Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Girls Of Jack & Jill Politics Are Now "Moderating" My Comments Into "File 13"

It seems that the Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist has flagged my account on Jack & Jill Politics where they all must receive "Moderator Approval".

With SHE as the "Moderator" I can predict where all of my comments will be filed.  Just like the first Black man to register to vote in Mississippi court ordered sanctions - the process of submitting his form and his paper work "not getting lost" are two completely different actions.  The man spoke too soon when he went home to tell his neighbor how "nice the White woman registrar" who used to ask him "How many bubbles are in a bar of soap" last week, prior to the court order - today smiled at him and said "Why thank you sir - I'll be sure to rush this paperwork through the system - just for you.  Have a good day".

The original purpose of the "BQPFRC-Bias" blog was to do a "Shadow Post" of my own views for archival purposes because the very same people who see free speech as a "Social Justice RIGHT" are also prone to be a bit sensitive when someone uses their personal "social justice" to speak truth to THEM.

I do acknowledge that they have control of the delete button.
Since "I Am Not A Victim" - I merely save every post before I turn my thoughts over to them.  Objective people can see from the evidence WHO THE BIGOT is.

You have to understand THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS.
Though the subject was, on the surface, about Anthony Weiner and his inappropriate behavior - they saw this as a "Democratic Team Member" being taken down by the RIGHT WING.

Now the same people who were using the "burned corpse" of Rep Lee of New York who sent pictures to a Black woman found on Craig's List as evidence of White Male REPUBLICAN's "Thinking With The Head In Their Pants" and using a BLACK WOMAN as the un-intended victim - who would have ever imagined that only a few short months later GROUND HOG DAY would repeat itself except THIS TIME we have a "Democratic Weiner".

In the Black community the term "Massa' Sick" has been typically used as an attack on Black Conservatives - by Black Progressive-Fundamentalists.  We see, time and time again, that the truth is that they are the one's who's behavior is more closely modeled by this label.

They are not called "sellouts" because the Black people who typically call people "Sellouts" are standing right beside them doing the very same thing.

We rarely get to compare and contract the behavior of "Black People With Hijacked Consciousness" as this exercise has provided to us.    The hallmark of the "All White Jury" is they were CONSISTENT.   While they were inconsistent in their application of the law between Black defendants who came before them (always guilty) and White defendants who came before them (it depended on WHO their assault victim was.  If it was a Black they were always INNOCENT).

They acted with the consciousness of "What Was Best To Maintain The Interests And Existing Power Of The White Community" NOT the fail application of JUSTICE to the individual who was before them.

Today the "Neo-All White Jury" is no different.   They can't look at their transactional BIGOTRY that is expressed on their way toward achieving their progressive ends.  The ENDS justify the MEANS.

As a Black man I am ASHAMED that our community has no means of CHECKING those who molest our "Community Consciousness" in such a manner.

They CLAIM that they are "Obtaining health care for Black people" and that Justice Clarence Thomas is a threat because he might cast the deciding vote to the contrary.

IF THEY WERE HONEST they would see (as I note below) that:

  • In Detroit the cost of health care INCREASED as more physicians exited the city
    • From An Agent Of Reform In Detroit "Since about 1997, we’ve lost about 60 percent of our primary care physician capacity [in Detroit]. That causes a drastic elevation in health care costs specifically for the underserved because if people don’t have access to primary care physicians, they end up in hospital emergency rooms where care costs five to six times more."
  • In Chile - this relatively poor nation, pound for pound, provides the best care with what it has to work with as they invested in EDUCATING PEOPLE as "Professional Service Agents" instead of purchasing Medical Technology, Advanced Drugs, and Cutting Edge Procedures - as the United States has.  
    • I learned this in a PROGRESSIVE Health Care forum sponsored by WRFG - "The PROGRESSIVE Information Station" in Atlanta
    • A physician at Grady Hospital blasted the political circus from both sides, saying that the reform was merely a transfer of government money to big money Health Care Interests 

Why is it irrational for me to look at the INSTITUTIONS that are now under a "Mission Accomplished State" within the Black Community but call them out in that SO FEW OF THEM are training up our young people to return back to our community as PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGENTS?

The PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST loves to FIGHT HIS ENEMY as the main product of his work.
When he/she SLIPS UP and WINS control of the institutions that they used to "Speak Truth To"..........the primary weakness of this distribution model is seen.

They merely use their past success as a stepping stone for another run at their real target.
Anyone who believe as I HAD BELIEVED as a youngster that "Once people who love our Black children and care for the Black community ARE IN POWER OVER OUR SCHOOLS................things are going to be different for the Black community" ............then they will see how mistaken they were to TURN THEIR COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS over to embedded operatives who's goal is merely to USE OUR GRIEVANCES and our "Equal Black Ballot" to achieve their ends of power aggregation while we are left still INFERIOR.

I am called a "Hater" for calling these FRAUDS out.
They sit comfortably with the confidence of our people while the masses are GRIEVING - unable to get their hands around the fact that this is merely a NEW CYCLE of SELLING our dreams.  In the past cycle they heard grieving Black voices and they had their sights in entering into:

  • The School Board
  • The Mayors Office
  • The City Council
  • The State Legislature
With these goals as "Mission Accomplished" - the are forced to find where their enemies have gone and make another run at it.   Failing to do so the BLACK RANK & FILE will see the bill of goods that was purchased - as the dust cloud that MOTION has generated dies down.

In their BIGOTRY AND HATRED they are NOT QUALIFIED to have unchecked influence on the "RACIAL CONSCIOUSNESS NUCLEUS" of our community.   They do irreparable damage as they string our people along, using their intimate knowledge of what makes us tick.

My Deleted Posts On Jack & Jill Politics - Please Show Me The OFFENSIVENESS, Beyond Being "Offensive To The Progressive-Fundamentalist's Spirit" 


Reply to Christian Progressive Fundamentalist after she asked is she needs to get a restraining order against me:
Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist:I told you a few years ago when you pulled the same stunt- I am a happily married (to a Black woman), resident father, gainfully employed and never been arrested. I DON'T WANT YOU.I have no doubt that you know the history of WHITE WOMEN claiming that a Black man raped them for no other reason than racial and political hared. In the line up she chose ONE because it was illegal for her to say "ALL OF DEM NINJAS DID IT. It doesn't matter to me if we get a few who didn't do it. We need to send a message so that the next group of 6 Darkies who will be in the line up next month when I claim 'raped' again will learn their lesson and run to the other side of the street when they see a White woman walking down the street. Let's just save the time and round them all up now!!". I hope that you will use your consciousness and not pursue this same tract as the bigoted White woman of the past.You say UNIFY!!!???
Isn't the PROBLEM in Black America today that we have UNITY in the "Congregational COMPLICIT silent" as to what is going on IN our name? With this UNITY - Prof West was stripped naked of his degrees because he chose to "Beat Commander In Chief Obama" upside the head with a PROGRESSIVE wiffle ball bat - using PROGRESSIVE INDICTMENTS that are only reserved for ENEMY Presidents.
If I go "Trolling" through the recent history of Oakland at it relates to BLACK COMMUNITY INCREASE - what would I find?From my understanding as the Koreans/Chinese took the once abandoned land at the foot of "Jack London Square" and made it into a "Little Asian Village" - a thriving cultural center - the pressures of increased cost of living has pushed many of the Blacks out to RICHMOND.Did they "Unify" and purchase a moving van so that U-Haul doesn't profit?I am not getting the value of UNITY unless it is grounded on something ORGANIC to our PERMANENT INTERESTS.
Please help me out.


So let me understand this, Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist -
Prior to Weiner ADMITTING that he had sent the picture - the Left Wing Attack Machine was marketing the case that the Clarence Thomas defenders had hacked Weiner's account in order to run a diversion on Justice Clarence Thomas' dealings with his wife.
NOW that we found out that Weiner was LYING all along - YOU are still wanting to focus on Justice Clarence Thomas?
Is there any spirit of honor and contrition within you?
With 9 members on the Supreme Court who will decide our "RIGHTS" to "Multiple Tax Payer Paid Health Care" you are more inclined to not discuss the MERITS and CONSTITUTIONALITY of this legislation but instead join in on the personal attacks.
If I told you that YOU DID NOT GET HEALTH CARE with "Obamacare" does it matter?  You merely got regulation on Insurance companies.
Tell me Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist - as I look at the increase in percentage of BLACK PHYSICIANS who have matriculated through the School System that "Favorable People To You" now control - would it be fair for me to state that the evidence of BENEFIT TO BLACK PEOPLE'S INTERESTS would be seen in the INCREASE of Black Physicians who can provide HEALTH CARE TO OUR PEOPLE as proof that YOUR PROGRESSIVE ANTICS have actual benefit to Black people?
Sorry to say but the percentage of Black Docs has NOT substantively increased per the growth in POWER of the Progressive Machine over the institutions of our community.
In listening to "Jill" at the "Racism Chasing Conference" put on by "The Root" she told of the need to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT in the future to change the condition of Black people.  I AGREE.
The one thing that I am not so sure that you all Progressive-Fundamentalists can bring yourselves to see is that the INSTITUTIONS THAT YOU ARE GAINING CONTROL OVER must be made to DELIVER THE DESIRED STANDARD OF LIVING for our people by ENGAGING OUR PEOPLE, training them into the PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGENTS that we need.
For some reason most of your political actions result in NOTHING ORGANICALLY BENEFICIAL for our people and are merely just an IDEOLOGICAL exercise in the Malcolm X Political Football Game  that he warned us about.   You were happy because you became the first female starting quarterback in the league - without understanding the BIG PICTURE of who you are playing for.


3ChicsPolitico said...

Hi CF!

Some of my comments & a few others are sent to moderation at JJP. It's a problem with disqus and nothing against you personally.

Be nice!

Constructive Feedback said...

Ahhh - No.

So all of a sudden ALL of my posts go to File 13?

I can't even "Like" on the blog any more.

Please understand - I am not MAD.

Those who are "Arbitrary" with their views going into the debate often require a high level of consensus so they can get their message out.

THIS BLOG is a protected space where my thoughts can't be deleted.

When certain blogs start deleting my messages - I don't need a "Restraining Order" to go away.

I know myself and what I believe and can substantiate my positions 0R humble myself and CHANGE when the prevailing evidence shows otherwise.

3ChicsPolitico said...


I tried to post several comments on JJP last night and couldn't. All went into moderation. So I tried again this morning and it worked. You're not singled out for comments to be moderated. It has happened to me, RobM, Ametia and Chris I am. The problem is disqus. I had to contact disqus a few days ago about a problem with comments and replies. You're not being singled out.