Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Post On Jack & Jill That Is "Awaiting Moderator Approval" And Likely Will Reach "File 13" If The Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist Is The Moderator

Subject:  The Feigned Offense Over The Words Of Atlanta Radio Host Neal Boortz About His Listeners Defending Himself Against Street Pirates

I recall in April of this year there was a series of home invasions in the northern suburbs of Atlanta (read between the lines - where WHITE FOLKS live).  There were several homes with surveillance cameras that captured "Street Pirates who are Black" on video as they were kicking in the door.   There was a family that was held hostage as their house was ransacked.  There was a woman who came home to find Street Pirates in her house.  The list goes on and on.

WHEN THESE EVENTS HAPPENED I set out the alarm: "When THE WHITE FOLKS start RACIALLY PROFILING - the present SILENCE by the 'Civil Rights Pharisees' to what is going on will be BROKEN as they cry RACISM(!!!!)"

In the world of the "White Liberal Snarling Fox Watch" where Media Matters is monitoring the words of the Conservative Wolf and then Ed Schultz syndicates the "insult" but does not say a DAMNED THING about the streaming "Street Pirate Attacks"  - it comes as no surprise to me that the clip from Ed Schultz now appears on so many Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser blogs as they take their usual position.

The real story here is about the number of BLACK WOMEN SEEN CRYING ON THE EVENING NEWS after being directly assaulted by a street pirate or losing a loved one in the slashing.  The frustrating thing about Jack & Jill Politics and other "Media Matter"/HuffPo syndication sources is that they are forced to look past the injury that BLACK PEOPLE have suffered as they wait until a WHITE CONSERVATIVE WOLF "insults them" with the information that most Black people in Metro Atlanta know to be the truth.

I will now find my video in which an elderly Black woman is heard on video telling her neighbors to GET A GUN.  It happened about 4 months ago.  Stay tuned while I contrast her words against the "Racist" Neal Boortz.

Those who are expert on INDICTMENTS are typically incompetent in managing the interests WITHIN the Black community.

My Comments On Jack & Jill That Are "Awaiting Moderator Approval" - Thus Proving That This Is NOT A Problem With Disqus

My Dear Friend Rikyrah:

As a resident of Metro Atlanta and a blogger who is the voice of the VICTIMS of Street Pirate Attacks which the "Black Racial Services Machine" in Atlanta deem to be INFERIOR to the assault made by White people - I have a challenge for you on this matter.

The great Bishop Henry McNeal Turner was a fighter on behalf of the Black community during Reconstruction. He saw his community being attacked. He saw that the police authorities, despite their claims otherwise - could not protect the members of his community.

The Black community in Atlanta is being ATTACKED by forces who "Don't Give A Damn" about them in the same manner. These same forces are doing home invasions in White and Black areas without regard for race.
The Police in Atlanta and surrounding cities in the Metro Atlanta cannot protect the community from this force of Street Pirates.

Neal Boortz is a White Conservative
His audience is mostly WHITE.
He was therefore talking to a mostly White audience.

If we moved you back about 100 years to the time of Bishop Turner - would you be calling him out for suggesting that a community that is under DOCUMENTED attack is RACIST for seeking to protect itself from a group of people who are under the influence of a CULTURE who has them operating like they DON'T GIVE A DAMN?

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