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A Study Of Rachel Maddow's Diversion Tactics - A Violation Of The "Proportionality Filter"

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In watching the antics of "MSNBC - The UnFox-Biased Biased Network" and their lead host Rachel Maddow I gain valuable insight about how the franchise of the same machine - known as "The Black Racial Services Machine" works and thinks.

The main fault of Ms Maddow is that she violates the "Proportionality Filter".  She is forced to tell a narrative - having people fight over their provincial interests (ideology) while never stopping to think and understand that with VICTORY they still have not "WON".

On the day that Commander In Chief Obama had a disagreement with the Israeli government over land reallocation - Ms Maddow chose to devote her entire show to the inspection of every Republican challenger that Commander In Chief Obama will come up against as we slide downward toward the 2012 election.   The fact that this was the very same framework that I heard Rep John Conyers of greater Detroit do the other day on "The Bev Smith Radio Show" leads me to believe in common that the best way to have "the Least Of These" not blame those with incumbent power over this depressed situation is to keep them fighting in a defensive stance against some enemy that people like Maddow promote.

 When you listen to Maddow and other Progressive-Fundamentalist operatives - their mastery of the DIVERSIONARY technique is soon discovered.

The Symptom What The Progressive Markets As The Problem The Real Problem
The Impending Insolvency Of Medicare People like Paul Ryan who propose "Tax Cuts For The Rich" are doing so on the backs of the poor - gutting Medicare in the process.  IF we FIGHT against these enemies then the "Nation's Priorities" will be expressed.  After all - "A Budget Is A Moral Document" The worst enemy for Medicare and Social Security is the ACTUARIAL CHARTS which lay out an unsustainable course.  The real debate should be about the sanity of having more people dependent on these programs while showing no evidence of IMPROVED ORGANIC PRODUCTIVITY at the periphery to contribute to the pot.

"If a budget is a moral document then the GDP which feeds the budget is a GOD-LIKE figure who defines the amount of 'morality' you get to redistribute"
The Municipal Job Losses Of Government Workers The Republican Governors who are either slashing state funding to the "Mission Accomplished" cities or stripping away the Government worker's union ability to bargain for salary and benefits are the threat.  IF we can leverage this issue to get Democrats out to the polls to vote in the next election - taking back legislative seats - then WE WILL WIN.

But the track record has shown that this WIN has nothing to do with JOB CREATION - only union power.
It is beyond me to see why others can't see that the primary driver behind this battle over Union Representation and Jobs is THE FISCAL SOLVENCY of the government entity that employs these workers.

If you have the mindset that the "Government Must Employ People" as a means of providing them with financial stability then you see these actions as a threat to a jobs program.

IF you see that these government service workers are employed as a function of the quality level of service that an government entity can AFFORD - then the massive budget holes should clearly indicate that these governments can't presently afford their commitments.

In as much as the "Mission Accomplished States/Cities" are already HIGH TAX entities - they, more than most others can't zap the wallets of people who they are already fleecing.
The Stalled, Job-Less Recovery The corporations has a record amount of money in their treasuries.  They need to use this money to hire people (Note - this is the jobs program consciousness talked about above).
In as much as corporations are in the back pocket of Republican capitalists - they are purposely not hiring people and making us suffer because they want Commander In Chief Obama out of office and then they will start hiring people when a more favorable person gets into office.

We need to protest in front of Wall Street and not in front of the White House as we did during most of the 2000's.   
It is rather ironic that the very same people who tell us that the Housing Finance Bubble was due to the schemes where money was given to people who did not qualify for no other reason than the profit interests of the banks are NOW asking the corporations to ignore their production needs, separating them from the need for jobs.  

Thus as they hire people they PAY SALARIES.  This money in their pockets will create consumers that will purchase manufactured goods.

The fact is that with this shaky economy the people who rolled the dice and were wrong will be out of business.  The people holding the cash will have choice pickings over the carcass.

The truth is that businesses are always looking for a competitive advantage.  Those who do staff up after their analysis JUSTIFIES it - will be the "bigoted" corporation who is do it all because it doesn't like Obama. The first corporation will have product on selves and making money - the later corporation will be several cycles behind.

The claim does not make sense. 
The School Choice Movement The right-wing corporate backers behind the School Choice Movement (The Koch Brothers) want to put public schools out of business so that corporations can run schools for profit.
It is stunning to see people FIGHT FOR their failing public schools.  They do this because someone has EXPERTLY identified a GREATER TARGET (this is how Racism Chasing works as well).  Thus you hear parents who are being harmed by the status quo fighting to retain the status quo.

The truth is that the very people who are in power right now, 30 years ago were angling for power, telling us how great things will be once they get into power.

The greatest enemy to the Progressive-Fundamentalist is the time line from the past and a VIDEO RECORDING DEVICE who has captured all of the promises along the way.  Now we just need a press organization that will play back the video tape.

Sadly OUR OWN CHILDREN are being harmed over this foolishness about our schools.  For some people - when they see this failure - as long as it is clear that THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE RESULTS - and can point to who is - all is fine.
The "Assault" On Union Workers By Republicans We need to use the fight against the "Republican Governors" to strengthen the stock of angry Democratic Voters who will come to the polls.

Though the angry White People in the "Tea Party" were RACISTS - as their anger and their homogeneous racial ranks indicated - OUR Angry White People are not driven by RACISM as proven by:
  • Our Diversity
  • Our Support Of The Black President 
The worst possible letter of reference that one could make for the success of the fusion between the unions and the politicians they helped get into power are the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED PLACES.

If the goal of the unions is to protect jobs - they have done a miserable job.  While the union still stands - the jobs have atrophied.

Why does Maddow focus on 400 new jobs at a General Motors plant in Dayton OH but not the several THOUSAND jobs that have been created in the Southern States?  More growth in the automotive industry has been seen in THE RIGHT TO WORK SOUTH than in the union strongholds.

The new Kia Plant in Georgia received some tax breaks and a new interchange on the Interstate.  Both of these drew criticism from Progressives.  Yet Maddow argues that the Obama GM Bailout CAUSED the rebound of GM - apparently she does like government subsidy when a favorable politician offers it up.   It just so happened that the GM unions have benefited from these subsidies while Kia, BMW, Toyota, Hyundai and others with Southern manufacturing do not have a union that will benefit.

I would love to know Ms Maddows view on the suppression of the Boeing plant in Charleston South Carolina by the Obama Administration.  This is 2,000 jobs - far more than GM in Dayton. 

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