    The same young Black males who received their consciousness development via the "rites of passage" system that the prevailing progressive establishment has defined for the Black community are the primary drivers of the tears of the Black females in our community who have the misfortune of being in close proximity to a being that was sculpted by those who only had "good intentions" to guide their way.

    My friend Filled Negro realizes that there is no traction upon the "Street Pirate Social Justice Violator".

    • Attack him as a "Free Range Black" as Black Conservatives are attacked and Filled Negro runs the risk of receiving a Progressive rebuke - worse than what Dr West suffered (and he was merely attempting to hold 'the Power' to the same progressive standards that other 'Powers' were held to)
    • Blame his conscious thinking on failed parenting and the messages that are permitted in the community and Filled Negro, if he is intellectually honest, would have to admit that it is the BLACK PROGRESSIVE culture that already controls the Black Community and its institutions so this must be registered as a FAILURE of the incumbent ideology - from which our people are made so vulnerable to attacks by defective agents who prey upon us
    • Blame the police for failing to protect the Black community - alleging that they don't care about Black people as they do others and, again, one more of Filled Negro's entrapments must be compromised as he would have to admit that 50% + 1 of the Black community in Philadelphia proudly:
      • Voted for the Progressive Mayor
      • Were happy when a man who can "relate to their struggle" was appointed as Police Chief
      • History was made when Philly got its first "Black District Attorney"
      • So many favorable Progressive judges are deposited throughout the judicial circuit in the area
    You see THESE are the CONFINEMENTS that Filled Negro and so many other Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers are bound to IF THEY DARE SPEAK THE TRUTH.

    They would be like a SPIDER, LYNCHED in the silk web that he has spun for so many years, having lost his footing, his 8 legs failing to grab hold of a rescue line, his anus sore after excreting the materials that were used to SPIN his past network of webs.   He reaches out to break his fall from a certain death on the cold cement that has been cast before him and yet only his NECK catches hold of his "Social Safety Net" thus constructed.  LYNCHED!!!

    As he looks around at the fantastic success that he has achieved in keeping his CONGREGATION packed so tight, watching each other's backs.   With their complicity as their cover - what originates in a spirit of HATRED is agreeably accepted in by another as a spirited expression of their RESOLVE.


    PAY FIRST at the ballot box - just as the Snarling Fox had committed them to.
    LATER ON after a series of investments - THEY WILL PAY once the political victories have all been won and THEY are in control.

    Blinded by their own bigotry they fail to note two things of the SNARLING FOX WHITE BIGOT:

    1. In his set up of the "Equal Black Ballot" for investment for the future benefit - the Snarling Fox is like the man who takes the cash money out of the casket of the dead Black man...................and instead writes him a CHECK - that is double the amount of the original cash amount.    He knows that the wailing Negroes who watch the gesture will see this as evidence of his commitment and beneficence to the Black man who his White Conservative Wolf brother  has molested through out history
    2. When the wily Negro who is in attendance at the same funeral - watching carefully the interaction between the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man, the aggrieving Black Masses and the White Liberal Snarling Fox who took time to attend the funeral - the wily Negro...........
      1. Stops the funeral procession
      2. Demands that "Not one more scoop of dirt shall be thrown on the casket"
      3. Petitions the undertaker to exhume the body, opening the casket door
      4. As the wily Negro reaches for the CHECK that is drawn on "First Snarling Fox Progressive Bank Of Hope & Trust" ......................demanding that we AS A COMMUNITY seek TO DRAW UPON THE CHECK.....................
      5. The White Liberal Snarling Fox Bigot stands up as he looks for an exit gate at the cemetary
      6. is the EMBEDDED BLACK FOX CONFIDENCE MAN, sensing the grave damage that would be done IF his "Fox Consciousness Manipulation Joint-Venture" is the primary agents that rip the body to shreds of the WILY NEGRO that dared to ask for EARNEST MONEY from BOTH sets of FOXES, on behalf of the Black Community
    The carcass of the Wily Negro WHO DARED SPEAK OUT was thrown into the casket along with the uncashed check.   The balance in the bank drawing interests payments which the Black and White Foxes split amongst themselves. 

    The Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men, in due time, were found as road kill.  Never having developed the necessary ORGANIC PROTECTIONS of their communities - when the Snarling Fox and the Conservative Wolf returned back to their common lands of origin - the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man - was served up as nourishment for the vultures.  His joint-venture contract having expired - he was no longer protected for his services were no longer needed. 

    Monday, July 4, 2011

    Tired And Retired Jack White - The Spirit Of "It Takes A Thief To Know That Thief Is Actually Motivated By Racism When He Steals From Black People"

    When I read the blogs of certain operatives who don't claim to be professional journalists - the corruption seen on their pages are attributed to their individual preferences.  This is merely an attribute of the lowered barriers to entry that Internet technology brings to us.  Our task is to use our own knowledge (and sense of smell) to discern what is fit for ingestion for the sake of mental nourishment. 

    When certain opinions are posted on the new fangle "Black News & Opinion Aggregation Web Sites" their use of individuals who had been previously through to be "professional journalists" creates the assumption that these sites have their own standards - or that the gravitas of the veteran will have them to fill in the voids, lest the person not associate himself with such an operation.  This would be a mistake.

    The notion of one's reputation that needs to be upheld is merely a derivative of that person's reputation in the first place.  That person might have been recruited to such a site because the publishers know full well about her reputation and thus note the perfect fit.

    These Black news aggregation sites should not be understood based on any particular "journalistic integrity".  Instead it is their FUNCTION in the scheme of their position in the "Black Racial Services Machine" which they are a part of that proves the greatest insight.   Just as I make my observations of what makes the Black body politic tick and figure that my people will express a serious rebuke of the constant usurpation of our "Permanent Interests" in the name of politics and ideology - these forces in the Lamp Black Yellow Journalist Press posit a new submission, just in time for their publication deadline which serves to keep my people on the racial defensive.   This is their function.

    Thus the newest release by "Tired and Retired" Jack White in the publication - "The" which proved most interesting to me:

    One of our great political parties still bases much of its appeal on the age-old racial resentment of whites unnerved by the political emergence of people like us. Too many of our white fellow Americans still regard us as inferior and illegitimate. They don't want to share the nation's rewards and responsibilities with us. They want it back.

    A Black community that is made threatened by a "White Tea Party Resurgent Threat" is a people who won't look clearly at:
    • The 16.2% unemployment rate - which is higher in places where favorable people have control over the local economies
    • The "Street Pirate Social Justice Violator" lynchings which are more numerous than 
    Mr White is unprepared to talk about what the OTHER PARTY, which receives the monopoly balance of the
    "Black Equal Ballot" investments - even as their growth in power is concomitant to the continuing grievances and stagnation of the Black Community interests.

    As a Progressive - Mr White continues in the template that I have previously identified in defining their attributes.  For Progressives there is no ORGANIC HATRED that emanates from their ethos.  Theirs is a committed defense against original hatred from the right-wing.

    The Democratic Party - which has used the embedded confidence men within the Black Community to fuse the "Black Consciousness" in upon their party platform is not a USURPER of "Black Hopes and Dreams" - instead it is the voice of the Black Community against the Republican Party - the party which is the exclusive contain of "White Racism".   They don't use the threat of RACISM to keep Black people in a racially defensive disposition.  They are merely protecting Black people from the threats said by other Whites at events where Black people are not invited.  Tim Wise and Ed Schultz have the skin color that provides them with admission.  No Black should ever doubt that they know the true spirit of the White racist.

    Don't Judge Jack White For His Bias - Appraise Jack White Based On His Fidelity In Capturing The Impact Of The Key Forces Bearing Down Upon The Black Community

    Jack White: What Might A Republican Candidate Say To Black America?

    I try to avoid the transactional "gotcha politics" game.  By pointing out that your debate adversary is a scoundrel - rarely is the absolute interests of the Black Community advanced.  Clearing the path of known scoundrels does not automatically translate into the presence of a competent alternative.  (Consider the string of mayors in Camden NJ).

    Absent a overarching framework by which all individuals claiming to represent our community's best interests are bound to - we will experience what we experience today: a lot of "Mission Accomplishments" in line with the agenda of the influence peddlers upon the Black community - all the while the Black community experiences a tremendous amount of LOSS.

    Jack White and other embedded confidence me - they are fully knowledgeable of truth of the paragraph above.  They are forced to develop a "Boil The Ocean - We Are On A Mission From God" struggle that affords Black people to look past the grand failure to deliver as promised in the previous interval of time and instead look forward at the new carrot that has been dangled in front of the Black Community's conscious vision.  This new organic carrot, replacing the one that has been rotted.  Since preservatives are banned from use - the carrot is not able to endure the two year interval that just happens to exactly match that of the elections in the American Political Domain.

    Jack White needs the Republicans as the "Crips need the Bloods".  Absent an enemy wearing a different color that distinguishes him as a target - White realizes that there would be a grand civil war among those wearing the same color.  In this case the color is not the color of the skin but the common color that Progressive-Fundamentalists wear on their uniforms - which span all skin colors that the uniform protects from exposure.

    In Newark, Chicago, Philly, Atlanta, Detroit, Oakland and Los Angeles there is no "Republican Party THREAT" to speak of - and yet so many of the promises made as a benefit of the delousing of our institutions of the named scoundrels have not been delivered.  We should not judge Mr White and other operatives on their ability to have Black people focus on the struggle up to the next plateau - without registering much grievance.  Instead their integrity rests our perusal of their opinion article archive in which we don't see any warnings of the broken merchandise that would appear in the delivery once received by us.

    Mr White accused the Republicans of pushing a message of "Black Inferiority" and "Illegitimacy".
    A thief that has mastered the language of Black inferiority for the benefit of "The Least Of These" should be respected for his ability to call out those that make use of the same slight of hand.

    Ironically, Mr White, tells of the needed "struggle motion" that Black people must continue despite the impedance from the GOP.  He is loathed to make note of plateau that we now stand on as a people and how much these same words of struggle had been used at various checkpoints along the way.  For Mr White - he should be scrutinized for failing to ask for EARNEST MONEY as proof that the Black Community's interests were at hand.  That we were not on a "confidence ride" - where the cab fare from NY to DC sneaks out of the back door of the cab once they slow to a crawl in the traffic of the DC beltway.

    Posted On The Jack White blog
    Mr White:

    Have you ever given thought to pen an article which is from a BLACK Community perspective instead of from the perspective of the "Hijacked Black Consciousness" with the viewpoint of a chocolate covered Progressive Democrat?

    I think that a better question would be asked of the Black Community:

    "After giving the full investment of your 'equal Black ballots' and having fused your racial consciousness to your ideology and American politics - spitting on the warnings made by Malcolm X - WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR YOU, Black Americans, to rediscover your dignity and see that certain problems that you continue to face, despite having a Black Progressive President and dominate control over all of the local institutions where you live in your highest concentrations - that VOTING HARDER is not the proper course for your correction. It first requires you to remove the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who carry a megaphone or a reporter's pen from your midst so that you can think more clearly about your way forward.

    Studying you, Mr White - yields a documentary on why, despite all of the wins that have been amassed in the areas that the "Black Racial Services Machine" had us focused upon - our community still suffers tremendous loss.

    The Root was insightful in hiring you to keep a watch on the Right-Wing so that the Left-wing can continue its pick pocking of our community consciousness.

    Constructive Feedback

    Saturday, July 2, 2011

    The "Anti-Republican Is Not Pro-Black" Series: Angry Black Lady More Pissed At Michelle Bachmann's Husband For Gay Conversion Than At Obama's Failed "Hope & Change" Scheme

    Angry Black Lady is more pissed that the husband of Republican Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachmann does "gay conversions" more than she is that Obama racked up so many "Black Equal Ballots" on the notion that 'Hope and Change" was going to CONVERT the conditions in:

    • Black Communities
    • Black Schools
    • Black Workplaces
    • Black Family Relationships

    Barack Obama Speaks About "Hope And Change" For Black People And Millions Respond With Bumper Stickers On Their Car, Showing That They Bought It.

    Angry Black Lady Self-Chums Her Readers - Attacking Republicans For Their Budget Which Increases The Federal Debt By $6T Over 10 Years

    A National Black Progressive radio talk show host asked why there are no Black OPINION shows on the major cable news networks?  He is clearly talking about MSNBC and CNN because FoxNews and a conservative show would not count.    I make the case that there is no need for a "Progressive Who Is Black" opinion show because there is no distinction between their talking points and that which they retrieve from the White Progressive press.   The Paul Ryan debt claim was obtained through this same channel.

    She says nothing about the Obama Budget which has a greater increase in the debt - mostly because Obama is NOT her target...............and neither is the debt.