Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How The Obama Fist Bump Press Editorializes Against Their Enemies But "Straight Reports" Bad News About Their Friends

The's Dr NSenga Burton is one of the worst violators of the use of the editorial indictment against her political and ideological enemies.

Republicans Look to End VA Healthcare for Over 1.3 Million Veterans

The article goes on to challenge the idea that many veterans who historically vote for the GOP based on the perceived “support” for the military and veterans, are being taken for a ride because the party does not protect those interests.We guess it's like the countless poor and working-class Americans that continue to vote Republican because they buy into the rhetoric that they are the party of the common folk, when in fact, they are the party of the wealthy. It appears if you are not rich or a corporate entity, then the party is not concerned with your interests. Veterans have something to think about -- continue to vote with a political party based on perception or vote with a political party based on reality. Whatever the case, veterans in general and Republican veterans in particular need to be asking some hard questions.

I challenge Dr Burton to travel the streets of various "Mission Accomplished Cities" and make note of how "The Least Of These" who believe that the Progressive-Fundamentalists that they vote into power are being fooled as their present conditions show how the Democrats who run on being the "part of the vulnerable people" do more to represent them in the legislature than they do to make them the "un-least of these".

 My recent trip to Philadelphia showed how much the Black community who possess the "Equal Black Ballot" and has leveraged it to drive out the Republican Party that cares only about the rich - out of power in the city. Despite this type of success that Dr Burton loves the most - none of this activity has advanced the cause of:

  • Economics
  • Education
  • Public Safety
within the Black community of Philadelphia and other places.

While Burton and others can tell us what the Republicans are NOT (and rightfully so) they appear to have an issue in telling us what the Democrats are not.  

The one fact they can't over come is that for all of the angst that the GOP causes Black Progressive-Fundamentalists - the one thing that they can't say is that "The GOP has squandered the Black vote that was invested in them" because there is so little to see.   They are loathed to do the same analysis of the Black vote for the Democratic Party.  How much our "Community Consciousness" has been fused with the party but so much has been shorted as compared to the hopes.

Dr Burton knows her role well.  She said so on her YouTube video - her job is to assist Obama in being successful.  Unfortunately this means talking around the shortcomings of what was hoped on the "blank canvas" and focusing on the negative deeds  her ideological enemies.

Contrast This To A Report On The Economy Under Obama

The Grio:  Obama Expresses Concern About Slowing Economy

I acknowledge that the Grio article is merely a syndication of an AP story and thus there is no editorial within the main piece.   The point remains - if and when there is a syndicated article about an adversary of The Grio-Root - they tend to add an editorial comment which twists a knife in their adversary's back before providing the link.

Despite the noted suffering of Black people during this economy the "Obama Fist Bump Press" is far more likely to detail the POLICIES that Obama has in mind to correct the economy and then spend the bulk of their time attacking the Republicans who oppose these plans which are all "deficit spending proposals".

We are all lulled into looking nationally for economic understanding.  Thus the battle becomes one between Obama and the Democrats.   I have previously stated that we have a 3 dimensional economy.  The federal government is not the center of it.  For Black people the state of affairs in the "Mission Accomplished Cities" plays a large part in our economic condition.  Tax Policy, regulatory policy, education and public safety all impact the conditions.

If they did focus locally they would have to start their analysis as to how the policies that look very similar to what Obama is proposing nationally have worked when they were applied locally.  Unlike the national vista - there are few Republicans in the "Mission Accomplished" cities that our people live in in large numbers.  Newark is a use case of this fact.  The battle is between "Progressive Democratic Faction A" versus "Progressive Democratic Faction B".

Obama is not blamed for the present conditions.
The conditions remain because Obama's progressive policies have not been adopted.

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