Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Living Vicariously Through Obama's Use Of American Imperialist Machine To Bolster Obama's Swagga And That Of Those Who Are Unconscious

Sometimes it is best to transparently allow 3rd parties to read for themselves and make up their own mind.

I have come to accept that some people will read another person's viewpoint and have the same concerns about them as I do, while others will wholeheartedly accept this other person's views.

The key to my strategy is to move beyond the individual "ideological preferences" of myself or my frequent debate adversaries and instead promote some IMMUTABLE PERMANENT INTERESTS for us BOTH to submit to.

A Black Man's View:  On Obama's New Strength After Shooting Osama Bin Laden In The Face: How's My Ass Taste Bitches?

I have already yielded that there are masses of Black people who live vicariously through the life experiences of President Obama.

In as much as they see HIS ENEMIES as THEIR ENEMIES it comes as no surprise that they will place their own PERMANENT INTERESTS on forbearance as they stand in the foxhole with Obama and sacrifice their bodies for all incoming missiles from Republican Tea Party militia members.

The key point that one understands after taking a sampling of the masses of Black people who think like this is that ANY one who once thought that the agenda for Black people was to simply get 'favorable people' into the SEATS OF POWER in key INSTITUTIONS - and then have them to govern these institutions - delivering the quality that we had been promised and anticipated.   Instead of documenting the promises and then appraising the people they promoted into power for the RESULTS - they instead become VICARIOUSLY FUSED to the person and the machine that is erecting this power.

As this person and machine goes through the daily legislative and executive struggles - they lose sight of THEIR OWN INTERESTS and instead assume the interests of the MACHINE (Just as the great Malcolm X warned us against).

When having to choose between showing transparency in which they are forced to criticize their "Permanent Friend" over:

  • 16.1% Black unemployment rate
  • Wanton "Civil Rights Violations" against Black people that are not called "Civil Rights Violations" for no other reason than the common RACE of the assailant
  • Schools/Communities of Adult mentors that are not delivering our children to the finishing that is required for us to live at a certain standard..........
they are inclined to LOOK PAST these important matters and instead market the selected "victories" of the favorable person.

If you thought that America's military arsenal that was manufactured by Lockheed, Boeing, General Dynamics, Loreal Missile Systems, Harris Corp, etc was the heart of American Imperialist POWER - after reading "The Diary Of An Economic Hitman" and repudiated war hawkishness - you have no idea how wrong you were.

The blogger "Dirty Red", just like the elephant hunter Stanley Crouch chose to speak in the VOICE of the Imperialist and tell those dirty Conservatives - "Obama is no Punk!!!   He can pull the trigger and target people of color around the world - just as any conservative can".

They have lost themselves IN OBAMA.

I have pointed out before that the term "Sellout" has an important component that makes it so: POPULAR AGREEMENT 

A "Sellout" is only a "sellout" IF the group that he is popularly attached to AGREES that the entity that the person in question has chosen to sup with is reprehensible.  Just as with modern day "Civil Rights Violations" against Black people BY Black people - if the Black populace declines to promote it as so - it is not recognized as such.

I chose to not register a vote for President in 2008 mostly because I was watching how THE BLACK COMMUNITY WAS ACTING.  I realized that "This Is Not Going To Turn Out For Our CONSCIOUS Favor" when this all concludes. 
The main consequence of how such fusion and corruption transpires is that after 1 term or 2 terms of Obama - the REAL WORLD valuation by the Black community regarding:

  • Black Unemployment
  • Black Education
  • Safe Black Communities
.......will be seen - NOT by the grievances made against their enemies - but instead based on the constant defense of these Permanent Interests.

IF there is an individual or a machine that is more important than these interests and thus they avoid talking about them lest they offend him - then it should be clear to all that anyone who dares stand for these interests as a priority will also be attacked by those who's priorities are askew.

The ONLY thing that you can do in this case is to make sure that in your life you NEVER place yourself in a position in which you are made dependent upon them for your key resources.  

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