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Filled Negro From Filly - The Cost Of What Is Does Report On Is That Which He Does Not Report On And The Pain That The Assailant Called "Benign Neglect" Renders Upon Our People

My recent return home to Philadelphia PA, the place of my birth - after a 2 year absence provided me with a powerful sense of clarity about the purpose of my blog properties.

I have a time capsule picture of my old community from about 25 years ago when I was intimately familiar with the environment.

  • Lansdowne Avenue in West Philly
  • 69th Street in Upper Darby
  • 52nd and Market/Walnut/Chestnut where the urban shopping district bustles 
For those of us who represent ourselves as a vocal perspective of the Black community - our credibility rests on the FIDELITY of the picture that we paint about the streets.   Our individual ideological preferences might skew our ANALYSIS of the problems but there is another attribute that proves to be more problematic which I would like to discuss.


The word 'corruption' means little in that one man's corruption is another man who receives cover from the people because he purchased a turkey for them with the proceeds.   A corrupt state alone is not enough to form an indictment.

In keeping with the development of functional labels and not mere slanderous ones (ie: Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers) I have chosen to call certain people who I have been watching as "Contaminated" (compromised) not "Corrupt".

These people - often in the Black press or Bloggesphere have no official capacity per an elective office.  They merely are a part of the "Black Racial Services Machine" that work to maintain the prevailing narrative for our people to think within.   This is to their advantage.

My recent trip to Philadelphia - a "mission accomplished city" - gave me the insight to see the abject harm that is felt by our city as these embedded confidence men who have hijacked the process that they have promoted for our UPLIFT.   

The problem that most who stand as critics against them face is the rote response: "You tell me a better system that would produce different results for Black people - or shut up".  Few of the people know how to work around this turn of the tables.   What they fail to see is that the interlopers have defined the prevailing community progress movement and now they get to DEFINE the terms of its success.  As such they don't need to stand and account for the continued grievance - they realize that the additional grievance by Black people can be transacted into more votes for the STRUGGLE.   The oppressive forces OUTSIDE OF the Black community are the one's responsible for the present results - despite the abundance of "Favorable People" in power.

The Rise Of The Asian And Dominican Retailers In The Barren Fields Of Philadelphia

All the while that my good friend Filled Negro had his readers focused on:

  • The Tea Party
  • Sarah Palin
  • NJ Governor Crispy Creme
  • Speaker of The House Boehner.................

..............the Indians have been setting up a "Dunkin Donuts" shop on the corner of 52nd and Lancaster Ave. They provide SERVICE to the Black people who have been dutifully distracted by the likes of Filled Negro.  They receive MONEY from their Black clientele, creating small fortunes in the process.  More importantly they are creating economic leverage which they can use to purchase other outlets in areas that meet the same profile - PENNED UP DEMAND BY PEOPLE WITHOUT THE CONSCIOUSNESS ON HOW TO ADDRESS IT.

This is Ranabir from India.  He is behind
the protective glass where he is able to
make coffee without fear of being
attacked by Street Pirates.
(Note his name is not "Ranabir".  That is the
name of an Indian guy that I work with who
he looks like)

Dunkin Donuts at 52nd & Market - the first
Dunkin Donuts that I've been in with
bullet proof glass to entrap the smell
of the freshly baked donuts

Right behind me as I took this picture - early
Saturday morning is a prostitute in a tight dress.

I told you before that MY JOB is NOT to "Show YOU a 'better way to go' so that YOU can FOLLOW ME".  

Instead I am the FDA.
The FDA does not make drugs that are "more effective".  Their job is to inspect the claims of efficacy for the drugs that are on the market, being pushed by "Big Pharma".  If they fail to live up to their claims OR if they cause damage upon those who ingest these chemical agents - then the FDA calls them out.  While the FDA has the POWER to force these drugs off of the market - the ONLY power that I have is to compel those who claim to be "Black Conscious" to consider the consequences of continue along their present course - driven by ideological bigotry and ignoring the results.

It is plain to see that others with clearer vision are stepping into "our" community and producing the economic development that was said to be elusive.

A few months ago I was angered to hear a University of Pennsylvania sociologist say that IMMIGRANTS are the future HOPE for the revitalization of Philadelphia.   Now I am forced to say that SHE IS RIGHT.

The present consciousness of the Negro with "Slave blood" (as the former head of the SCLC said Obama was lacking) does not provide he necessary mental discipline for mass community uplift.   As this consciousness is given an ink pen or a keyboard with an Internet connection - he is going to always opt to focus on forces that APPEASE fellow Negroes who have the same conscious bindings.  He will never think to CHALLENGE the "Negro With Slave Consciousness" to explain how these people with different consciousness are able to see a vision of the potential profits within our community - while dutifully defending his own personal interests of SAFETY - with the heavy use of bullet proof glass.

One thing is for certain - that bullet proof glass is not for his defense against a Tea Party Militia that will ride through.

On a more personal note - all of the communities in Overbrook Park that I used to have to run from the mob of White boys who used to chase us as we walked to the movie theater or attempted to play basketball in their playgrounds are now ALL BLACK.  So I don't believe that the bullet proof glass is to defend against these racists - either.

The truth is that until the Black community realizes that it is being manipulated by EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN and set up internal protections of our "Racial Consciousness Nucleus" from their molestations - nothing is going to change for our people.  In fact the hijacked focus on Sarah Palin is a permutation of "Non White White Supremacy" as she, a POLITICAL THREAT to PROGRESSIVISM is SUPERIOR than the disciplined focus on getting BLACK PEOPLE to order ourselves so that our community thrives.

How Do You Claim To Love A People When You Don't Believe That You Can Accomplish Their Collective Vision Of Community Development - Upon Their Own Backs - Asking Them To Be The Primary Agents For Their Own Uplift By Building Themselves Up Individually?  Instead You Depend On Them Depositing Their "Equal Ballots" In A Manner That You Deem Favorable - IGNORING The Past Victories And How The "Mission Accomplished State" Has Not Delivered As Anticipated?  

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