Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Reviews "Comedians Who Went Too Far" - Skips Previous Criticism Of Dr Laura

The Root - So Funny It Hurts. Comedians Who Went Too Far

I will allow you to read the article from The Root.s Jacque Reid on your own.

The implicit message that I got from the article is that inter-group comedy which goes too far is more hurtful than anything that a comedian who makes intra-group comedy that others can't get away with is not as stinging.

In a strange parallel of the present "feigned offense" over the words of Newt Gingrich's as he commented on the condition of Black communities under Obama the attacks on Dr Laura a short time ago as she notated that Black Comedians on premium cable shows go too far when they make abundant use of the word "Nigger" in their performances.

The key point that Gingrich and Dr Laura fail to understand is that no outsider can define the threshold that a group will choose to enforce as a standard.  The rebuke that these two have faced is a permutation of the phenomenon called "No One Can Tell Us Who Our Black Leaders Are".

As I watched as Tracy Morgan went on an apology tour to ask for forgiveness from the gay community and then agree to do a public service campaign as part of his contrition I was fully aware that Morgan and no other Black comedian would ever have to worry about the "Black Racial Services Machine" calling them to the carpet for offending Black people with anything they have said about Blacks on stage.

Even if a Black comedian performed in front of an all White audience - he being the only Black in the room - his excessive use of the word "Nigger" in his stage play and the sight of thunderous laughs from the White crowd - his skin color would provide him with the necessary protection from attack.  

The truth is that this is not the power that skin color provides as protective cover.   This is merely an evidence of the corrupt state that the Black community governance institutions are presently in.

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