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Who Is Bev Smith?


  • What is here agenda?
  • How does she plan to turn her awareness of the violence and dysfunction in the Black community in Pittsburgh and other areas into effective solutions?
  • Does her admission that the American "System" keeps executing "atrocities"  - regardless of who is in power motivate her to build up a more ORGANIC base of power that is not dependent upon this system for its basic needs and "Social Justice"?
I have been listening to "The Bev Smith Show" as much as possible for several months now.  Thanks to the wonders of Internet streaming audio the weak broadcast signal of WAOK AM in Atlanta is no longer an issue. Their content can be reached anywhere in the world - as long as you have an Internet connection.

I have decided to restructure this post.  I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE THIS A HIT PIECE.  I try to move beyond the transactional "Gotcha Politics" as is seen on many other activist blogs that claim to be representatives of the interests of the Black community (and of course other blogs that are not Black also perpetrate in this manner).   My overall goal as I study the forces that bear down upon the Black community is to develop a model with the hopes of crafting a strategy by which the negative forces can be attenuated in their impact upon us and the forces for net positive uplift can be afforded a more unrestricted flow as the "gunk" that is blocking their nozzle is removed.

To me Bev Smith is a dichotomy.   She is connected with the Black community's interests while at the same time tragically bigoted in her ideological and economy viewpoints.   No real world evidence which would allow her to see that a nominal change in players will produce substantive differences in the OUTCOMES for Black people. She confuses "favorable (progressive) policies which have the INTENTION of helping our people with EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES that can be proven to help.   Indeed there are some "non-progressive" methods that - in a time of crisis - remove options from a free people so that they can "evacuate from a burning house".   

If we tie the two persons called "Bev Smith" together the main criticism that I have for her (and those who think like her) is that in the midst of Black suffering - the fight that they are most inclined to engage in - per their ideological sensibilities - merely keeps Black people UNIFIED in a OUTWARD STRUGGLE - but ultimately fails to build up the organic system of propulsion that our community needs to overcome the challenges that are often presented on her show.

Bev Smith
The Black Community Advocate
Bev Smith
The Anti-Corporate / Pro Progressive Government Advocate
Who Is The Problem?Black People who have been placed into a state of unconsciousness by the various forces that seek to destroy our people are seen killing people in our streets, failing to take maximum advantage of their educational opportunities and failing to establish and maintain healthy community relationships with other Black people.Corporations and Republicans who seek to squash democracy and suppress "Social Justice" use a variety of schemes to keep the wealth and power in the hands of the few.
What Is The Fix?Black People need to become UNIFIED.  We as a community need to understand that external forces are seeking to destroy our people and that we are playing into their hands in much of what we do.  Indeed the Black community must solve its own problems.  The balance of this struggle, however is with Blacks UNIFYING for a fight against Corporate-Conservative enemies.Strong-Progressive Controlled government is needed to push the Republicans out of power and to place the Corporations in check.   With such progressive power - the GOVERNMENT, in favorable hands will reorient the nation and the key and pressing problems will be solved - not just by GOVERNMENT but by PROGRESSIVE GOVERNMENT.
How Has Obama- In Power As President Altered This Situation? President Obama continues to be the right man for the job.  Forces who don't care about Black people or who lack compassion (Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, John Boehnner, Pau Ryan, Rush Limbaugh) are doggedly trying to trip up Obama from doing his work at implementing PROGRESSIVE reforms to this government which will immobilize the RACIST policy effects that the White Conservative Christian ethos has placed upon our necks since the inception of this nation.  Therefore Blacks would be wise to continue to support Obama despite some disappointments with him.  The Republican alternative to Obama would surely remove the progressive steps that Obama has taken for the benefit of Black people and all Americas.The main criticism with Obama is that he held over too many Republicans from the Bush Administration and also had Zionist forces advising him.  They were the forces of continuity and thus they had Obama retaining some of the egregious Bush Administration policies.  If Obama purges these "Wall Street Money men, torturers and civil liberties violators" from his midst we would see more progressive policy outcomes from his administration.  Obama did not "sellout" as much as the system was too powerful for him to fight against at every turn.

Obama STILL is the best PROGRESSIVE vessel for change that we have.   It is the SYSTEM that is bombing Libya - don't look at Obama's signature on the military orders.
Lets Talk About Libya And The Military Arm Of The "Economic Hit Man" That John Perkins Was Talking AboutThe Black community has been lulled into complacency as to what is going on with the US Military Industrial Complex.  We are more worried about Kim Kardashians posterior being real or not than we are about how Haiti and Libya are merely the newest victims of US Imperialism.  The War In Libya is a corporate war.  The forces of American Corporate Hegemony desire to control the oil in Libya and to prevent Libya from initiating a gold backed currency for the benefit of the region.  By moving off of the dollar as the reserve currency and oil trading denomination - America and its Western powers would be undercut.

Obama has little traction to go against the American Corporate-Military Machine.  The US Military and the Judges who rule on torture are largely populated with individuals that were installed under 8 years of Bush.  The best way to counter these forces is to support, not attack Obama.  All him time to put Progressive Judges and to clean house of all of the Bush-era appointees in his cabinet.
When You Call For "Americans To PROTEST" What Is Going On - What Will Be The Impact?Black People should be protesting now.  We should focus our angst against the incumbent power who:

  • Want to deny us Health Care
  • Who want to make cuts to Medicare - to turn it over to the states and insurance companies
  • Who want to cut Social Security - slapping the face the people who have worked their entire life 
  • Who want to deny quality education to all young people so that they maintain a "Prison Class" of people who are marginalized and exploited
Don't Protest Against Obama - Protest against the Corporations and Wall Street Finance and Military forces that are working against the interests of Obama and the working American.

Don't confuse protesting against INCUMBENTS because you are aggrieved with TARGETED PROTESTS against those who have proven to be your enemy per their right-wing policies that don't have your progress in mind.

The Protests against Obama by the Tea Party have been RACIALLY motivated.  The threat that Obama has to them is that he threatens to implement policies that benefit everyone and those who only want their selfish interests advanced realize the threat of Obama's good works.

Of course - the grid above is MY interpretation of how Bev Smith would agree the questions placed to her.  These are not written for slander but with a careful understanding of her agenda and how she thinks.

The though of "Obama In Battle In A Self-Initiated War Libya" as the prime fork in the road for those who thus far had operated on certain protective instincts has been thwarted by Ms Smith's craftiness.

It wasn't OBAMA who did it - it was the people who surround him.
General David Petraeus, the Bush-Man who tortured people in Iraq is trying to set up a policy where the American troops can do what it takes to make people in Afghanistan and Libya give up information.   While he is made the fall-guy Ms Smith never asks her self "WHY did President Obama promote the general from the field commander in Afghanistan over to the CIA - as Leon Panetta was moved to the Defense Department"?

Previously I had mentioned "The Inferiorization of President Obama".  Sadly some people are forced to diminish him as a President in order to allow him to remain stain free in their on psyche.   Bush and Cheney were marinated through and through with the evil - Obama merely has allowed the evil around him to stain his white shirt with their marinade sauce.   Bev Smith has a cleaning potion to take that stain out - as if it never was there.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Your Comments Must Be Approved By The Moderator Before Appearing

The original purpose of this particular blog was to serve as a "Shadow Posting" site for my own comments.

For some reason those who are keen on "Free Speech" frequently demonstrate that they really don't like someone who is aggressive in brushing back their talking points.

I ask you to read through my comments below as (attempted to be) posted on The and tell me if there are any offending words that should be captured into a filter.

The funny thing is - as I read through some of the comments of various blogs that I choose to post on I see other posts and then let out a sigh of relief - "Whew - if they allow this ignorance and name calling through their filters, I am sure that they won't have a problem with me posting - challenging THE AUTHOR OF THE PIECE".

I am of the belief that certain operatives within the Black community prefer IGNORANT POSTERS who say the dumbest things or conspiracy theories - but who ultimately support the position of the author than they do a person like ME - who dares to READ the post, ANALYZE the logic - PRODUCE A CORRECTIVE MODEL (telling the author why they are wrong and the negative outcomes of their positions) and then stand my ground with all challengers.

I think that in the Progressive-Fundamentalist Propaganda blogs that I have been banned from my problem is that I DARE TO DISRUPT A PROPAGANDA FLOW.
They are used to having various posters who join in on the "Chum Feeding" and are not comfortable as I DARE to respond to a number of the posts.
(They don't realize that there are some people that I write off as "Not worth it". They appear to be bothered by the people who HOLD THEIR SAME POSITIONS but then see me pick their arguments apart).

For all of the mockery of Black Conservatives that these Progressive Propaganda Blogs Do - they seem to have problems with dealing with one that SPEAKS BACK to them.

[quote] It seems you have some issues with Black people and that's YOUR DEMON not mine[quote]


I have "Issues with Black people"........but no one who controlled the Detroit Public Schools - took a hit at the initiation of the COMMUNITY

I have "Issues with Black people"..........but the 2 Black teens that got shot in the back of the head - EXECUTION STYLE in Atlanta this past weekend - did not draw a PROTEST MARCH - like the White man who beat the Black woman outside of the Cracker Barrel

I have "Issues with Black people".......but as I watch "Brick City" and see that in a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED CITY where every possible seat is held by a person that is favorable to Goldie Taylor and Al Sharpton -the PERMANENT INTERESTS of the Black Community have not been addressed. People like YOU can't see that in Newark, Chicago, Philly, DC and Atlanta the EQUAL BLACK BALLOT - invested into the latest local campaign has NO VALUE in changing the outcome of the people's lives - now that the "Struggle Has Been WON Locally"

I don't have a problem with Black people BlackHeywood I have a problem with the HIJACKERS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS who USE their embedded position to draw upon our people's CONFIDENCE - compelling us to invest our "Equal Black Ballot" into the same game that MALCOLM X WARNED US ABOUT.

Do you recall ever being as skeptical about the Embedded Confidence Men within our ranks as you have about my agenda

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A The Expense Of The Black Community.........The Snarling Foxes And The Embedded Confidence Men That Cavort With Them

Take a watch at this video.

The one thing that Progressive Political Preacher Al Sharpton and his ideologically bigoted Young Turk MSNBC counterpart Cenk Uygur don't have to worry about is talking about what is going on WITHIN the Black Community from the perspective of INCUMBENCY.

As you listen to Progressive Political Preacher Al Sharpton run down the injuries suffered by Black people from Republicans you can be sure that you won't hear the transparent truth.

The New Jersey Legislature Stripped Collective Bargaining Rights At The Initiation Of A Republican Governor:

From Wikipedia
The sitting Legislature is the 214th Legislature of the State of New Jersey. Currently, the Democrats are the majority party in both Houses. In the Senate there are 23 Democrats and 17 Republicans. There are 47 Democrats and 33 Republicans serving in the General Assembly.

 Snarling Fox Cenk Uygur just argued that TAX CUTS are "GIVING money to the RICH".

In the mind of Progressive-Fundamentalists - they are forced to compensate for the fact that they have failed to generate ORGANIC PRODUCTION in the places where they have taken control, and in many cases have destroyed the productive base.  In order to compensate they make the debate about TAX POLICY and how the failure to nationalize private capital amounts to a MONEY FOR THE RICH.

Until the Black Community begins to appraise the situation by which those who GOT OUR TWO POTS OF GOLD (Our VOTES and our CONSCIOUS LOYALTIES) with the promise of a POT OF GOLD FILLED WITH MONEY - we are going to continue having to fight our COMMUNITY BATTLES under the auspices of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

When the Democrats WIN we lose in that the 3rd pot is not filled
When the Democrats LOSE we lose our first 2 pots are squandered

They CAN'T LOSE with "The Blacks".

The Reviews "Comedians Who Went Too Far" - Skips Previous Criticism Of Dr Laura

The Root - So Funny It Hurts. Comedians Who Went Too Far

I will allow you to read the article from The Root.s Jacque Reid on your own.

The implicit message that I got from the article is that inter-group comedy which goes too far is more hurtful than anything that a comedian who makes intra-group comedy that others can't get away with is not as stinging.

In a strange parallel of the present "feigned offense" over the words of Newt Gingrich's as he commented on the condition of Black communities under Obama the attacks on Dr Laura a short time ago as she notated that Black Comedians on premium cable shows go too far when they make abundant use of the word "Nigger" in their performances.

The key point that Gingrich and Dr Laura fail to understand is that no outsider can define the threshold that a group will choose to enforce as a standard.  The rebuke that these two have faced is a permutation of the phenomenon called "No One Can Tell Us Who Our Black Leaders Are".

As I watched as Tracy Morgan went on an apology tour to ask for forgiveness from the gay community and then agree to do a public service campaign as part of his contrition I was fully aware that Morgan and no other Black comedian would ever have to worry about the "Black Racial Services Machine" calling them to the carpet for offending Black people with anything they have said about Blacks on stage.

Even if a Black comedian performed in front of an all White audience - he being the only Black in the room - his excessive use of the word "Nigger" in his stage play and the sight of thunderous laughs from the White crowd - his skin color would provide him with the necessary protection from attack.  

The truth is that this is not the power that skin color provides as protective cover.   This is merely an evidence of the corrupt state that the Black community governance institutions are presently in.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Can The "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" Represent The Foundational Interests Of The Black Community And Not Play In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" For The Benefit Of The White Liberal Snarling Fox?

Ohhh No!!!
Another "Jack White School Of  LampBlacked Yellow Journalism" graduate saying "Ronald Reagan went to Philly MS - 16 years after the civil rights murders.................and failed to acknowledge the killings."

  1. The Detroit Public Schools just splintered into a crisis recovery plan.  The ideology that presided over this crash and burn REMAINS IN POWER
  2. The neighborhoods of Philadelphia are stagnant for Black people - yet there is a new genration of "Young Progressive Democrats" who are vying to remove the "Old Progressive Democrats" from their seats of power.  While there may be new faces - the IDEOLOGY stands unchanged
  3. There is an unmistakable correlation between High Black Unemployment Rates and "favorable political control" within the context of the Black Community Governance Scheme that refused to place CHECKS AND BALANCES on the machine.  As long as one is PROGRESSIVE and he INTENDS to deliver - the Black community is not concerned with the DELIVERY ony the IMPASSIONED INTENTIONS
In this context Ms Goldie Taylor said that the ENEMY PARTY "can't stand on its record".

The truth is that the BLACK COMMUNITY has not shown ORGANIC GROWTH enough to STAND UP ON OUR OWN - as this governance overlay has been fused to our Black consciousness.

Does everyone notice that Ms Taylor is more content "roasting Republicans" than she cares to talk about THE BLACK COMMUNITY?

In as much as favorable people dominate the control of our community - she realizes that if she does talk about our issues - it could logically lead to putting PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM on TRIAL.


Do you see that Ms Taylor is unable to LIVE VICARIOUSLY IN THE SHOES OF BLACK PEOPLE, viewing the EQUAL BLACK BALLOT as a valuable asset that must be EARNED?

She is forced to argue the tired old progressive line of "Black Voter Suppression" but CANNOT detail the truth inside of "Mission Accomplished Areas" (Newark) where there are no Republicans to SUPPRESS THE BLACK VOTE.    After this vote has been used to assemble an all-star progressive cast - the Black community soon experiences a condition that can't be fixed by VOTING HARDER.

Sadly the words of Ms Taylor, said in the context of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" will be accepted - sight unseen by most Blacks.

Ms Taylor:

Why do you feel so much more comfortable KEEPING NEWT GINGRICH ON TRIAL than you ever bother to INSPECT THE BLACK COMMUNITY?

Do you not see the wisdom of Malcolm X in this area?
He warned our people about the Football Game between the "White Conservative Wolf" and the "Snarling White Folks Liberal" who embeds himself within our ranks.

It appears to me that you are more interested in providing "colored commentary" about Newt's Trick Play in the game than you are in TALKING ABOUT THE TRUTH WITHIN OUR COMMUNITY that would still be TRUE if Gingrich had not said a word.

Read through the responses and note how much they focus on GINRICH instead of the BLACK COMMUNITY.

The issue is NOT about "If Ginrich cares and what is he going to do for Black people".The greater issue is that the Black community in its present state is run by people who said THEY CARED ABOUT THE BLACK COMMUNITY and in doing so got their present seat of power after we voted for them.

Surely you can do better than this Ms Taylor.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Post-Keith Olbermann MSNBC

How MSNBC is surviving after Olbermann

While the claims "Fox News is not a news channel but a propaganda arm for the GOP" is a popular talking point - Ed Schultz and other Democratic operatives can not say the phrase "We Democrats" enough to have them placed in the same category.

MSNBC is still a destination for liberal viewers, but there's some disappointment that network personalities aren't more challenging to the Obama administration and Democratic orthodoxy, said Jeff Cohen, an Ithaca College journalism professor and liberal activist. He said there hasn't been enough debate about military action in Afghanistan and Libya.

"I would argue that it was more independent when Olbermann was there," Cohen said. "His charm, if you can call it that, is that he's uncontrollable. He's not a party-line guy."

MSNBC is facing the same issue that Fox News had during the Bush administration: It's not as exciting being on defense when the party you support is in power as it is being on the outs and on the attack, said Tim Graham of the conservative Media Research Center.

"Now it's, 'Let's not make trouble for these people. They have enough to handle with angry conservatives,'" he said.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Post On Jack & Jill That Is "Awaiting Moderator Approval" And Likely Will Reach "File 13" If The Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist Is The Moderator

Subject:  The Feigned Offense Over The Words Of Atlanta Radio Host Neal Boortz About His Listeners Defending Himself Against Street Pirates

I recall in April of this year there was a series of home invasions in the northern suburbs of Atlanta (read between the lines - where WHITE FOLKS live).  There were several homes with surveillance cameras that captured "Street Pirates who are Black" on video as they were kicking in the door.   There was a family that was held hostage as their house was ransacked.  There was a woman who came home to find Street Pirates in her house.  The list goes on and on.

WHEN THESE EVENTS HAPPENED I set out the alarm: "When THE WHITE FOLKS start RACIALLY PROFILING - the present SILENCE by the 'Civil Rights Pharisees' to what is going on will be BROKEN as they cry RACISM(!!!!)"

In the world of the "White Liberal Snarling Fox Watch" where Media Matters is monitoring the words of the Conservative Wolf and then Ed Schultz syndicates the "insult" but does not say a DAMNED THING about the streaming "Street Pirate Attacks"  - it comes as no surprise to me that the clip from Ed Schultz now appears on so many Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser blogs as they take their usual position.

The real story here is about the number of BLACK WOMEN SEEN CRYING ON THE EVENING NEWS after being directly assaulted by a street pirate or losing a loved one in the slashing.  The frustrating thing about Jack & Jill Politics and other "Media Matter"/HuffPo syndication sources is that they are forced to look past the injury that BLACK PEOPLE have suffered as they wait until a WHITE CONSERVATIVE WOLF "insults them" with the information that most Black people in Metro Atlanta know to be the truth.

I will now find my video in which an elderly Black woman is heard on video telling her neighbors to GET A GUN.  It happened about 4 months ago.  Stay tuned while I contrast her words against the "Racist" Neal Boortz.

Those who are expert on INDICTMENTS are typically incompetent in managing the interests WITHIN the Black community.

My Comments On Jack & Jill That Are "Awaiting Moderator Approval" - Thus Proving That This Is NOT A Problem With Disqus

My Dear Friend Rikyrah:

As a resident of Metro Atlanta and a blogger who is the voice of the VICTIMS of Street Pirate Attacks which the "Black Racial Services Machine" in Atlanta deem to be INFERIOR to the assault made by White people - I have a challenge for you on this matter.

The great Bishop Henry McNeal Turner was a fighter on behalf of the Black community during Reconstruction. He saw his community being attacked. He saw that the police authorities, despite their claims otherwise - could not protect the members of his community.

The Black community in Atlanta is being ATTACKED by forces who "Don't Give A Damn" about them in the same manner. These same forces are doing home invasions in White and Black areas without regard for race.
The Police in Atlanta and surrounding cities in the Metro Atlanta cannot protect the community from this force of Street Pirates.

Neal Boortz is a White Conservative
His audience is mostly WHITE.
He was therefore talking to a mostly White audience.

If we moved you back about 100 years to the time of Bishop Turner - would you be calling him out for suggesting that a community that is under DOCUMENTED attack is RACIST for seeking to protect itself from a group of people who are under the influence of a CULTURE who has them operating like they DON'T GIVE A DAMN?

The Again Proves That It Is Not Serious About The Problems That Plague Black People

The Search For Superman In Our Public Schools

I must begin to accept that "when you have identified a snake in the grass".......don't be surprised when it bites, spitting venom and vitriol in its target's eyes before doing so.

As I was transferring my post to this blog I forgot to notate the irony that while Goldie Taylor inserts 3 Republicans into her debate about the condition of Public Schools for Black people..............she failed to make note of WHO the Black community in New York were protesting against:  THE PROGRESSIVE NAACP!!!!

Despite hearing several notable Progressive (Democratic) Blacks speak of their support for Geoffery Canada and what he is doing with the "Harlem Children's Zone" - when he needed their support in fighting the NAACP who teamed up with the Teachers Union to attack Charter Schools - THEY WERE SILENT!!!!!

What we have - people - is the lack of discipline in the Lampblacked Yellow Journalist Press.  When it comes to seriously managing the key institutions that we have been charged with governing - they prefer to draw upon the proven points of obfuscation that draw Black people's attention. 

How does it feel to know that YOU are being used as so much of what is important to you is being mismanaged - often by forces you support?

Humm lets see:

* Michelle Bauchmann
* Sarah Palin
* Herman Cain

Ms Taylor - are these the 3 superintendents of the failing majority Black school systems of Philadelphia, Chicago and Detroit? I can't seem to figure out their LINKAGE to FAILED EDUCATION FOR BLACK PEOPLE. Maybe you can help me out?

If there is a spirit of hatred in some White people that shows itslef as RACISM then we must be honest and understand that your own spirit of ideological and partisan hatred bears itself as your inability to focus on the forces that YOU PROMOTED INTO POWER to run our "Human Resource Development INSTITUTIONS" yet as they fail to deliver - instead of being disciplined in your expression of competency in managing what matters to our people - you and others are seen obfuscating on the popular enemies who can keep aggrieved people unified.

You have little discipline about you Ms Taylor. The adult parents and administrators in these falied schools love you because they know that they are going to be let off of the hook for their failure to manage the academic careers as people like you focus their attention on proven emotional draws that have NOTHING to do with their present failed academic circumstances.

Even in the "Mission Accomplished Cities" where these Republicans will get no more than 10% of the vote - in the ABSENCE of enemy Republicans in power - the fate of Black people is improved little as favorable Progressive-Fundamentalists obtain the "Equal Black Ballot" and fuse the "Black Consciousness" to their political cause with the hopes of our salvation.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The's Dr NSenga Burton On Libya - "Just The Fact's Ma'am" When It Comes To Criticism Of Obama

White House Defends Libya Mission

In the annals of American history this period of time will be known by what Black Americans were lulled into complicit silence over things that they would normally be heard protesting against.  This for no other reason than their desire to avoid criticizing a Commander In Chief.

To understand this situation it is better to move away from what they desire to obtain in this matter (the high popularity polls and reelection of this one President).  We should look at that which was thought to be important among Black people that is lost and its ultimate impact.

In the case of Libya the losses are many.  Someone predicting about 30 years ago after Reagan had bombed Libya to the chorus of condemnation of American imperialism that 30 years afterward Libya would be systematically bombed while Black America was lulled into silence would have been as unbelievable as the claim that there would be a Black President of the United States.

The abruptness of change from "enemy President" to one that most Blacks live vicariously through is a blessing for those of us who are studying the the forces that bear down upon the Black community which manipulate the outcomes of our people.

"I am looking for Obama to take on the Republicans head on. WE Democrats always think of our selves as intellectuals.....".

Does it surprise anyone that this "Democrat with a keyboard" and a forum for syndication of her views makes full use of her spoken intentions and thus 'Takes It To The Republicans' - just as she wants Obama to do?

Most people would inspect Dr Burton from the angle of fairness and balance. I will not. I have already calibrated the capacity of the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press". It is important that we focus upon the CONSEQUENCES of their actions in relation to the interests of Black America and others in the diaspora.

On the subject of US Imperialist forces, in collaboration with 3 African Colonial Powers arbitrarily choosing to bomb the African nation of Libya based on trumped up claims of a "Humanitarian Mission" is a special occurrence that provides us with the ability to inspect the character of the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press".

Dr Burton - as you see in the article above - is a stenographer on behalf of Commander In Chief Obama. She focuses on the debate about the "War Powers Act" but has nothing to say about the decision by these American and European powers to pick out this one nation out of all the others who are experiencing uprisings and use the full power of the NATO military arsenal to run its recognized leader out of power.

What started as a "No Fly Zone" has turned into a full scale attack on the nation.
Gone are the reports from the left (except "Democracy Now") about the collateral damage that US-allied forces are rendering upon an impoverished people (as was the case in Iraq and then Afghanistan). Instead we see the government of Libya and its damage done placed in the spotlight. The rebels who are trying to over-throw the government has their wounds shown to the world.

The damage that Dr Burton and the rest of the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" is causing to the interests of Black America is that they are setting a PRECEDENT. Those who previously thought that Black Progressives "spoke truth to power" and were opposed to wars of aggression will be made to see that there is actually a set of priorities that exist - all motivated by ulterior motives of Ideology, Party and the desire to indict the opposition, thus fortifying their own ranks in to UNITY.

The counterpoint is that when forced to chose between retaining their "permanent interests" or defending their "permanent friend" their "punting" can be seen in the silence and/or "Just The Facts Ma'am" reporting.

To see Dr Burton go from an opinionated, linker of "the big picture" who has her indictments of the Republicans down to a "4 Degrees Of Separation" from Jim Crow - unable to make inferences upon the antics of the Obama Administration when it does things that she had previously condemned with Bush - is truly stunning.

We need to stretch forward a few decades and make note of the presence of another unfavorable President who initiates some actions that have been traditionally viewed unfavorably by most Black Americans. The bombing of Africa being one of these things. At the sight of hoards of African Americans at the iron gates of the White House this president need only pull up the "YouTube Video" of the anti-Libya War protests and show a screen print of the "Video Not Found" as his primary means of showing the arbitrary outrage from this band.

Many would argue that their trust in Obama which has been built up in other areas gives them the ability to trust his motives in other areas - giving him the benefit of the doubt. Whereas these very same people can be heard saying - "Obama does not call the shots" - there are greater forces that impose their will upon the American president - what they fail to see is that their own bias in defense of Obama functions to provide SILENCE from the Black community as these greater powers do what they would have done anyway through McCain EXCEPT Black people would be protesting.

It is this inability to move beyond the TRANSACTIONAL INDICTMENT (or transactional defensiveness per their vicarious living) and outward toward a reconciliation of their broader conspiracy theories - thus documenting how they are made into "Useful Idiots" by these greater forces who's existence they attest to (ironically so that they don't have to blame Obama for his "war-making" / "war-continuation").

Take this same model and move it back into the domestic affairs of Black Americans and we see the very same compromise of the interests of Black Americans. When in the midst of economic, academic and sociological crisis Black Americans are seen unexplainably supportive of the government - this gives rise to the evidence of a greater force than what these "Permanent Interests" were thought to be.

Those who believe that "Black people support Obama more than their permanent interests" have it wrong.

The role of The, The and the Black Progressive Blogger Understudies (and other "Progressive who are Democrat who are Black" media sources) is to have Black people placed into a RACIALLY DEFENSIVE POSITION so that their present frustrations and the logical expression against the sitting government (local, state and federal) is counterbalanced by this greater interests of RACIAL SELF-PRESERVATION against a threat.

The main damage of Dr Burton and other "embedded confidence men" is that as they transact the defensiveness of Black Americans in the context of the immediate support for their party and the cyclical support for the election cycle - they will NEVER develop the infrastructure by which the PERMANENT INTERESTS of Black People will transcend any force that is present within the American Political Domain. Dr Burton is merely an agent of this domain.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Huffington Post's "Just The Facts Ma'am" Reporting On The Hispanc On Black Violence In LA

I am the first person to say that HuffPo and MSNBC should not be faulted for failing to cover "assaults on Black people" that run awry of their preferred schematic (White On Black Assault and thus a "Hate Crime"). They actually do a good job in placing this type of news in their line up when it warrants a more nationalized coverage.

If one does a longitudinal analysis of their news coverage of such events it is more accurate to say that their bias shows in their ANALYSIS of these events.

In the recent case where Hispanic Gangs were seen doing "Ethnic Cleansing" of Black people from a particular neighborhood of Los Angeles, HuffPo did in fact cover the story. Their coverage was free from the standard editorializing in which the incident in LA was made connected to a larger story of "Hate Crimes" or generic "Interracial violence".

In addition to the straight news publication arm HuffPo has a series of highly agendized opinion writers. Since none of them appear to be particularly interested in doing an expose' on the fastest growing "Hate Crime" - "Black On Hispanic Racially Motivated Attacks (and vice versa) the story pretty much goes unsaid and unreported.

I have noted that MSNBC's (The Black Progressive Agenda Network) Rachel Maddow follows this same course of action. She can be seen seeking to connect any "White violence" to that of a Tea Party local auxiliary. When an IRS agent was found hanging in the woods with a note around his neck Ms Maddow used several shows to expose this as an orchestrated attack by anti-government right-wing forces (the same as the case in Tulsa) - until the official investigation proved otherwise.

Likewise - with the issue of "Illegal Immigration" as a hot issue in this nation neither HuffPo or MSNBC would dare do anything that remotely provides their ideological adversaries with a video clip of their comments for later use against them.

The main point that we can gather from this is that neither have a cut and dry, "call'em and let the chips fall where they may" view of the "value of Black life" that was stolen away.

When there is a larger INDICTMENT that can be made - they feature the indictment against their right-wing enemies - front and center.

When there is some interdependences involved with a story they fall back to "Just The Facts Ma'am" reporting. With a wink and an nod their Progressive audience gets the message that THIS "HATE CRIME" is not one that they should strike upon.

Thus the axiom of "Non-White White Supremacy" is perpetuated as they represent the premium assailant.

Progressive Fundamentalists - SELLING Black People On The Notion Of Moving To Vermont In Order To Get 2 Black (Progressive Democratic) Senators

The links on the side of my friend Rippa's page prove to be a wealth of information as to what is on the mind of Black Progressive-Fundamentalists.

The co-founder of Afro-Spear wants Black people to move to Vermont in order to get 2 Black (Progressive Democratic) Senators - yet they can't even show a "root cause analysis" as to what went wrong with their scheme for Black uplift in Philly, Chicago, Detroit and Newark

Ju Ju Be:

It goes without saying that you are not talking about 2 "Black" Senators.
You are speaking of "2 Black Democratic Progressive" Senators.

With all due respect - do you see how Black Progressives are always SELLING OUR PEOPLE FORWARD - like a proverbial carrot on a stick rather than doing "root cause analysis" on why what you all had sold us on before has failed to deliver as expected?

It seems that you all like the "Struggle Motion" because it gives us the aura of "Purposefulness" and "Unity".

In addition what you often sell as "the Black Agenda" is merely a "Progressive Agenda" in which benefit channelled through the Democratic party is said to result in benefit to Black people.
Yet if someone dares to go to the various "Mission Accomplished Cities" to see how the last time Black Progressive had coalesced - the UNITY on the front end and the investment of our "Equal Ballots" did not result in the uplift of our people per the increase in our Permanent Interests.

Do you see the need to have a bit of protection between those of you who propose METHODOLGIES for our way forward as a people and those who are making dispassionate critical analysis as to the EFFECTIVENESS of the agenda - changing if it fails?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Angela Davis and Tim Wise Speaking In Public - No Need To Say Anything More

I wonder why Mr Wise doesn't allow any comments on his blog for any of his postings.

I am still awaiting for anyone to forward a quote from Tim Wise in which he told BLACK PEOPLE what we need to do ORGANICALLY in order to build up competencies within our community?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Girls Of Jack & Jill Politics Are Now "Moderating" My Comments Into "File 13"

It seems that the Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist has flagged my account on Jack & Jill Politics where they all must receive "Moderator Approval".

With SHE as the "Moderator" I can predict where all of my comments will be filed.  Just like the first Black man to register to vote in Mississippi court ordered sanctions - the process of submitting his form and his paper work "not getting lost" are two completely different actions.  The man spoke too soon when he went home to tell his neighbor how "nice the White woman registrar" who used to ask him "How many bubbles are in a bar of soap" last week, prior to the court order - today smiled at him and said "Why thank you sir - I'll be sure to rush this paperwork through the system - just for you.  Have a good day".

The original purpose of the "BQPFRC-Bias" blog was to do a "Shadow Post" of my own views for archival purposes because the very same people who see free speech as a "Social Justice RIGHT" are also prone to be a bit sensitive when someone uses their personal "social justice" to speak truth to THEM.

I do acknowledge that they have control of the delete button.
Since "I Am Not A Victim" - I merely save every post before I turn my thoughts over to them.  Objective people can see from the evidence WHO THE BIGOT is.

You have to understand THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS.
Though the subject was, on the surface, about Anthony Weiner and his inappropriate behavior - they saw this as a "Democratic Team Member" being taken down by the RIGHT WING.

Now the same people who were using the "burned corpse" of Rep Lee of New York who sent pictures to a Black woman found on Craig's List as evidence of White Male REPUBLICAN's "Thinking With The Head In Their Pants" and using a BLACK WOMAN as the un-intended victim - who would have ever imagined that only a few short months later GROUND HOG DAY would repeat itself except THIS TIME we have a "Democratic Weiner".

In the Black community the term "Massa' Sick" has been typically used as an attack on Black Conservatives - by Black Progressive-Fundamentalists.  We see, time and time again, that the truth is that they are the one's who's behavior is more closely modeled by this label.

They are not called "sellouts" because the Black people who typically call people "Sellouts" are standing right beside them doing the very same thing.

We rarely get to compare and contract the behavior of "Black People With Hijacked Consciousness" as this exercise has provided to us.    The hallmark of the "All White Jury" is they were CONSISTENT.   While they were inconsistent in their application of the law between Black defendants who came before them (always guilty) and White defendants who came before them (it depended on WHO their assault victim was.  If it was a Black they were always INNOCENT).

They acted with the consciousness of "What Was Best To Maintain The Interests And Existing Power Of The White Community" NOT the fail application of JUSTICE to the individual who was before them.

Today the "Neo-All White Jury" is no different.   They can't look at their transactional BIGOTRY that is expressed on their way toward achieving their progressive ends.  The ENDS justify the MEANS.

As a Black man I am ASHAMED that our community has no means of CHECKING those who molest our "Community Consciousness" in such a manner.

They CLAIM that they are "Obtaining health care for Black people" and that Justice Clarence Thomas is a threat because he might cast the deciding vote to the contrary.

IF THEY WERE HONEST they would see (as I note below) that:

  • In Detroit the cost of health care INCREASED as more physicians exited the city
    • From An Agent Of Reform In Detroit "Since about 1997, we’ve lost about 60 percent of our primary care physician capacity [in Detroit]. That causes a drastic elevation in health care costs specifically for the underserved because if people don’t have access to primary care physicians, they end up in hospital emergency rooms where care costs five to six times more."
  • In Chile - this relatively poor nation, pound for pound, provides the best care with what it has to work with as they invested in EDUCATING PEOPLE as "Professional Service Agents" instead of purchasing Medical Technology, Advanced Drugs, and Cutting Edge Procedures - as the United States has.  
    • I learned this in a PROGRESSIVE Health Care forum sponsored by WRFG - "The PROGRESSIVE Information Station" in Atlanta
    • A physician at Grady Hospital blasted the political circus from both sides, saying that the reform was merely a transfer of government money to big money Health Care Interests 

Why is it irrational for me to look at the INSTITUTIONS that are now under a "Mission Accomplished State" within the Black Community but call them out in that SO FEW OF THEM are training up our young people to return back to our community as PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGENTS?

The PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST loves to FIGHT HIS ENEMY as the main product of his work.
When he/she SLIPS UP and WINS control of the institutions that they used to "Speak Truth To"..........the primary weakness of this distribution model is seen.

They merely use their past success as a stepping stone for another run at their real target.
Anyone who believe as I HAD BELIEVED as a youngster that "Once people who love our Black children and care for the Black community ARE IN POWER OVER OUR SCHOOLS................things are going to be different for the Black community" ............then they will see how mistaken they were to TURN THEIR COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS over to embedded operatives who's goal is merely to USE OUR GRIEVANCES and our "Equal Black Ballot" to achieve their ends of power aggregation while we are left still INFERIOR.

I am called a "Hater" for calling these FRAUDS out.
They sit comfortably with the confidence of our people while the masses are GRIEVING - unable to get their hands around the fact that this is merely a NEW CYCLE of SELLING our dreams.  In the past cycle they heard grieving Black voices and they had their sights in entering into:

  • The School Board
  • The Mayors Office
  • The City Council
  • The State Legislature
With these goals as "Mission Accomplished" - the are forced to find where their enemies have gone and make another run at it.   Failing to do so the BLACK RANK & FILE will see the bill of goods that was purchased - as the dust cloud that MOTION has generated dies down.

In their BIGOTRY AND HATRED they are NOT QUALIFIED to have unchecked influence on the "RACIAL CONSCIOUSNESS NUCLEUS" of our community.   They do irreparable damage as they string our people along, using their intimate knowledge of what makes us tick.

My Deleted Posts On Jack & Jill Politics - Please Show Me The OFFENSIVENESS, Beyond Being "Offensive To The Progressive-Fundamentalist's Spirit" 


Reply to Christian Progressive Fundamentalist after she asked is she needs to get a restraining order against me:
Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist:I told you a few years ago when you pulled the same stunt- I am a happily married (to a Black woman), resident father, gainfully employed and never been arrested. I DON'T WANT YOU.I have no doubt that you know the history of WHITE WOMEN claiming that a Black man raped them for no other reason than racial and political hared. In the line up she chose ONE because it was illegal for her to say "ALL OF DEM NINJAS DID IT. It doesn't matter to me if we get a few who didn't do it. We need to send a message so that the next group of 6 Darkies who will be in the line up next month when I claim 'raped' again will learn their lesson and run to the other side of the street when they see a White woman walking down the street. Let's just save the time and round them all up now!!". I hope that you will use your consciousness and not pursue this same tract as the bigoted White woman of the past.You say UNIFY!!!???
Isn't the PROBLEM in Black America today that we have UNITY in the "Congregational COMPLICIT silent" as to what is going on IN our name? With this UNITY - Prof West was stripped naked of his degrees because he chose to "Beat Commander In Chief Obama" upside the head with a PROGRESSIVE wiffle ball bat - using PROGRESSIVE INDICTMENTS that are only reserved for ENEMY Presidents.
If I go "Trolling" through the recent history of Oakland at it relates to BLACK COMMUNITY INCREASE - what would I find?From my understanding as the Koreans/Chinese took the once abandoned land at the foot of "Jack London Square" and made it into a "Little Asian Village" - a thriving cultural center - the pressures of increased cost of living has pushed many of the Blacks out to RICHMOND.Did they "Unify" and purchase a moving van so that U-Haul doesn't profit?I am not getting the value of UNITY unless it is grounded on something ORGANIC to our PERMANENT INTERESTS.
Please help me out.


So let me understand this, Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist -
Prior to Weiner ADMITTING that he had sent the picture - the Left Wing Attack Machine was marketing the case that the Clarence Thomas defenders had hacked Weiner's account in order to run a diversion on Justice Clarence Thomas' dealings with his wife.
NOW that we found out that Weiner was LYING all along - YOU are still wanting to focus on Justice Clarence Thomas?
Is there any spirit of honor and contrition within you?
With 9 members on the Supreme Court who will decide our "RIGHTS" to "Multiple Tax Payer Paid Health Care" you are more inclined to not discuss the MERITS and CONSTITUTIONALITY of this legislation but instead join in on the personal attacks.
If I told you that YOU DID NOT GET HEALTH CARE with "Obamacare" does it matter?  You merely got regulation on Insurance companies.
Tell me Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist - as I look at the increase in percentage of BLACK PHYSICIANS who have matriculated through the School System that "Favorable People To You" now control - would it be fair for me to state that the evidence of BENEFIT TO BLACK PEOPLE'S INTERESTS would be seen in the INCREASE of Black Physicians who can provide HEALTH CARE TO OUR PEOPLE as proof that YOUR PROGRESSIVE ANTICS have actual benefit to Black people?
Sorry to say but the percentage of Black Docs has NOT substantively increased per the growth in POWER of the Progressive Machine over the institutions of our community.
In listening to "Jill" at the "Racism Chasing Conference" put on by "The Root" she told of the need to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT in the future to change the condition of Black people.  I AGREE.
The one thing that I am not so sure that you all Progressive-Fundamentalists can bring yourselves to see is that the INSTITUTIONS THAT YOU ARE GAINING CONTROL OVER must be made to DELIVER THE DESIRED STANDARD OF LIVING for our people by ENGAGING OUR PEOPLE, training them into the PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGENTS that we need.
For some reason most of your political actions result in NOTHING ORGANICALLY BENEFICIAL for our people and are merely just an IDEOLOGICAL exercise in the Malcolm X Political Football Game  that he warned us about.   You were happy because you became the first female starting quarterback in the league - without understanding the BIG PICTURE of who you are playing for.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Would It Take For "Average Brother The Liberal Kappa" To Vote Against Obama?

We learned during our debate in 2008 as the presidential campaign was in effect that Average Brother The Liberal Kappa (and I quote) left the Democratic party because "they failed to sufficiently respond to John McCain's RACIST attacks against Senator Obama".

Though I have been banned from the blog for spending too much time rebutting the "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist moths" who clustered around the bright light on the back porch I have this blog on my watch list.  (See in the right side frame of shame).

With Obama in office for nearly 3 years and our economic outlook kinda bleak, my friend "Average Brother The Liberal Kappa" has fired off another one that should cause us pause.

You see - it seems that the fact that we are not still losing 700,000 jobs a month should indicate to all men of good will that Obama is doing a hellava job.   These jobs, after all, are like a glass of water.  If Obama didn't save the economy - we would have continued to lose 700K jobs per month until all of the jobs had drained out of the United States.  Then they'd have to go to Canada or Mexico and start taking jobs from their tally of job losses - as the sucking from the USA's 700K per month took them down as well.   A black hole in the vortex.

The new left-wing talking point of "Obama Saved The US Economy From Collapse" and "Obama Saved The US Auto Industry" is merely a coping mechanism.   A veritable resetting of the threshold of "Hope and Change" to save face.

When our friend "Average Brother The Liberal Kappa" was a Democrat in the age of the Burning Bush he would have been seen in the grandstands throwing black and copper-top batteries at the quarterback on the playing field.

Now that he is an "Independent" having left the Democratic Party due to the RACISM of the Republicans - the least that he can do now is to provide progressive coaching advice to Obama - the star quarterback.

While he has a vested interest in having Obama's Quaterback Passer Rating as high as possible so that he can ward off any future RACIST attacks by Republicans against this Black and Democratic and Progressive at the helm - he also realizes that the Black loyal fans sitting behind him in the "nose bleeds seats" might start aiming the batteries that they still have in their pockets for Bush at Obama, with "Average Brother The Liberal Kappa" being hit as some of them inadvertently hit him as he sits with his vantage point at the 50 yard line.

Thus our thoughtful friend who is caught between loyalties is forced to posit his newest recommendation to his people:

"Cheer Up Black People - At Least We Are Not Losing 700,000 Jobs Per Month Like We Were Under Bush - That Racist!!"

How The Obama Fist Bump Press Editorializes Against Their Enemies But "Straight Reports" Bad News About Their Friends

The's Dr NSenga Burton is one of the worst violators of the use of the editorial indictment against her political and ideological enemies.

Republicans Look to End VA Healthcare for Over 1.3 Million Veterans

The article goes on to challenge the idea that many veterans who historically vote for the GOP based on the perceived “support” for the military and veterans, are being taken for a ride because the party does not protect those interests.We guess it's like the countless poor and working-class Americans that continue to vote Republican because they buy into the rhetoric that they are the party of the common folk, when in fact, they are the party of the wealthy. It appears if you are not rich or a corporate entity, then the party is not concerned with your interests. Veterans have something to think about -- continue to vote with a political party based on perception or vote with a political party based on reality. Whatever the case, veterans in general and Republican veterans in particular need to be asking some hard questions.

I challenge Dr Burton to travel the streets of various "Mission Accomplished Cities" and make note of how "The Least Of These" who believe that the Progressive-Fundamentalists that they vote into power are being fooled as their present conditions show how the Democrats who run on being the "part of the vulnerable people" do more to represent them in the legislature than they do to make them the "un-least of these".

 My recent trip to Philadelphia showed how much the Black community who possess the "Equal Black Ballot" and has leveraged it to drive out the Republican Party that cares only about the rich - out of power in the city. Despite this type of success that Dr Burton loves the most - none of this activity has advanced the cause of:

  • Economics
  • Education
  • Public Safety
within the Black community of Philadelphia and other places.

While Burton and others can tell us what the Republicans are NOT (and rightfully so) they appear to have an issue in telling us what the Democrats are not.  

The one fact they can't over come is that for all of the angst that the GOP causes Black Progressive-Fundamentalists - the one thing that they can't say is that "The GOP has squandered the Black vote that was invested in them" because there is so little to see.   They are loathed to do the same analysis of the Black vote for the Democratic Party.  How much our "Community Consciousness" has been fused with the party but so much has been shorted as compared to the hopes.

Dr Burton knows her role well.  She said so on her YouTube video - her job is to assist Obama in being successful.  Unfortunately this means talking around the shortcomings of what was hoped on the "blank canvas" and focusing on the negative deeds  her ideological enemies.

Contrast This To A Report On The Economy Under Obama

The Grio:  Obama Expresses Concern About Slowing Economy

I acknowledge that the Grio article is merely a syndication of an AP story and thus there is no editorial within the main piece.   The point remains - if and when there is a syndicated article about an adversary of The Grio-Root - they tend to add an editorial comment which twists a knife in their adversary's back before providing the link.

Despite the noted suffering of Black people during this economy the "Obama Fist Bump Press" is far more likely to detail the POLICIES that Obama has in mind to correct the economy and then spend the bulk of their time attacking the Republicans who oppose these plans which are all "deficit spending proposals".

We are all lulled into looking nationally for economic understanding.  Thus the battle becomes one between Obama and the Democrats.   I have previously stated that we have a 3 dimensional economy.  The federal government is not the center of it.  For Black people the state of affairs in the "Mission Accomplished Cities" plays a large part in our economic condition.  Tax Policy, regulatory policy, education and public safety all impact the conditions.

If they did focus locally they would have to start their analysis as to how the policies that look very similar to what Obama is proposing nationally have worked when they were applied locally.  Unlike the national vista - there are few Republicans in the "Mission Accomplished" cities that our people live in in large numbers.  Newark is a use case of this fact.  The battle is between "Progressive Democratic Faction A" versus "Progressive Democratic Faction B".

Obama is not blamed for the present conditions.
The conditions remain because Obama's progressive policies have not been adopted.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Tag Team Of Ed Schultz And Chancey DeVega Are Unable To Handle The Truth That Walter Williams Says

"Black Progressive Agenda" Host Ed Schultz Accesses Economist Walter Williams - A Black Man - Of Racism

If Ed Schultz was not a liberal he would be considered a bigot for his hate-filled and predicable bias in which he disproportionately blames 'the guilty party" for things far beyond their control.

Ed Schultz does not operate alone.  He has a cadre of enablers - many of them Black who provide his bigotry the needed "street cred" that a Black face or voice on his show provides.

The latest dust up with Dr Walter Williams - a trained and published economist speaks volumes.

Mr Williams - a fellow Philadelphian - has noted that "Welfare has done to Black people what Slavery had not done: BREAK UP THE BLACK FAMILY".

Do you notice that Ed Schultz never addresses the issue of BLACK FAMILIES in his rebuttal against Williams?

This fits a pattern with White Liberal Snarling Foxes and their Black Progressive-Fundamentalist cohorts - if there is not an agreeable enemy force to blame for the condition of Black people - they are unable to properly analyze the problem nor the appropriate fix.

Here is the first part of the 4 part YouTube clip of Dr Walter Williams' interview with John Stossel.

Ironically Part 2 is in line with what Progressives believe in regards to drug legalization.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Filled Negro From Filly - The Cost Of What Is Does Report On Is That Which He Does Not Report On And The Pain That The Assailant Called "Benign Neglect" Renders Upon Our People

My recent return home to Philadelphia PA, the place of my birth - after a 2 year absence provided me with a powerful sense of clarity about the purpose of my blog properties.

I have a time capsule picture of my old community from about 25 years ago when I was intimately familiar with the environment.

  • Lansdowne Avenue in West Philly
  • 69th Street in Upper Darby
  • 52nd and Market/Walnut/Chestnut where the urban shopping district bustles 
For those of us who represent ourselves as a vocal perspective of the Black community - our credibility rests on the FIDELITY of the picture that we paint about the streets.   Our individual ideological preferences might skew our ANALYSIS of the problems but there is another attribute that proves to be more problematic which I would like to discuss.


The word 'corruption' means little in that one man's corruption is another man who receives cover from the people because he purchased a turkey for them with the proceeds.   A corrupt state alone is not enough to form an indictment.

In keeping with the development of functional labels and not mere slanderous ones (ie: Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers) I have chosen to call certain people who I have been watching as "Contaminated" (compromised) not "Corrupt".

These people - often in the Black press or Bloggesphere have no official capacity per an elective office.  They merely are a part of the "Black Racial Services Machine" that work to maintain the prevailing narrative for our people to think within.   This is to their advantage.

My recent trip to Philadelphia - a "mission accomplished city" - gave me the insight to see the abject harm that is felt by our city as these embedded confidence men who have hijacked the process that they have promoted for our UPLIFT.   

The problem that most who stand as critics against them face is the rote response: "You tell me a better system that would produce different results for Black people - or shut up".  Few of the people know how to work around this turn of the tables.   What they fail to see is that the interlopers have defined the prevailing community progress movement and now they get to DEFINE the terms of its success.  As such they don't need to stand and account for the continued grievance - they realize that the additional grievance by Black people can be transacted into more votes for the STRUGGLE.   The oppressive forces OUTSIDE OF the Black community are the one's responsible for the present results - despite the abundance of "Favorable People" in power.

The Rise Of The Asian And Dominican Retailers In The Barren Fields Of Philadelphia

All the while that my good friend Filled Negro had his readers focused on:

  • The Tea Party
  • Sarah Palin
  • NJ Governor Crispy Creme
  • Speaker of The House Boehner.................

..............the Indians have been setting up a "Dunkin Donuts" shop on the corner of 52nd and Lancaster Ave. They provide SERVICE to the Black people who have been dutifully distracted by the likes of Filled Negro.  They receive MONEY from their Black clientele, creating small fortunes in the process.  More importantly they are creating economic leverage which they can use to purchase other outlets in areas that meet the same profile - PENNED UP DEMAND BY PEOPLE WITHOUT THE CONSCIOUSNESS ON HOW TO ADDRESS IT.

This is Ranabir from India.  He is behind
the protective glass where he is able to
make coffee without fear of being
attacked by Street Pirates.
(Note his name is not "Ranabir".  That is the
name of an Indian guy that I work with who
he looks like)

Dunkin Donuts at 52nd & Market - the first
Dunkin Donuts that I've been in with
bullet proof glass to entrap the smell
of the freshly baked donuts

Right behind me as I took this picture - early
Saturday morning is a prostitute in a tight dress.

I told you before that MY JOB is NOT to "Show YOU a 'better way to go' so that YOU can FOLLOW ME".  

Instead I am the FDA.
The FDA does not make drugs that are "more effective".  Their job is to inspect the claims of efficacy for the drugs that are on the market, being pushed by "Big Pharma".  If they fail to live up to their claims OR if they cause damage upon those who ingest these chemical agents - then the FDA calls them out.  While the FDA has the POWER to force these drugs off of the market - the ONLY power that I have is to compel those who claim to be "Black Conscious" to consider the consequences of continue along their present course - driven by ideological bigotry and ignoring the results.

It is plain to see that others with clearer vision are stepping into "our" community and producing the economic development that was said to be elusive.

A few months ago I was angered to hear a University of Pennsylvania sociologist say that IMMIGRANTS are the future HOPE for the revitalization of Philadelphia.   Now I am forced to say that SHE IS RIGHT.

The present consciousness of the Negro with "Slave blood" (as the former head of the SCLC said Obama was lacking) does not provide he necessary mental discipline for mass community uplift.   As this consciousness is given an ink pen or a keyboard with an Internet connection - he is going to always opt to focus on forces that APPEASE fellow Negroes who have the same conscious bindings.  He will never think to CHALLENGE the "Negro With Slave Consciousness" to explain how these people with different consciousness are able to see a vision of the potential profits within our community - while dutifully defending his own personal interests of SAFETY - with the heavy use of bullet proof glass.

One thing is for certain - that bullet proof glass is not for his defense against a Tea Party Militia that will ride through.

On a more personal note - all of the communities in Overbrook Park that I used to have to run from the mob of White boys who used to chase us as we walked to the movie theater or attempted to play basketball in their playgrounds are now ALL BLACK.  So I don't believe that the bullet proof glass is to defend against these racists - either.

The truth is that until the Black community realizes that it is being manipulated by EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN and set up internal protections of our "Racial Consciousness Nucleus" from their molestations - nothing is going to change for our people.  In fact the hijacked focus on Sarah Palin is a permutation of "Non White White Supremacy" as she, a POLITICAL THREAT to PROGRESSIVISM is SUPERIOR than the disciplined focus on getting BLACK PEOPLE to order ourselves so that our community thrives.

How Do You Claim To Love A People When You Don't Believe That You Can Accomplish Their Collective Vision Of Community Development - Upon Their Own Backs - Asking Them To Be The Primary Agents For Their Own Uplift By Building Themselves Up Individually?  Instead You Depend On Them Depositing Their "Equal Ballots" In A Manner That You Deem Favorable - IGNORING The Past Victories And How The "Mission Accomplished State" Has Not Delivered As Anticipated?