Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Which "Apprentice" Spin Off Showed That Donald Trump Has Issues With Black Females?

The corrution in the Black media is astounding.

Does anyone recall the "Ghetto Hoochie" version of "The Apprentise" that appeared on TVOne?

It showed former apprentice Omarosa - paired with her "Spiritual Advisor" Rev Jamal "Baby Daddy" Bryant.   Omarosa was seen in the hot tub and other compromising positions with a bevy of men.

At this point - BEFORE TRUMP BECAME RACIST - none of the specticalled operatives in the "Lampblacked Yellow Journalist" press cast the critical eye of RACISM upon Trump that they now have him cast as  - only after he criticized President Obama.

TV One Pimps Omarosa on "The Ultimate Apprentice"

For some reason we did not hear from The Root.com and Eric Deggans of Tampbay.com  about this "hoe show".
Nene Quits Celebrity Apprentince But Is Silent On Donald Trump (his RACISM!!!!!)

(Do you notice if you call someone a RACIST long enough that it begins to stick in some circles?  This RACIST prompted a bevy of copy cat shows )

Today everyone is focused upon when Donald Trump will cover the Trump Plaza with a klan hood.

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