Sunday, June 12, 2011

Angela Davis and Tim Wise Speaking In Public - No Need To Say Anything More

I wonder why Mr Wise doesn't allow any comments on his blog for any of his postings.

I am still awaiting for anyone to forward a quote from Tim Wise in which he told BLACK PEOPLE what we need to do ORGANICALLY in order to build up competencies within our community?


Anonymous said...

Tim Wise is a fraud. He claims the mantle of prototypical "white anti-racist activist" and travels all over the country, collecting hefty fees berating whites for the racism he automatically attributes to them by virtue of their whiteness (which is called RACISM). He's obnoxious and becomes extremely defensive when challenged. His contributions to the struggle against racism in this country is less than zero. Rather surprised that Davis elected to share a stage with him.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]He's obnoxious and becomes extremely defensive when challenged.[/quote]


Tim Wise is a BLESSING to the "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist".

He feeds them "self chum" by which their assumptions about WHITE PEOPLE are affirmed by his reports of what they say about Blacks behind our backs.

The sad part about it is that even a tube sock, wife beater t-shirt wearing White man has the POWER to say something disparaging to Tim Wise against President Obama and the untrained, undisciplined Black Progressive-Fundamentalist mind views the WHITE MAN'S WORDS as a more POWERFUL threat to Black people than Obama's choice to use the US military to BOMB AFRICA.

This is what we are dealing with today.