Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is It Possible For The "Obama Fist Bump Press" To Be Honest? The - House Republicans Diss The President In Support Of Israel

The - Joel Dreyfuss - Dissing Obama On The Middle East

As industry veterans and few "wet behind the ears" - fresh out of college ideologues - it is simply not possible that the operatives at "The" believe that all of the [strike]racism[/stike] partisan hits that Obama is suffering are unique to him.

The most disturbing part of the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" is that they mix a measure of "playing dumb" about the past and how national politics work and then they scratch their head and are heard thinking out loud (as Whoopie Goldberg was heard saying on national television):  "All of these attacks on Obama are strange and as much as I try to dismiss the question - RACISM is the only rational basis that I can think of".

Surely Mr Dreyfuss remembers when - then US Speaker Of The House - Nancy Pelosi went on a Middle East tour - meeting with the leadership of Syria in 2007 - without consulting with the US Administration's State Department.   The impression was that she was undercutting the diplomatic efforts of the Bush Administration as she went on her own.

I think it is clear that both Mr Dreyfuss and I know exactly what he is up to.  (Not to mention Tired & Retired Jack White).

This is all a part of the larger goal for the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" to keep Black people on a racially defensive disposition in which they see the Black President of the United States under constant RACIALLY inspired attacks.  The larger point is that since Dreyfuss is going to ultimately agree with Obama (as long as he is Progressive) and that the tools that he and others make use of is a protection of Progressivism and Obama - the ball carrier of these interests.

If Obama is receiving RACIST attacks:

  • He should not be held accountable by Black people for 16.1% Black Unemployment
  • We as Black people need to be careful of our own criticism of Obama - as we might sound like RACIST right wingers
I wish I was making all of this up but there are printed references that detail all of these points - particularly with the Cornel West versus "Progressive Political Preacher" Rev Al Sharpton.

I believe that it will take time and deliberate effort for the Black community to be decontaminated from the shameful state that the institutions that purport to drive our interests have fallen into.  They have so compromised themselves in relation to our Permanent Interests - that the future with a different president but these same anemic vital statistics among Black Americans will be justified in looking past these grievances.  They need only point to the orchestrated silence and protection racket on behalf of Obama.

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