Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Would It Take For "Average Brother The Liberal Kappa" To Vote Against Obama?

We learned during our debate in 2008 as the presidential campaign was in effect that Average Brother The Liberal Kappa (and I quote) left the Democratic party because "they failed to sufficiently respond to John McCain's RACIST attacks against Senator Obama".

Though I have been banned from the blog for spending too much time rebutting the "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist moths" who clustered around the bright light on the back porch I have this blog on my watch list.  (See in the right side frame of shame).

With Obama in office for nearly 3 years and our economic outlook kinda bleak, my friend "Average Brother The Liberal Kappa" has fired off another one that should cause us pause.

You see - it seems that the fact that we are not still losing 700,000 jobs a month should indicate to all men of good will that Obama is doing a hellava job.   These jobs, after all, are like a glass of water.  If Obama didn't save the economy - we would have continued to lose 700K jobs per month until all of the jobs had drained out of the United States.  Then they'd have to go to Canada or Mexico and start taking jobs from their tally of job losses - as the sucking from the USA's 700K per month took them down as well.   A black hole in the vortex.

The new left-wing talking point of "Obama Saved The US Economy From Collapse" and "Obama Saved The US Auto Industry" is merely a coping mechanism.   A veritable resetting of the threshold of "Hope and Change" to save face.

When our friend "Average Brother The Liberal Kappa" was a Democrat in the age of the Burning Bush he would have been seen in the grandstands throwing black and copper-top batteries at the quarterback on the playing field.

Now that he is an "Independent" having left the Democratic Party due to the RACISM of the Republicans - the least that he can do now is to provide progressive coaching advice to Obama - the star quarterback.

While he has a vested interest in having Obama's Quaterback Passer Rating as high as possible so that he can ward off any future RACIST attacks by Republicans against this Black and Democratic and Progressive at the helm - he also realizes that the Black loyal fans sitting behind him in the "nose bleeds seats" might start aiming the batteries that they still have in their pockets for Bush at Obama, with "Average Brother The Liberal Kappa" being hit as some of them inadvertently hit him as he sits with his vantage point at the 50 yard line.

Thus our thoughtful friend who is caught between loyalties is forced to posit his newest recommendation to his people:

"Cheer Up Black People - At Least We Are Not Losing 700,000 Jobs Per Month Like We Were Under Bush - That Racist!!"

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