Monday, May 23, 2011

When Given The Clear Choice - The Chooses To RACISM CHASE

Please post this under the "They Can't Help Themselves" Department.

On my sister blog - "Within The Black Community" - I noted that the arrest of a multi-millionaire named DSK for having raped his Black chamber maid, his skin color nor cash able to save his back side - marked a seminal event in this nation's history:  The LAWS of this nation is irrespective of man.

Here we have the OFFICIAL VOICE of the government enforcing this nation's laws.  

Over at The, however Dr NSenga Burton will not be satisfied until every two bit media operation falls in line and refrains from any slanderous reporting on the African victim of the crime.

When one has no minimum threshold to filter out the chatter.............................she will be seen going to Idaho to report on the "KKK Snowman" and the threat that it is to Black America.

This entire episode proves two things:

  1. There will NEVER be a world without RACISM (or some other point meant to slander and individual)
  2. Absent the use of a "Proportionality Filter" those who have a particular world view will go "Racism Chasing" Around The Globe - looking to have their assumptions fulfilled - while never noting that they did not have to sit a the back of the plane or in a segregated airplane or bus terminal in pursuit of their story. 

It is sad that certain people have access to media - unchecked by the CENSORSHIP OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

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