Friday, June 17, 2011

The's Dr NSenga Burton On Libya - "Just The Fact's Ma'am" When It Comes To Criticism Of Obama

White House Defends Libya Mission

In the annals of American history this period of time will be known by what Black Americans were lulled into complicit silence over things that they would normally be heard protesting against.  This for no other reason than their desire to avoid criticizing a Commander In Chief.

To understand this situation it is better to move away from what they desire to obtain in this matter (the high popularity polls and reelection of this one President).  We should look at that which was thought to be important among Black people that is lost and its ultimate impact.

In the case of Libya the losses are many.  Someone predicting about 30 years ago after Reagan had bombed Libya to the chorus of condemnation of American imperialism that 30 years afterward Libya would be systematically bombed while Black America was lulled into silence would have been as unbelievable as the claim that there would be a Black President of the United States.

The abruptness of change from "enemy President" to one that most Blacks live vicariously through is a blessing for those of us who are studying the the forces that bear down upon the Black community which manipulate the outcomes of our people.

"I am looking for Obama to take on the Republicans head on. WE Democrats always think of our selves as intellectuals.....".

Does it surprise anyone that this "Democrat with a keyboard" and a forum for syndication of her views makes full use of her spoken intentions and thus 'Takes It To The Republicans' - just as she wants Obama to do?

Most people would inspect Dr Burton from the angle of fairness and balance. I will not. I have already calibrated the capacity of the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press". It is important that we focus upon the CONSEQUENCES of their actions in relation to the interests of Black America and others in the diaspora.

On the subject of US Imperialist forces, in collaboration with 3 African Colonial Powers arbitrarily choosing to bomb the African nation of Libya based on trumped up claims of a "Humanitarian Mission" is a special occurrence that provides us with the ability to inspect the character of the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press".

Dr Burton - as you see in the article above - is a stenographer on behalf of Commander In Chief Obama. She focuses on the debate about the "War Powers Act" but has nothing to say about the decision by these American and European powers to pick out this one nation out of all the others who are experiencing uprisings and use the full power of the NATO military arsenal to run its recognized leader out of power.

What started as a "No Fly Zone" has turned into a full scale attack on the nation.
Gone are the reports from the left (except "Democracy Now") about the collateral damage that US-allied forces are rendering upon an impoverished people (as was the case in Iraq and then Afghanistan). Instead we see the government of Libya and its damage done placed in the spotlight. The rebels who are trying to over-throw the government has their wounds shown to the world.

The damage that Dr Burton and the rest of the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" is causing to the interests of Black America is that they are setting a PRECEDENT. Those who previously thought that Black Progressives "spoke truth to power" and were opposed to wars of aggression will be made to see that there is actually a set of priorities that exist - all motivated by ulterior motives of Ideology, Party and the desire to indict the opposition, thus fortifying their own ranks in to UNITY.

The counterpoint is that when forced to chose between retaining their "permanent interests" or defending their "permanent friend" their "punting" can be seen in the silence and/or "Just The Facts Ma'am" reporting.

To see Dr Burton go from an opinionated, linker of "the big picture" who has her indictments of the Republicans down to a "4 Degrees Of Separation" from Jim Crow - unable to make inferences upon the antics of the Obama Administration when it does things that she had previously condemned with Bush - is truly stunning.

We need to stretch forward a few decades and make note of the presence of another unfavorable President who initiates some actions that have been traditionally viewed unfavorably by most Black Americans. The bombing of Africa being one of these things. At the sight of hoards of African Americans at the iron gates of the White House this president need only pull up the "YouTube Video" of the anti-Libya War protests and show a screen print of the "Video Not Found" as his primary means of showing the arbitrary outrage from this band.

Many would argue that their trust in Obama which has been built up in other areas gives them the ability to trust his motives in other areas - giving him the benefit of the doubt. Whereas these very same people can be heard saying - "Obama does not call the shots" - there are greater forces that impose their will upon the American president - what they fail to see is that their own bias in defense of Obama functions to provide SILENCE from the Black community as these greater powers do what they would have done anyway through McCain EXCEPT Black people would be protesting.

It is this inability to move beyond the TRANSACTIONAL INDICTMENT (or transactional defensiveness per their vicarious living) and outward toward a reconciliation of their broader conspiracy theories - thus documenting how they are made into "Useful Idiots" by these greater forces who's existence they attest to (ironically so that they don't have to blame Obama for his "war-making" / "war-continuation").

Take this same model and move it back into the domestic affairs of Black Americans and we see the very same compromise of the interests of Black Americans. When in the midst of economic, academic and sociological crisis Black Americans are seen unexplainably supportive of the government - this gives rise to the evidence of a greater force than what these "Permanent Interests" were thought to be.

Those who believe that "Black people support Obama more than their permanent interests" have it wrong.

The role of The, The and the Black Progressive Blogger Understudies (and other "Progressive who are Democrat who are Black" media sources) is to have Black people placed into a RACIALLY DEFENSIVE POSITION so that their present frustrations and the logical expression against the sitting government (local, state and federal) is counterbalanced by this greater interests of RACIAL SELF-PRESERVATION against a threat.

The main damage of Dr Burton and other "embedded confidence men" is that as they transact the defensiveness of Black Americans in the context of the immediate support for their party and the cyclical support for the election cycle - they will NEVER develop the infrastructure by which the PERMANENT INTERESTS of Black People will transcend any force that is present within the American Political Domain. Dr Burton is merely an agent of this domain.

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