Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Huffington Post's "Just The Facts Ma'am" Reporting On The Hispanc On Black Violence In LA

I am the first person to say that HuffPo and MSNBC should not be faulted for failing to cover "assaults on Black people" that run awry of their preferred schematic (White On Black Assault and thus a "Hate Crime"). They actually do a good job in placing this type of news in their line up when it warrants a more nationalized coverage.

If one does a longitudinal analysis of their news coverage of such events it is more accurate to say that their bias shows in their ANALYSIS of these events.

In the recent case where Hispanic Gangs were seen doing "Ethnic Cleansing" of Black people from a particular neighborhood of Los Angeles, HuffPo did in fact cover the story. Their coverage was free from the standard editorializing in which the incident in LA was made connected to a larger story of "Hate Crimes" or generic "Interracial violence".

In addition to the straight news publication arm HuffPo has a series of highly agendized opinion writers. Since none of them appear to be particularly interested in doing an expose' on the fastest growing "Hate Crime" - "Black On Hispanic Racially Motivated Attacks (and vice versa) the story pretty much goes unsaid and unreported.

I have noted that MSNBC's (The Black Progressive Agenda Network) Rachel Maddow follows this same course of action. She can be seen seeking to connect any "White violence" to that of a Tea Party local auxiliary. When an IRS agent was found hanging in the woods with a note around his neck Ms Maddow used several shows to expose this as an orchestrated attack by anti-government right-wing forces (the same as the case in Tulsa) - until the official investigation proved otherwise.

Likewise - with the issue of "Illegal Immigration" as a hot issue in this nation neither HuffPo or MSNBC would dare do anything that remotely provides their ideological adversaries with a video clip of their comments for later use against them.

The main point that we can gather from this is that neither have a cut and dry, "call'em and let the chips fall where they may" view of the "value of Black life" that was stolen away.

When there is a larger INDICTMENT that can be made - they feature the indictment against their right-wing enemies - front and center.

When there is some interdependences involved with a story they fall back to "Just The Facts Ma'am" reporting. With a wink and an nod their Progressive audience gets the message that THIS "HATE CRIME" is not one that they should strike upon.

Thus the axiom of "Non-White White Supremacy" is perpetuated as they represent the premium assailant.

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