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My Conversations With The JingOists - Preserved From Possible Deleting

Jack & Jill Politics - Cornel West Still Ain't Saying Nothing Until He Apologizes To Obama And Us

Watch the full episode. See more Tavis Smiley.

With the co-founder of Jack & Jill Politics nearly brought to tears after Obama chose to release the long form of his birth certificate, thus putting the Birther Movement to rest among the rational people - I can't find a way as to how those who live vicariously through Obama are going to be able to engage in a rational discussion in which their PROGRESSIVE FOUNDATIONS are kept intact - but as "Progressive Political Preacher" Rev Al Sharpton said the other day "Still obtain our Black Agenda without harming Obama".

With this consciousness in mind - the only thing that those of us who are actively studying Black Consciousness Hijacked Into The American Political Domain can do is to plot out a logical course at which this shame will end and work to defend our "racial consciousness core" from future contamination as such.

Who knew that the blows suffered to the head in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" would cause such a concussion upon one's consciousness.


WE ARE TO-DAMNED-DAY standing in the place that PAST "Concrete Ideas And Solutions to the PROBLEMS IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY" have brought us to.

Isn't it time to begin to QUESTION the mindset that, while it felt so comfortable during the STRUGGLE upward to this point - it clearly did not consider all of the variables that were present. The variables that any MACHINE FOR UPLIFT of our community is going to have to MASTER?

It seems to me that the IDEOLOGICAL UNITY track - while effective at focusing Black action in the "American Political domain" - having the power to put "favorable people" into office...........when it comes to addressing the areas of benign neglect that are obvious in the "Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain" - it fails miserably.

* Cornel West
* Sharpton
* Obama
* Most of you

are having a "Progressive Faction A" versus "Progressive Faction B" fight - just as can be seen in Newark, Atlanta, Philly and so many other "Mission Accomplished Cities". For some reason you can't see that this is merely a TACTICAL fight among Progressive-Fundamentalist.

What was lost long, long, long ago was any claims that there is a TRANSPARENT attempt to lift our community up by building a strong people.

Instead of asking people "What are YOUR" ideas - it is clearly the case that it is time to start FILTERING OUT the spoilage of ideas that remain on board that many of you operative upon.


If you filter away the rhetoric (as I have to do when I read some blogs) and look at the CORE ARGUMENTS.............


It is interesting that when the "Obama Fist Bump Press" had the option of cleaving to their PROGRESSIVISM or stripping the clothing off of the backside of Cornel West as punishment - they chose the later. You must understand YOURSELVES. This was not done for Cornel West to reign him in. This was done for the NEXT PROGRESSIVE NEGRO who was even thinking about doing the same - lest he see what the guy before him got. This is merely IDEOLOGICAL UNITY ENFORCEMENT but this time it is done on behalf of OBAMA rather than PROGRESSIVE PURITY.

Here is a thought Ivan - is is possible that PROGRESSIVISM DOES NOT PRODUCE ORGANIC RESULTS? An observation that I have made a long time ago.
You all are fundamentally a STRUGGLE - a PROTEST movement.
Now that you have "THE TRUTH IN POWER" you are discombobulated as to HOW you should SPEAK TO IT - not wanting to hurt his ear drums with your bull horns.

Think about it - with so many strong "Speak Truth To Power" people who spoke about past presidents:
* Frederick Douglass
* Bishop Henry McNeal Turner
* Marcus Garvey
* Malcolm X....................

do you feel any sort of LOSS IN CONSCIOUSNESS that in 2011 Black people are heard openly debating IF it is appropriate to PUBLICLY CRITICIZE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (The Tea Party might hear 'us').

IT IS CLEAR that YOUR PERMANENT INTERESTS - are to be put on forbearance - you have a RIGHT WING ENEMY (to Progressivism) to fight.

Sadly in 2 and 4 and 6 and 8 years from now the same "grievance muting" will be heard.

How long can you all keep this up?

I can't take this any longer.

Most of them seek to fulfill their dreams of visiting the White House and sit in the chair beside the President - it is unlikely that the "Black Permanent Interests" can compete with this passion.

Detroit Sam
[quote]what does pro black people mean?[/quote]
Anything that MEASURABLY builds up ORGANIC COMPETENCIES within the Black Community - COMMENSURATE to the NEEDS of the Black community in regards to the DESIRED STANDARD OF LIVING that we aspire to.
AND - the TRANSPARENCY to PURGE that which might be POPULAR among Negroes but which FAIL the first test above.

[quote]*Does he participate in any tutoring programs[/quote]
I THOUGHT that (as I heard growing up in Philly) "Once we get FAVORABLE PEOPLE into power over our schools who LOVE OUR BLACK CHILDREN and CARE ABOUT THE BLACK COMMUNITY......things will change for the better".
WHY are you focusing on TUTORING rather than the primary class room - THE HOME and the secondary classroom - the SCHOOL ROOM? Isn't tutoring a supplement to these others?

[quote], mentoring programs,[/quote]
Mentoring Programs = Patterning Programs = Rites Of Passage

(Sticking with Black males only for a second) Why is it that you subtract points against a man who might have failed to participation in a Mentoring program but (I don't know you so I can only speculate) when it comes to establishing a set of CULTURAL STRICTURES in which the BLACK MAN who fathered the said Black male is forced by the community to live up to his obligations - with little tolerance about listening to the greater societal forces and how they wish him ill - the focus is removed from the PRIMARY MENTOR per his genetic perpetuation but the greater society and what we are obliged to do.

Doesnt CULTURE scale better than Mentoring programs?

job training programs, etc., in the black community?[/quote]
Job Training

The only thing that I have to ask here is - AS WE LOOK at where the ideas of both Obama and West stand tall with the least opposition from countervailing - conservative forces IS THERE ANY EVIDENCE that the Black Masses have rebuked any elected or un-elected leadership for failing to ACTUALLY DELIVER "Job Training"?

AT WHAT POINT does the Black Community RECONCILE the "Elaborate Painting" that it made on the BLANK CANVAS of OBAMA - that Cornel West told us about - during the happy times in the relationship with THE PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES?

What PROTECTIONS must be erected so that NO ONE IN THE FUTURE has their way with our COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS NUCLEUS - even if they stand among us with sufficient PROGRESSIVE POPULARITY?

As many ladies reading this has said before to a brother - "We can't keep doing this any more" - as SHE realizes what is at stake for HER as he is just riding along consuming the benefit with great contentment about drinking the milk.

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