Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tired Leftist Economist & Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman On "Ronald Reagan Went To Philly"

Once again we hear the tired tale which says "Racist Ronald Reagan went to Philadelphia Mississippi - 16 Years after the 3 Civil Rights Workers were murdered there - his main motivation was to go there to taunt BLACK PEOPLE with a "States Rights" message which said 'Some problems are best solved LOCALLY' and thus this is RACIST because Blacks need the federal government for them to survive"

The cause of the Inferior Black and the will for the White Liberal Snarling Fox to have concern for our care and feeding known no boundaries.

Sadly this tale which was crafted out of thin air by people who wanted to find the worst possible angle in the motivations against this one man who is the forefront of their theories as to when the fall of America began.

In the 2008 campaign for President - all of the Democratic Party candidates for President ALSO went to Philadelphia. Despite the fact that more than 150 Black men had been murdered - THE YEAR JUST PRIOR to them debating - not one of them were called out as RACISTS for having gone to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to call out the Democratic Mayor and Police chief for having failed to protect the lives of Black people.

It is clear that it MATTERS NOT the intensity of damage done to Black people.
Sadly - in our present consciousness - it only matters about our general view of the WHITE MAN or force of power in question. Those who are loathed with soon find that fraudulent fellows like Paul Krugman or journalist Jack White - who I suspect first crafted the story about Ronald Reagan's visit to Philly - will have their own slanderous story crafted out of thin air. WORST - however - their friends need not worry - regardless of how many Negroes die on their watch.

Ronald Reagan's Destructive Economic Policies In The Mind Of The Leftist

I marvel at far left economic theory.
Though we are presently united about or views on the imperialist attacks on Libya I find that the "Black Agenda Report's" Glen Ford to be particularly puzzling.

The same man who believes that Capitalism is "of the devil" warns us that the American concern for the "federal deficit" at a time when "The Least Of These" need jobs is particularly ill-timed.

Point well taken - HOWEVER - he never comes around to connecting the dots in understanding that America's ability to possess a $14,000 Billion credit card balance - is a FUNCTION OF CAPITALISM and the "Wall Street" fraudulent markets that he despises so.

This exception does not matter for many Progressive-Fundamentalists.

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