Monday, June 27, 2011

Your Comments Must Be Approved By The Moderator Before Appearing

The original purpose of this particular blog was to serve as a "Shadow Posting" site for my own comments.

For some reason those who are keen on "Free Speech" frequently demonstrate that they really don't like someone who is aggressive in brushing back their talking points.

I ask you to read through my comments below as (attempted to be) posted on The and tell me if there are any offending words that should be captured into a filter.

The funny thing is - as I read through some of the comments of various blogs that I choose to post on I see other posts and then let out a sigh of relief - "Whew - if they allow this ignorance and name calling through their filters, I am sure that they won't have a problem with me posting - challenging THE AUTHOR OF THE PIECE".

I am of the belief that certain operatives within the Black community prefer IGNORANT POSTERS who say the dumbest things or conspiracy theories - but who ultimately support the position of the author than they do a person like ME - who dares to READ the post, ANALYZE the logic - PRODUCE A CORRECTIVE MODEL (telling the author why they are wrong and the negative outcomes of their positions) and then stand my ground with all challengers.

I think that in the Progressive-Fundamentalist Propaganda blogs that I have been banned from my problem is that I DARE TO DISRUPT A PROPAGANDA FLOW.
They are used to having various posters who join in on the "Chum Feeding" and are not comfortable as I DARE to respond to a number of the posts.
(They don't realize that there are some people that I write off as "Not worth it". They appear to be bothered by the people who HOLD THEIR SAME POSITIONS but then see me pick their arguments apart).

For all of the mockery of Black Conservatives that these Progressive Propaganda Blogs Do - they seem to have problems with dealing with one that SPEAKS BACK to them.

[quote] It seems you have some issues with Black people and that's YOUR DEMON not mine[quote]


I have "Issues with Black people"........but no one who controlled the Detroit Public Schools - took a hit at the initiation of the COMMUNITY

I have "Issues with Black people"..........but the 2 Black teens that got shot in the back of the head - EXECUTION STYLE in Atlanta this past weekend - did not draw a PROTEST MARCH - like the White man who beat the Black woman outside of the Cracker Barrel

I have "Issues with Black people".......but as I watch "Brick City" and see that in a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED CITY where every possible seat is held by a person that is favorable to Goldie Taylor and Al Sharpton -the PERMANENT INTERESTS of the Black Community have not been addressed. People like YOU can't see that in Newark, Chicago, Philly, DC and Atlanta the EQUAL BLACK BALLOT - invested into the latest local campaign has NO VALUE in changing the outcome of the people's lives - now that the "Struggle Has Been WON Locally"

I don't have a problem with Black people BlackHeywood I have a problem with the HIJACKERS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS who USE their embedded position to draw upon our people's CONFIDENCE - compelling us to invest our "Equal Black Ballot" into the same game that MALCOLM X WARNED US ABOUT.

Do you recall ever being as skeptical about the Embedded Confidence Men within our ranks as you have about my agenda

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