Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Tag Team Of Ed Schultz And Chancey DeVega Are Unable To Handle The Truth That Walter Williams Says

"Black Progressive Agenda" Host Ed Schultz Accesses Economist Walter Williams - A Black Man - Of Racism

If Ed Schultz was not a liberal he would be considered a bigot for his hate-filled and predicable bias in which he disproportionately blames 'the guilty party" for things far beyond their control.

Ed Schultz does not operate alone.  He has a cadre of enablers - many of them Black who provide his bigotry the needed "street cred" that a Black face or voice on his show provides.

The latest dust up with Dr Walter Williams - a trained and published economist speaks volumes.

Mr Williams - a fellow Philadelphian - has noted that "Welfare has done to Black people what Slavery had not done: BREAK UP THE BLACK FAMILY".

Do you notice that Ed Schultz never addresses the issue of BLACK FAMILIES in his rebuttal against Williams?

This fits a pattern with White Liberal Snarling Foxes and their Black Progressive-Fundamentalist cohorts - if there is not an agreeable enemy force to blame for the condition of Black people - they are unable to properly analyze the problem nor the appropriate fix.

Here is the first part of the 4 part YouTube clip of Dr Walter Williams' interview with John Stossel.

Ironically Part 2 is in line with what Progressives believe in regards to drug legalization.

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