Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Again Proves That It Is Not Serious About The Problems That Plague Black People

The Search For Superman In Our Public Schools

I must begin to accept that "when you have identified a snake in the grass".......don't be surprised when it bites, spitting venom and vitriol in its target's eyes before doing so.

As I was transferring my post to this blog I forgot to notate the irony that while Goldie Taylor inserts 3 Republicans into her debate about the condition of Public Schools for Black people..............she failed to make note of WHO the Black community in New York were protesting against:  THE PROGRESSIVE NAACP!!!!

Despite hearing several notable Progressive (Democratic) Blacks speak of their support for Geoffery Canada and what he is doing with the "Harlem Children's Zone" - when he needed their support in fighting the NAACP who teamed up with the Teachers Union to attack Charter Schools - THEY WERE SILENT!!!!!

What we have - people - is the lack of discipline in the Lampblacked Yellow Journalist Press.  When it comes to seriously managing the key institutions that we have been charged with governing - they prefer to draw upon the proven points of obfuscation that draw Black people's attention. 

How does it feel to know that YOU are being used as so much of what is important to you is being mismanaged - often by forces you support?

Humm lets see:

* Michelle Bauchmann
* Sarah Palin
* Herman Cain

Ms Taylor - are these the 3 superintendents of the failing majority Black school systems of Philadelphia, Chicago and Detroit? I can't seem to figure out their LINKAGE to FAILED EDUCATION FOR BLACK PEOPLE. Maybe you can help me out?

If there is a spirit of hatred in some White people that shows itslef as RACISM then we must be honest and understand that your own spirit of ideological and partisan hatred bears itself as your inability to focus on the forces that YOU PROMOTED INTO POWER to run our "Human Resource Development INSTITUTIONS" yet as they fail to deliver - instead of being disciplined in your expression of competency in managing what matters to our people - you and others are seen obfuscating on the popular enemies who can keep aggrieved people unified.

You have little discipline about you Ms Taylor. The adult parents and administrators in these falied schools love you because they know that they are going to be let off of the hook for their failure to manage the academic careers as people like you focus their attention on proven emotional draws that have NOTHING to do with their present failed academic circumstances.

Even in the "Mission Accomplished Cities" where these Republicans will get no more than 10% of the vote - in the ABSENCE of enemy Republicans in power - the fate of Black people is improved little as favorable Progressive-Fundamentalists obtain the "Equal Black Ballot" and fuse the "Black Consciousness" to their political cause with the hopes of our salvation.

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