Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who Is Bev Smith?


  • What is here agenda?
  • How does she plan to turn her awareness of the violence and dysfunction in the Black community in Pittsburgh and other areas into effective solutions?
  • Does her admission that the American "System" keeps executing "atrocities"  - regardless of who is in power motivate her to build up a more ORGANIC base of power that is not dependent upon this system for its basic needs and "Social Justice"?
I have been listening to "The Bev Smith Show" as much as possible for several months now.  Thanks to the wonders of Internet streaming audio the weak broadcast signal of WAOK AM in Atlanta is no longer an issue. Their content can be reached anywhere in the world - as long as you have an Internet connection.

I have decided to restructure this post.  I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE THIS A HIT PIECE.  I try to move beyond the transactional "Gotcha Politics" as is seen on many other activist blogs that claim to be representatives of the interests of the Black community (and of course other blogs that are not Black also perpetrate in this manner).   My overall goal as I study the forces that bear down upon the Black community is to develop a model with the hopes of crafting a strategy by which the negative forces can be attenuated in their impact upon us and the forces for net positive uplift can be afforded a more unrestricted flow as the "gunk" that is blocking their nozzle is removed.

To me Bev Smith is a dichotomy.   She is connected with the Black community's interests while at the same time tragically bigoted in her ideological and economy viewpoints.   No real world evidence which would allow her to see that a nominal change in players will produce substantive differences in the OUTCOMES for Black people. She confuses "favorable (progressive) policies which have the INTENTION of helping our people with EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES that can be proven to help.   Indeed there are some "non-progressive" methods that - in a time of crisis - remove options from a free people so that they can "evacuate from a burning house".   

If we tie the two persons called "Bev Smith" together the main criticism that I have for her (and those who think like her) is that in the midst of Black suffering - the fight that they are most inclined to engage in - per their ideological sensibilities - merely keeps Black people UNIFIED in a OUTWARD STRUGGLE - but ultimately fails to build up the organic system of propulsion that our community needs to overcome the challenges that are often presented on her show.

Bev Smith
The Black Community Advocate
Bev Smith
The Anti-Corporate / Pro Progressive Government Advocate
Who Is The Problem?Black People who have been placed into a state of unconsciousness by the various forces that seek to destroy our people are seen killing people in our streets, failing to take maximum advantage of their educational opportunities and failing to establish and maintain healthy community relationships with other Black people.Corporations and Republicans who seek to squash democracy and suppress "Social Justice" use a variety of schemes to keep the wealth and power in the hands of the few.
What Is The Fix?Black People need to become UNIFIED.  We as a community need to understand that external forces are seeking to destroy our people and that we are playing into their hands in much of what we do.  Indeed the Black community must solve its own problems.  The balance of this struggle, however is with Blacks UNIFYING for a fight against Corporate-Conservative enemies.Strong-Progressive Controlled government is needed to push the Republicans out of power and to place the Corporations in check.   With such progressive power - the GOVERNMENT, in favorable hands will reorient the nation and the key and pressing problems will be solved - not just by GOVERNMENT but by PROGRESSIVE GOVERNMENT.
How Has Obama- In Power As President Altered This Situation? President Obama continues to be the right man for the job.  Forces who don't care about Black people or who lack compassion (Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, John Boehnner, Pau Ryan, Rush Limbaugh) are doggedly trying to trip up Obama from doing his work at implementing PROGRESSIVE reforms to this government which will immobilize the RACIST policy effects that the White Conservative Christian ethos has placed upon our necks since the inception of this nation.  Therefore Blacks would be wise to continue to support Obama despite some disappointments with him.  The Republican alternative to Obama would surely remove the progressive steps that Obama has taken for the benefit of Black people and all Americas.The main criticism with Obama is that he held over too many Republicans from the Bush Administration and also had Zionist forces advising him.  They were the forces of continuity and thus they had Obama retaining some of the egregious Bush Administration policies.  If Obama purges these "Wall Street Money men, torturers and civil liberties violators" from his midst we would see more progressive policy outcomes from his administration.  Obama did not "sellout" as much as the system was too powerful for him to fight against at every turn.

Obama STILL is the best PROGRESSIVE vessel for change that we have.   It is the SYSTEM that is bombing Libya - don't look at Obama's signature on the military orders.
Lets Talk About Libya And The Military Arm Of The "Economic Hit Man" That John Perkins Was Talking AboutThe Black community has been lulled into complacency as to what is going on with the US Military Industrial Complex.  We are more worried about Kim Kardashians posterior being real or not than we are about how Haiti and Libya are merely the newest victims of US Imperialism.  The War In Libya is a corporate war.  The forces of American Corporate Hegemony desire to control the oil in Libya and to prevent Libya from initiating a gold backed currency for the benefit of the region.  By moving off of the dollar as the reserve currency and oil trading denomination - America and its Western powers would be undercut.

Obama has little traction to go against the American Corporate-Military Machine.  The US Military and the Judges who rule on torture are largely populated with individuals that were installed under 8 years of Bush.  The best way to counter these forces is to support, not attack Obama.  All him time to put Progressive Judges and to clean house of all of the Bush-era appointees in his cabinet.
When You Call For "Americans To PROTEST" What Is Going On - What Will Be The Impact?Black People should be protesting now.  We should focus our angst against the incumbent power who:

  • Want to deny us Health Care
  • Who want to make cuts to Medicare - to turn it over to the states and insurance companies
  • Who want to cut Social Security - slapping the face the people who have worked their entire life 
  • Who want to deny quality education to all young people so that they maintain a "Prison Class" of people who are marginalized and exploited
Don't Protest Against Obama - Protest against the Corporations and Wall Street Finance and Military forces that are working against the interests of Obama and the working American.

Don't confuse protesting against INCUMBENTS because you are aggrieved with TARGETED PROTESTS against those who have proven to be your enemy per their right-wing policies that don't have your progress in mind.

The Protests against Obama by the Tea Party have been RACIALLY motivated.  The threat that Obama has to them is that he threatens to implement policies that benefit everyone and those who only want their selfish interests advanced realize the threat of Obama's good works.

Of course - the grid above is MY interpretation of how Bev Smith would agree the questions placed to her.  These are not written for slander but with a careful understanding of her agenda and how she thinks.

The though of "Obama In Battle In A Self-Initiated War Libya" as the prime fork in the road for those who thus far had operated on certain protective instincts has been thwarted by Ms Smith's craftiness.

It wasn't OBAMA who did it - it was the people who surround him.
General David Petraeus, the Bush-Man who tortured people in Iraq is trying to set up a policy where the American troops can do what it takes to make people in Afghanistan and Libya give up information.   While he is made the fall-guy Ms Smith never asks her self "WHY did President Obama promote the general from the field commander in Afghanistan over to the CIA - as Leon Panetta was moved to the Defense Department"?

Previously I had mentioned "The Inferiorization of President Obama".  Sadly some people are forced to diminish him as a President in order to allow him to remain stain free in their on psyche.   Bush and Cheney were marinated through and through with the evil - Obama merely has allowed the evil around him to stain his white shirt with their marinade sauce.   Bev Smith has a cleaning potion to take that stain out - as if it never was there.

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