Sunday, June 26, 2011

A The Expense Of The Black Community.........The Snarling Foxes And The Embedded Confidence Men That Cavort With Them

Take a watch at this video.

The one thing that Progressive Political Preacher Al Sharpton and his ideologically bigoted Young Turk MSNBC counterpart Cenk Uygur don't have to worry about is talking about what is going on WITHIN the Black Community from the perspective of INCUMBENCY.

As you listen to Progressive Political Preacher Al Sharpton run down the injuries suffered by Black people from Republicans you can be sure that you won't hear the transparent truth.

The New Jersey Legislature Stripped Collective Bargaining Rights At The Initiation Of A Republican Governor:

From Wikipedia
The sitting Legislature is the 214th Legislature of the State of New Jersey. Currently, the Democrats are the majority party in both Houses. In the Senate there are 23 Democrats and 17 Republicans. There are 47 Democrats and 33 Republicans serving in the General Assembly.

 Snarling Fox Cenk Uygur just argued that TAX CUTS are "GIVING money to the RICH".

In the mind of Progressive-Fundamentalists - they are forced to compensate for the fact that they have failed to generate ORGANIC PRODUCTION in the places where they have taken control, and in many cases have destroyed the productive base.  In order to compensate they make the debate about TAX POLICY and how the failure to nationalize private capital amounts to a MONEY FOR THE RICH.

Until the Black Community begins to appraise the situation by which those who GOT OUR TWO POTS OF GOLD (Our VOTES and our CONSCIOUS LOYALTIES) with the promise of a POT OF GOLD FILLED WITH MONEY - we are going to continue having to fight our COMMUNITY BATTLES under the auspices of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

When the Democrats WIN we lose in that the 3rd pot is not filled
When the Democrats LOSE we lose our first 2 pots are squandered

They CAN'T LOSE with "The Blacks".

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