Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Progressive Fundamentalists - SELLING Black People On The Notion Of Moving To Vermont In Order To Get 2 Black (Progressive Democratic) Senators

The links on the side of my friend Rippa's page prove to be a wealth of information as to what is on the mind of Black Progressive-Fundamentalists.

The co-founder of Afro-Spear wants Black people to move to Vermont in order to get 2 Black (Progressive Democratic) Senators - yet they can't even show a "root cause analysis" as to what went wrong with their scheme for Black uplift in Philly, Chicago, Detroit and Newark

Ju Ju Be:

It goes without saying that you are not talking about 2 "Black" Senators.
You are speaking of "2 Black Democratic Progressive" Senators.

With all due respect - do you see how Black Progressives are always SELLING OUR PEOPLE FORWARD - like a proverbial carrot on a stick rather than doing "root cause analysis" on why what you all had sold us on before has failed to deliver as expected?

It seems that you all like the "Struggle Motion" because it gives us the aura of "Purposefulness" and "Unity".

In addition what you often sell as "the Black Agenda" is merely a "Progressive Agenda" in which benefit channelled through the Democratic party is said to result in benefit to Black people.
Yet if someone dares to go to the various "Mission Accomplished Cities" to see how the last time Black Progressive had coalesced - the UNITY on the front end and the investment of our "Equal Ballots" did not result in the uplift of our people per the increase in our Permanent Interests.

Do you see the need to have a bit of protection between those of you who propose METHODOLGIES for our way forward as a people and those who are making dispassionate critical analysis as to the EFFECTIVENESS of the agenda - changing if it fails?

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