Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tired & Retired Jack White: Being Black While President Is A "Crime" That Provides Cover From The Black Press Asking If The Commander In Chief Is Committing "War Crimes" While Bombing Libya

Anyone who doesn't understand that there is an active and conscious process of INDICTMENT selection content selection as the Lampblacked Yellow Journalist Press fixes upon what they will push out trough their propaganda channels is merely content upon being USED as such.

I assure you that these operatives are watching world news just as you and I are watching.  When you see gaping holes in what they choose to "SEE" it is not because they failed to watch "Al Jezeera" or "Democracy Now" (as I do - per their recommendations given during the Iraq War) it is ONLY because they realize that IF they were transparent in their actions they would have to go against the same force that they are trying to protect.

Again - we must step past their TRANSACTIONAL volleys that they prefer to debate upon and make our inspection based upon


For Jack White and other operatives - as they face the multiple threats of:

  1. Black Unemployment Rates that have never dropped below 14% under Obama despite all of the HOPE
  2. Black Educational Prospects threatened as public school reform is threated by weak municipal finances AND the NAACP's plan for Black Educational Advancement via School Busing is facing obstacles
  3. Black Local Economic Prosperity that is lacking the necessary infrastructure for production because of years of failed economic theory
  4. AND ---------------------  the threat that some Blacks might seen some commonality in John White's favorite villain in history RONALD REAGAN having bombed LIBYA, Africa and now President Obama is bombing this same African nation - seeking to kill Gaddafhi - just as Reagan tried
What do you do if you are Jack White AND you know the value of RACISM CHASING in drawing the attention of Black folks?


The same POWERFUL MAN who can order American Unmanned Drones to destroy buildings anywhere in Libya is said to be threatened by WHITE SUPREMACY and its demand to see some ID.

You see people - it is NOT WORTH making a TRANSACTIONAL FIGHT against Progressive-Bigots like Jack White.

You are going to have to determine which is more POWERFUL........
  • Obama's INFERIORITY to White Supremacy per his being "Carded"
  • Obama at the Reigns Of American Military Imperialist MIGHT And Thus BOMBING THE HELL OUT OF AFRICANS - putting imagines in to the minds of Libyans about "Western Imperialism" - just as Obama's Kenyan grandfather suffered at the hands of the British

Passing Comment:
What are the White Liberal Snarling Foxes over at "Think Progress" more interested in?
  1. The US Military Imperialist incursion into AFRICA
  2. The fact that a Republican appeared to not know that Libya was in AFRICA?
What happens after you fight so much against your enemy that you LOSE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS?

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