Friday, June 24, 2011

Can The "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" Represent The Foundational Interests Of The Black Community And Not Play In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" For The Benefit Of The White Liberal Snarling Fox?

Ohhh No!!!
Another "Jack White School Of  LampBlacked Yellow Journalism" graduate saying "Ronald Reagan went to Philly MS - 16 years after the civil rights murders.................and failed to acknowledge the killings."

  1. The Detroit Public Schools just splintered into a crisis recovery plan.  The ideology that presided over this crash and burn REMAINS IN POWER
  2. The neighborhoods of Philadelphia are stagnant for Black people - yet there is a new genration of "Young Progressive Democrats" who are vying to remove the "Old Progressive Democrats" from their seats of power.  While there may be new faces - the IDEOLOGY stands unchanged
  3. There is an unmistakable correlation between High Black Unemployment Rates and "favorable political control" within the context of the Black Community Governance Scheme that refused to place CHECKS AND BALANCES on the machine.  As long as one is PROGRESSIVE and he INTENDS to deliver - the Black community is not concerned with the DELIVERY ony the IMPASSIONED INTENTIONS
In this context Ms Goldie Taylor said that the ENEMY PARTY "can't stand on its record".

The truth is that the BLACK COMMUNITY has not shown ORGANIC GROWTH enough to STAND UP ON OUR OWN - as this governance overlay has been fused to our Black consciousness.

Does everyone notice that Ms Taylor is more content "roasting Republicans" than she cares to talk about THE BLACK COMMUNITY?

In as much as favorable people dominate the control of our community - she realizes that if she does talk about our issues - it could logically lead to putting PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM on TRIAL.


Do you see that Ms Taylor is unable to LIVE VICARIOUSLY IN THE SHOES OF BLACK PEOPLE, viewing the EQUAL BLACK BALLOT as a valuable asset that must be EARNED?

She is forced to argue the tired old progressive line of "Black Voter Suppression" but CANNOT detail the truth inside of "Mission Accomplished Areas" (Newark) where there are no Republicans to SUPPRESS THE BLACK VOTE.    After this vote has been used to assemble an all-star progressive cast - the Black community soon experiences a condition that can't be fixed by VOTING HARDER.

Sadly the words of Ms Taylor, said in the context of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" will be accepted - sight unseen by most Blacks.

Ms Taylor:

Why do you feel so much more comfortable KEEPING NEWT GINGRICH ON TRIAL than you ever bother to INSPECT THE BLACK COMMUNITY?

Do you not see the wisdom of Malcolm X in this area?
He warned our people about the Football Game between the "White Conservative Wolf" and the "Snarling White Folks Liberal" who embeds himself within our ranks.

It appears to me that you are more interested in providing "colored commentary" about Newt's Trick Play in the game than you are in TALKING ABOUT THE TRUTH WITHIN OUR COMMUNITY that would still be TRUE if Gingrich had not said a word.

Read through the responses and note how much they focus on GINRICH instead of the BLACK COMMUNITY.

The issue is NOT about "If Ginrich cares and what is he going to do for Black people".The greater issue is that the Black community in its present state is run by people who said THEY CARED ABOUT THE BLACK COMMUNITY and in doing so got their present seat of power after we voted for them.

Surely you can do better than this Ms Taylor.

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